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Fresh Christmas Trees And Where To Find Them In Singapore (2021)

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 06 December, 2021

Nothing says ‘Christmas is here’ like a fully decked-out fresh Christmas tree. 

It may be warm, sunny and absolutely humid in Singapore, but did you know that you could get your hands on a real Christmas tree to celebrate the merry season with? 

We aren’t referring to the reusable, hyper realistic artificial ones that come out of a box, but ones that have actual pine and lace the air with an unmistakable, almost comforting scent of Christmas. Ask anyone who has brought a fresh Christmas tree home, and they will vouch for the fact that no matter the brand of candle, air freshener or reed diffuser, its scent doesn’t come close to the fragrance a fresh Christmas tree emanates. 

So, whether it's noble fir, fraser fir or nordmann fir, if you’re thinking about bringing a little Christmas spirit into your home this year, here’s where you can find fresh Christmas trees in sunny Singapore. 

Last updated on 6 December 2021. Pries and availability of Christmas trees are subject to change without prior notice.


Address: Multiple locations islandwide
Contact: Contact
Price: From S$59
Why you should buy a Christmas tree from IKEA: Cheapest fresh Christmas tree in Singapore. 

The cheapest fresh Christmas tree on this list (and, we dare say, Singapore) are available in 1.6m and 2m at IKEA, priced at S$59 and S$79 respectively. The only downside is that they do not offer delivery for fresh Christmas trees, so you’ll have to boogie down to one of their stores to personally pick them up. And since you’ve found yourself at IKEA, you might as well deck out your tree with some baubles, ribbons, garlands and, lest we forget, the star of the night, a shiny Christmas tree topper from their Christmas 2021 collection

Sing See Soon

Address: 32 Punggol E, Singapore 828824
Contact: 6285 2777
Price: From S$188
Type of fresh Christmas tree: Fraser fir  
Why you should buy a Christmas tree from Sing See Soon: 

  • They carry fraser fir
  • Affordable prices

Not all fresh Christmas trees are ‘built’ the same. The fraser fir that you find at Sing See Soon may be slightly less lush as compared to noble fir, but they are known for being extremely resilient and their ability to retain their needles longer. This means that they last longer in our climate and make a great choice for first-time owners. 

Pro-tip: If you’re contemplating a fresh Christmas tree from Sing See Soon, you might want to get them quick as a few of their sizes have already sold out (we’re unsure if a restock is planned). 

Candy Floriculture

Address: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
Contact: 6256 6788
Price: From S$120
Type of fresh Christmas tree: Noble fir and Nordmann fir  
Why you should buy a Christmas tree from Candy Floriculture: They carry nordmann fir.   

At Candy Floriculture, you get to choose between noble fir and nordmann fir that are sized between 5ft to 12ft tall. At first glance, they don’t really seem different from each other. But, if you go a little closer, you’ll realise that nordmann fir give off a light fragrance, are dark green with a glossy upper-surface, and a contrasting silvery underside. Noble fir, on the other hand, give off a stronger fragrance and has needles that are blue-green on top and silvery-white underside. 

FarEastFlora Garden Centre

Address: Multiple locations islandwide
Contact: 6254 6662   
Price: From S$223
Type of fresh Christmas tree: Noble fir, premium noble fir and nordmann fir    
Why you should buy a Christmas tree from FarEastFlora: Widest range of options.  

With over 15 options to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice when shopping for a fresh Christmas tree at FarEastFlora Garden Centre. Not only do you get to choose between noble fir, premium noble fir (denser branches and better symmetry) and nordmann fir, but they also have the widest selection of sizes that range from 4ft to 12ft.    

If you find yourself unsure about the variety or how tall a tree you should get, just head down to one of their stores to pick out your Christmas tree with some help from their friendly retail staff.

Early-bird promotion: Place your order before 30 November 2021 to enjoy special discounts. 

Prince’s Landscape

Address: 53 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698998
Contact: 6763 7000
Price: From S$208 
Type of fresh Christmas tree: Noble fir
Why you should  buy a Christmas tree from Prince’s Landscape: 

  • Price of a fresh Christmas tree includes delivery, set-up, dismantle and disposal.
  • First ever fire retardant treated fresh Christmas trees in Singapore.

Unlike the other shops on this list, this ol’ school nursery charges one price for everything, and by that we mean delivery, set-up, tree stand (on loan), dismantling and tree disposal. 

You may have heard horror stories of fresh Christmas tree fires, and if that’s the reason why you haven’t brought one home, you’ll be glad to hear that Prince’s Landscape treats theirs with fire retardants. A transparent, odourless, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally-friendly fire retardant is applied to their fresh Christmas trees before delivery to prevent unwanted accidents over the holidays.  

Early-bird promotion: N/A

Cold Storage

Address: Multiple locations islandwide
Price: From S$119
Type of fresh Christmas tree: Balsam fir   
Why you should buy a Christmas tree from Cold Storage: Convenience. You’ve got the option to purchase it online or at most Cold Storages. 

Apart from just getting your groceries this week at Cold Storage, you could bag a fresh Christmas tree as well. Cold Storage has been bringing in fresh Christmas trees for as long as we can remember, and it is no different this year. You can find the ever-resilient fraser fir here in 4 sizes that range from 5ft to 10ft tall. 

Getting a Christmas tree delivered home or shopping for Christmas gifts? Then you’ll want to make your money work harder for you by charging it on the right credit card to earn cashback that can help offset your next purchase or to chalk up air miles for your travels next year. Apply for one through us today and get rewarded* with attractive prizes and cash! 

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

3 Ways to prolong the life of your fresh Christmas tree

1. Just like fresh flowers, fresh Christmas trees love their cool. Place it at a shady area away from direct heat sources like the fridge, sunlight and radiators to prolong their life. 

Pro-tip: If you’ve decorated your fresh Christmas tree with lights, remember to turn them off for the night. When left on for extended periods of time, these seemingly harmless lights become a heat source. 

2. Did you know that a fresh Christmas tree can ‘drink’ up to 3.8 liters of water a day? Check your tree holder every day or two to ensure that the waterline never goes below the base of the trunk and keep it filled with iced water. 

3. With all that water in your tree holder, you’ll also want to prevent mosquito breeding. You can do this by adding mosquito repelling granules (available at all nurseries) or a quick-fix would be to use cooking oil to create a water barrier. 

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A lover of gin and all things Nigella Lawson, Geralyne’s constantly trying to adult like a pro. She spends most of her leisure time serving fur-babies and doing as many mountain climbers as she possibly can.


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