Bus Lane Timings Singapore (2024)

Ferlin Mok

Ferlin Mok

Last updated 24 January, 2024

Find yourself eyeing the bus lane, unsure if you can use it? Know bus lane timings and drive smoothly without risking fines.

As drivers, we all nailed that theory driving test, right? But all those rules get a bit fuzzy in our heads over time. Traffic laws also change, so even experienced drivers can feel unsure about the latest regulations.

This quick read will give you a refresher on Singapore’s bus lane rules. You’ll learn about the different types of bus lanes and their restricted hours so you can cruise confidently, knowing when exactly to steer clear of those lanes!

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Table of contents:


Types of Bus Lanes in Singapore

Bus lane is one of the two bus priority schemes by Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore. The scheme restricts vehicles other than buses from using bus lanes during specified times. 

By giving priority to buses, buses can travel faster and more smoothly. It helps them stay on schedule and is less likely to get stuck in heavy traffic during peak hours, increasing the reliability of Singapore’s public bus transport system.  

There are two types of bus lanes in Singapore: 

  1. Part-day bus lanes. Also known as normal bus lanes. 
  2. Full-day bus lane 

Part-Day (Normal) Bus Lane

The lane is denoted by a continuous yellow line

Photo Source: LTA 

Part-Day (Normal) Bus Lane Operational Hours

Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays:

  • 7.30 am to 9.30 am
  • 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

During operational hours, you cannot drive or park your vehicle in the bus lane. However, you can use the section with a broken yellow line if you need to turn into a side road or turn from a side road into the bus lane. 

Full-Day Bus Lane (Or 'Red Bus Lane')

Full-day bus lanes are located mainly in the city centre. 

The lane is denoted by a continuous yellow-and-red line. It is why drivers often call it the ‘red bus lane.’ 

Photo Source: LTA 

Full-Day Bus Lane Operational Hours

Every day except Sundays and Public Holidays:

  • 7.30 am to 11.00 pm

Just like part-day bus lanes, you cannot drive or park your vehicle in the bus lane during the restricted hours. You can use the section with a broken yellow line if you need to turn into a side road or turn from a side road into the bus lane. 

Singapore Bus Lane Timings in One Glance 

Part-Day (Normal) Bus Lanes
Full-Day Bus Lanes
Monday to Friday
7.30am to 9.30am
5.00pm to 8.00pm
7.30am to 11.00pm
7.30am to 11.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays

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Who Can Use the Bus Lanes During Bus Lane Hours? 

Besides public buses, some vehicles can use the bus lanes during restricted hours. 

These vehicles are: 

  • Bicycles in single file
  • Emergency service vehicles and police vehicles
  • Omnibuses and non-scheduled buses, such as school and factory buses - However, these vehicles cannot stop, pick up, or let their passengers alight along bus lanes.

What Is the Penalty for Bus-Lane Rules Violation? 

LTA wants to keep bus lanes clear during bus lanes' operational timings. Traffic wardens are stationed at different locations on the island to clamp down on drivers who are not compliant with the bus lane scheme. Public buses also have cameras equipped to catch drivers who block their way.  

If you are caught driving on bus lanes during restricted hours, you will face a fine of S$130. 

Bus Priority Box (Also Known as Mandatory Give-Way to Buses)

Besides bus lane timings, there is another bus priority scheme that you have to pay attention to on the road: the bus priority box. 

The bus priority box scheme aims to help buses leave bus stops more easily.

When you're driving and see white markings with the word "Bus" and a triangle, thatmeans a bus priority box is coming up. Slow down at the first triangle and watch for buses leaving the bus stop ahead. Stop before the give-way lines and give way to buses waiting to exit the bus stop. Do not stop your car in the bus priority box.

Photo Source: LTA 

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How to Write an Appeal for Bus Lane Violation Fine?

You got a fine for driving in the bus lane when you should not have. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, it was because of an emergency; other times, it could be an oversight or simply forgetting the rules.  

You can appeal to waive the fine if this is your first offense. But if it's happened before, it might be harder to get out of it. To appeal your summon, go to the website of the fine issuing authority - Traffic Police or Land Transport Authority. Submit your appeal request through their e-portal. 

While it's not a given that your fine will get waived, it's worth a shot. Here is a simple way to write your appeal letter to boost your chances of success:

  • In your appeal request, write in a polite and respectful tone. Be sincere and admit fault. You are asking for an exception, not demanding it. When you take responsibility for the violation, it builds your credibility.

  • Apologise for driving in the bus lane when you shouldn’t have. 

  • Explain why it happened.

For example, there was bad traffic, so you couldn't get out of it, or you remembered the bus lane operation hours wrong. 

  • If you used the bus lane for an emergency, provide documentary proof to support your explanation. 

For example, if you rushed someone to the hospital, provide a copy of medical proof.

  • Demonstrate that you have learned from the experience and won’t repeat the offense. Promise you’ll be more careful and follow the rules better from now on. Doing so gives a reason for leniency. 
  • Thank the reviewing officer for their consideration. Express appreciation for their time and effort as they review your request. Gratitude goes over better than entitlement.

Parting Words 

Bus lanes and other bus priority schemes give buses priority of way so public transport can be safer and more efficient. Always be vigilant of bus lanes and their timings so you won’t get caught up in a bus lane at the wrong hours. 

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