Best Dining Credit Cards in Singapore (2020)

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If you’re a foodie that’s leaving the comforts of your home to try the hottest restaurant in town, here are the credit cards you should have in your wallet.

If there’s one thing Singaporeans love more than good food, it’s good food deals. Whether you’re heading out for a candlelight dinner, chowing down chilli crab at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, or chilling out at a trendy café, the right dining credit card is an indispensable dining companion, aside from your plus one(s). 

These credit cards provide the best value for their very respectable cashback, discounts and exclusive privileges.

Best for overall dining & food delivery: OCBC 365
Best for weekend dining: UOB YOLO
Best for 1-for-1 deals: HSBC Visa Platinum
Best for fine dining: American Express Platinum Card
Best for multi purpose foodie needs: Citibank Cash Back Card
Best for fee waiver: CIMB Platinum Mastercard
Best for accumulating miles: KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card

Best Credit Card for Dining
Best ForCredit card Dining Benefits Min monthly spendMonthly cap
Overall dining & food deliveriesOCBC 365 Credit card  6% cashback on dining (including online delivery)$800$80
Best for weekend diningUOB YOLO Credit Card8% weekend, 3% weekday$600$60
1-for-1 Dining DealsHSBC Visa PlatinumComplimentary ENTERTAINER access
5% cashback 
Fine diningAmerican Express Platinum Card Up to 50% at selected restaurantsNoneNone
Multi-purpose foodie needsCitibank Cash Back Card8% cashback on dining, petrol and groceries$888$25/category
Best for high cashbackCIMB Platinum MasterCard10% cashback$800$100
Best for accumulating milesKrisFlyer UOB Credit Card3 miles per dollar (local/overseas)NoneNone

Best for both dining and food delivery: OCBC 365

Perfect for: Those who love food as much as they do online shopping and travel. 

The OCBC 365 Credit Card offers 6% cashback on local and overseas dining, including online food delivery at the likes of Deliveroo, GrabFood and foodpanda. It is one of the few cashback credit cards out there that recognises online food deliveries as qualifying spend. The icing on the cake is that it offers a slightly higher than average cashback cap of $80 per month, assuming you spend at least $800 per calendar month. 

Besides the 6% cashback on all-day local and overseas dining, you’ll get to enjoy an array of cashback privileges on other spending categories; cardmembers can reap 3% on online travel bookings, private hire rides and recurring telco and electricity bills. That said, OCBC 365 credit card really is a great everyday card that happens to also reward you handsomely for your gastronomic indulgences—all 365 days a year. 

SingSaver promotion: Get S$100 GrabFood vouchers upon approval for new OCBC credit cardholders when you apply for the OCBC 365 credit card by 30 September 2020. Existing OCBC credit cardholders that apply for this card will still receive $50 GrabFood vouchers if you are the first 1,000 existing OCBC Cardholders to spend at least $300 on the card.

Best for weekend dining: UOB YOLO

Perfect for: Millennials who live it up on the weekends, as the name might suggest. 

The UOB YOLO Credit Card offers 8% cashback on weekend dining and is a favourite among fresh graduates or young executives because it boasts the lowest qualifying monthly spend at $600 per month compared to other cashback peers. It also offers a decent cashback cap of $60 per month. 

Food-wise, the UOB YOLO privileges program houses a great many drool-worthy offers that include discounts off bills and 1-for-1 deals across popular restaurants and bars. Some names that might perk your ears (and taste buds): the Crystal Jade chain of restaurants, Tunglok group of restaurants, Sushi Jiro, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Overeasy, Haidilao and more.

A word of advice, though: you’d do well to reserve usage of this card for weekends, to exploit the 8% cashback on dining, travel and Grab spends. If you’re charging these to the card on weekdays, you’ll get only 3%.

SingSaver Promotion: Get $80 cash via PayNow when you apply as a new to UOB credit cardmember. Existing UOB cardmembers can get $20 GrabFood vouchers. This promotion is valid from 24 – 15 October 2020.

UOB YOLO Credit Card

Best for 1-for-1 dining deals: HSBC Visa Platinum

Perfect for: Anyone from those who eat to live to those who live to eat. 

If you’re not careful, food spending can quickly add up, especially in Singapore’s foodie paradise. Arguably the best part about the HSBC Visa Platinum credit card is its complimentary ENTERTAINER app access, where you enter a world of 1-for-1 redeemable deals across a carefully curated list of restaurants.  The sweetener is that as you redeem these deals and pay practically half of what you would’ve for the bill, you’re also getting 5% cash rebates out of it. 

General spending on F&B earns you 5% cash rebates, the only exception being hotel dining. The 5% cash rebate rate also applies to groceries and petrol.

The minimum qualifying spend is to keep up $600 per month for 3 consecutive months—that’s right, cash rebates are tabulated quarterly, and they are capped at $250 each quarter.

Best for fine dining deals: American Express Platinum Card  

Perfect for: Those who appreciate the finer things in life and have no time for expense tracking.  

The AMEX Platinum Card is the creme de la creme of credit cards if fine dining is the only kind of dining you fancy. Other than that, it would come in very handy if you need to entertain overseas visitors, clients, staff, or even loved ones but don’t want to break the bank, thanks to 50% dining privileges at a handpicked selection of popular establishments under its Love Dining @ Hotel and Love Dining @ Restaurants programs. 

Also, you’ll enjoy complimentary drinks at over a dozen fashionable Singaporean bars such as Skai Bar and Bar Rouge. Then, recover from your food coma with spa vouchers and discounts at selected spa services, as well as complimentary cocktails at the likes of Anti:Dote and Horse’s Mouth Bar, under the Chillax! by American Express Platinum program. The best part is there’s no qualifying minimum spend so you won’t have to keep track of anything.

Privileges aside, the card only offers a low 0.6% cashback on dining and other spending so if you prefer benefits in the form of cold hard cash, this might not be the card for you. 

Best for multi-purpose foodie needs: Citibank Cash Back  

Perfect for: Foodies who love driving out to discover new eateries

The Citibank Cash Back Card is a great multi-purpose card offering cashback options across different spend categories. First and foremost, its headlining cashback benefit is the high 8% you get on dining bills at cafes, restaurants and bars, in both Singapore and overseas. 

Citibank credit cards, including this Cash Back card, is also known to dangle promos on online food deliveries frequently, so keep a lookout if ordering in has become somewhat of a habit. The 8% cashback also applies on grocery bills from NTUC and Cold Storage. 

Car owners who often drive the family out for grub should take advantage of the up-to-20.88% savings at Esso and Shell stations. 

The downside is that for a high $888 qualifying spend per month, you’re limited to a $25 cashback cap per category each statement month. The maximum cashback you can receive per month is $75. Remember to take note of the exclusions and what counts towards your minimum monthly spend.

SingSaver promotion: Get $200 cash via PayNow when you apply for a qualifying Citibank credit card as a new Citibank cardmember and make a qualifying spend transaction of any amount. Existing Citibank cardmembers will get $30 cash via PayNow instead.

Best for high cashback: CIMB Platinum MasterCard

Perfect for: Foodies who simply want as much cashback they can get out of their meals.

The CIMB Platinum MasterCard is a no-nonsense cashback card that helps you maximise returns on dining expenses. It offers one of the highest cashback rates—if not the highest—on dining at 10%, and the highest cashback cap of $100 per statement month. The 10% cashback rate also applies across a range of categories: transport and petrol, medical and wellness (i.e. chiropractors and opticians), electronics and furnishing, and travel expenses in foreign currencies. The cherry on top is the card’s annual fees are waived for life.

A standard $800 qualifying spend is required to enjoy the 10% cashback.   The cashback cap of $100 is also broken down to a limit of $20 per category. Only retail spend is flexible with unlimited cashback  and no minimum spend or monthly cap, but it’s a low 0.2%.

CIMB Sign-up Promotion: Get $100 cash credit when you apply as a new CIMB credit cardholder from 1 August – 31 October 2020. You will have to make a minimum spend of $350 per month for 2 months from card approval to be eligible. T&Cs apply.

CIMB is also running a lucky draw where you stand to get 6 months’ worth of credit card bills paid for, just by spending on your CIMB card! A monthly cash prize of S$1,000 will also be given out. Valid till 28 Feb 2021, T&Cs apply.

Best for miles accumulation: KrisFlyer UOB 

Perfect for: Foodies who like the idea of eating their way to a free flight redemption.

The KrisFlyer UOB credit card earns you 3 miles per dollar on both local and overseas spends, on areas such as dining, food delivery, online shopping and travel and transport. If you’re wondering about possible exclusions, qualifying dining charges include everything made at restaurants, bars and fast food outlets, whereas online food deliveries include GrabFood and foodpanda. 

There’s no minimum qualifying spend or cashback cap, but the 3 KrisFlyer miles per dollar earn rate only applies provided that you spend at least $500 on SIA-related purchases annually. Because of its relatively high mile per dollar conversion rate, the KrisFlyer UOB credit card is definitely for those who are already dining out regularly and want to chalk up miles along the way, and then jetsetting to foreign lands to continue the indulgence.

KrisFlyer UOB

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