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Travel Insurance Plans For Stolen/Lost Phones: Claim Up To S$2,000

Deborah Gan

Deborah Gan

Last updated 08 March, 2023

The worst thing that can happen overseas is losing your phone. But you know what’s worse than that? Not having coverage for it.

Best Travel Insurance For Stolen Or Lost Phones in Singapore

AIG Travel Guard | Allianz Travel Insurance | Ergo Travel Insurance | Etiqa (TIQ) Travel Insurance | FWD Travel Insurance | HLAS COVIDSafe Travel Protect360 | MSIG TravelEasy | Singlife Travel Insurance | Sompo Travel Insurance | Starr TraveLead Cruise to Nowhere | Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance | Tokio Marine Xplora Plus

Many of us may purchase a travel insurance plan because of baggage delays or unexpected trip cancellations. But you’ll only realise the true importance of it once you lose your belongings, especially your precious mobile phone.

Of course, in an ideal world, the best scenario would be getting your phone back. But the harsh reality is that the chances of it are pretty slim, and it gets threefold as hard if it was stolen. The next best thing would probably be to claim a decent amount to cover the cost of your phone.

If coverage for stolen personal belongings was never a priority when it comes to purchasing travel insurance, then maybe it should be. Here are the travel insurance plans in Singapore that offer the best coverages for stolen or missing phones.

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Best travel insurance with high coverage for stolen or lost phone

Travel Insurance

Coverage for lost/stolen phone

Other coverages


AIG Travel Guard


  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$2,500,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$10,000 baggage loss

From S$30

Allianz Travel Insurance

Up to S$2,000 (max benefit for all high-value items)

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,000 baggage loss

From S$33.88

Ergo Travel Insurance

Up to S$500 per article

  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation and curtailment
  • Up to S$8,000 baggage loss

From S$25

Etiqa (TIQ) Travel Insurance

Up to S$250 per article

  • COVID-19 rider available
  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$10,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$3,000 baggage loss

From S$31

FWD Travel Insurance

Up to S$500 per article

  • COVID-19 rider available
  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,500 baggage loss

From S$25.20

HLAS COVIDSafe Travel Protect360

Not covered

  • COVID-19 coverage for Enhanced plan and above
  • Up to S$750,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$8,000 baggage loss

From S$30

MSIG TravelEasy

Up to S$500 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Uo to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$5,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,500 baggage loss

From S$29.40

Singlife Travel Insurance

Up to S$700 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$20,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$8,000 baggage loss

From S$34.12

Sompo Travel Insurance

Up to S$500 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$100,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$10,000 trip cancellation and postponement
  • S$1,000 baggage loss

From S$36.75

*Starr TraveLead Cruise to Nowhere

Up to S$400 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,500 baggage loss

From S$27

Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance

Up to S$400 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$15,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,500 baggage loss

From S$27

Tokio Marine™ Xplora Plus

Up to S$500 per article

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to S$500,000 overseas medical expenses
  • Up to S$10,000 trip cancellation
  • Up to S$7,500 baggage loss

From S$62

Premium plans are based on single travel insurance for a five-day trip to Thailand (ASEAN Region). The coverage also differs according to different tiered plans.

*Premium plans are based on a single travel insurance for a five-day cruise to nowhere. The coverage also differs according to different tiered plans.

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What to do if I lose my phone overseas?

#1 Make a mental note of what you lost

This may sound pretty duh.. But always be sure to check your bags or luggage to confirm what was lost or stolen. You may think only your phone was stolen, but double checking your belongings might have you realise that your other belongings were stolen too (not that we wish it upon you).

A key thing to remember is to try to recall the features of your phone. Listing specific things like your phone case design, the model and colour, or that bright red cherry keychain you have dangling on your iPhone will help the authorities identify your prized possession.

#2 Check to see if you can locate your electronics

If you’re an Apple user, you’re probably familiar with the lifesaver of an app “Find My IPhone”. The app can be a literal game-changer if you lose your devices, as it helps you locate any of your Apple products on a map, including your iPad and even Airpods. But it only works if you’ve downloaded it and switched on the option before you misplace your items, so the app registers your devices.

Aside from that, you can remotely lock it, play a sound, display a message or erase all data on it. Alternatively, there is also the option to “Find My” on iCloud.

For Android users, you can go to and sign in to your Google Account to locate your device. Similarly, you can also lock and erase all data on a lost Android device.

However, these options will probably only work if your phone is switched on. If it is switched off, it will show you the last location where your device is on. 

#3 Erase all your data, if need be

As our society becomes increasingly cashless, most of us probably have our credit and debit cards linked to our phones. Especially if your devices have been stolen, it might be a good call to erase all your data. Aside from credit cards, some of us may also have sensitive information stored on our phones, like our passwords to bank accounts, NRIC and PIN numbers.

Though you may think the Face ID and passcode features on your phone may be enough to hinder the thief from accessing your cards, remember that some of these thieves are experienced hackers who can easily bypass these security features.

To be safe, you can opt to erase your data through the apps above to avoid this issue altogether. Alternatively, you can consider cancelling your credit cards.

#4 Visit the Singapore embassy

Losing your precious devices like your mobile phone in a foreign country can be extremely daunting and scary, especially since you’ll probably rely on them heavily for translation purposes or navigating around. It helps if you visit the Singapore embassy to request assistance.

They will be able to advise you on your next steps and help contact your emergency contacts back home if need be. This also includes referring you to a list of local lawyers for your reference if you would like to engage a lawyer for your case

#5 Report to local authorities

Whether or not you’ve managed to locate your device, it’s best to report it to the local authorities immediately so they can take action. However, given that certain countries always have theft cases, you shouldn’t have high hopes of recovering your device. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in filing a report — you’ll also need it for your travel insurance claim.

If there’s a language barrier between you and the local police, there’s always Google translate to save the day. Alternatively, you can also bring along or request help from a local who can speak your language to help with translation. The Singapore embassy may also be able to help!

Be sure to take several copies of the police statement for your own keepsake and your travel insurance agent.

#6 Contact your travel insurance agency

The chances of locating your devices if stolen are unfortunately relatively slim. Regardless of it, you should contact your travel insurance agency to file a claim. Depending on how many things are stolen and the travel insurance plan coverage, you can sometimes get a decent claim amount to fully cover the cost of your electronics.

This is where you’ll need the police report as proof that your items have been stolen. Without a police report, the compensation may either be delayed or rejected. Always reach out to your travel insurance agency if you need help filing a claim or need help understanding the fine print.

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Travel tips to keep your phone safe

#1 Store your electronics separately

The best advice of all time is to store your belongings separately, be it your devices or cash. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket, right? The same applies here. 

If you store your camera, equipment, iPhone, iPad, and AirPods in the same haversack, and it, unfortunately, gets snatched away, all your devices will be gone just like that. Storing them in either separate compartments or, even better, different bags will lessen the chances of your devices getting stolen altogether.

#2 Blend in like a local

Have you ever seen someone just minding their own business along Orchard Road, but you can immediately tell that he or she is a tourist? Singapore is generally very safe with low crime rates, so even if they can be spotted as tourists immediately, there’s really no harm in that. 

But imagine being in places like Europe where theft and petty crimes are so prevalent. Being immediately identified as a tourist will definitely put a target on your back.

Dress like a local to avoid standing out, and try not to Google Maps blatantly open on your phone. Before you leave your accommodations, try to memorise or have a general sense of where you’re going to minimise the time on Google Maps to navigate the area. 

Avoid flashy articles of clothing like hats or brightly coloured tops (if the locals don’t usually wear them) to reduce the chances of looking like you’re from out of town.

#3 Always put your bags in front of you

Especially if you’re in a country where petty theft is high, always have your bag in front of you so you can have eyes on your belongings at all times.

Try not to have your belongings in your back pocket or in a haversack on your back. If someone tries to steal them, you will have less visibility and probably won’t be able to feel them taking items.

A word of advice is to keep your electronic devices in the main compartment of your bag. Putting them in the front pocket makes it easier for pickpockets to fish them out easily, but it also increases the chances of your bag getting slashed for easy access.

#4 Back up your phone before leaving

To prepare for the worst-case scenario, always back up your phone on your laptop or in your hard drive before you go on a vacation. So in the event your electronics really get stolen or go missing, you won’t lose all your precious data and information.

#5 Maintain distance with strangers

You’ve probably heard your fair share of stories about countries where thefts are carried out through well-thought-out and elaborate plans. These crimes are usually executed craftily by a group of people who can take your belongings with you even knowing.

Some of these elaborate scams involve someone distracting you while someone else swoops in to snatch your belongings away. You might think you’re way too smart to be scammed, but not many people realise just how clever these tactics are. If you think you’re smart, they’re definitely smarter.

So if you notice someone coming a little too close to you for comfort, try to maintain a distance from them if possible to protect yourself and your belongings. Always keep a watchful eye on strangers approaching you for directions or to request assistance — you may just be their next target.

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