Cheapest Personal Accident Insurance Plans For The Family (With Promos)

Ana Ow

Ana Ow

Last updated 21 December, 2020

It might be more worthwhile to go straight for the family tiers instead of individual plans, considering that the juniors and the seniors are usually more vulnerable.

A few weeks ago, my daughter had a sudden fever and complained of headaches. It came as a surprise because she is a fit child (an athlete), who rarely falls ill and hadn’t been out in a while.

When the fever didn’t subside after Day 3 and a rash appeared all over her body, I got worried and consulted a doctor online. Getting medical help virtually, especially in these times can be a boon. The doctor on-call suspected Dengue and advised us to go to KK Hospital to be tested. A few hours later, it was confirmed.

This did not come across as a major surprise because our neighbourhood had been listed as a Dengue cluster recently. But when I shared the news with some friends on WhatsApp, many of them rued that their older parents and younger family members had contracted Dengue in recent times.

In fact, if you think about it, COVID-19 isn’t the only cluster to stay away from; there’s the Dengue cluster to be wary of as well. 

Given the spike in recent cases of Dengue in Singapore, it’s imperative to take measures to protect our loved ones from the disease alongside our COVID-19 safety measures. This includes getting your home guarded against AEDES mosquitoes and securing coverage against infectious diseases. The most convenient way to do the latter at an affordable cost is by purchasing a family personal accident insurance plan.

Why buy a personal accident plan for the family?

I don’t know about you but the fewer things I have to worry about, the better. Insurance, while necessary, is not exactly the most exciting purchase to shop for. So, if one plan can help cover everyone under one roof — from grandparents to grandchildren, against accidents and injuries — go for it. This is also why I always make it a point to buy an annual travel plan (though, I won’t be renewing mine this year).

Most people can benefit from having personal accident coverage, some perhaps a little more than others. But if you’re like me and you live in a household with an elderly parent and several young children, you’d be responsible for vulnerable persons under your care.

A family personal accident plan helps take care of outpatient medical bills for injuries like slips and falls (common for the elderly folk) or infectious diseases like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease or HFMD (common among preschoolers). Now that school has reopened and a small number of community COVID-19 cases in some schools have been identified, it doesn’t hurt to be extra prudent.

When shopping around for a plan that caters to your needs, make sure you note the family members that need coverage and their potential coverage needs are included in the Table of Benefits. 

For example, for senior members in your family, check that the plan covers the right age group and offers coverage for slips and falls, home modifications, mobility aids, physiotherapy and such. If you have young kids, you’d be interested in coverage against infectious diseases such as viral encephalitis and HFMD in addition to COVID-19 and Dengue.

Do note that most family plans cover two adults and two children.

Cheapest family personal accident plans we recommend 

*Based on S$100,000 accidental death coverage for 2 adults in Occupations of Class 1, and 1 child unless stated otherwise

#1: AIG Sapphire Enhanced

AIG partners with Doctor Anywhere with one e-consultation fee included in the plan. This service also offers digital referrals and medical certificates. Children are covered in this plan for free and receive up to 20% of the plan limits. You can even opt to pay your premiums on a flexible payment basis, which might help with the family’s cash flow during these tough times.

Price: S$159 (Standard plan's annual premium)

#2: MSIG Protection Plus

Unlike most plans that cover up to two children only, this one includes coverage for up to three children for free, if both you and your spouse are policyholders. If only one parent is covered, then child premium ranges from S$10.70 to S$26.75 depending on the plan’s tier. But the children’s medical expenses limit for the basic plan is on the lower side at S$100; the highest tier brings the limit to S$500. This plan also has a higher than usual TPD (total and permanent disablement) payout of S$375,000 for the Platinum plan.

Price: S$187.04 (Silver plan’s annual premium)

#3: Ergo AccidentProtect

A great thing about this family-friendly product is that it provides complimentary cover (of 20% of plan limits) for an unlimited number of children. So, if you are a supersized family like this one, this is definitely the plan for you at a pretty affordable premium. 

This plan also allows renewals up to age 75, which is great for senior members of the family. Coverage can also be extended for a single parent, widow, widower or divorcee for an additional premium of 40%.

Price: S$250 (Basic plan’s annual premium)

#4: FWD Personal Accident Insurance

This is, perhaps, the most value-for-money plan on the market if COVID-19 coverage (along with other common infectious diseases and illnesses like Dengue fever and food poisoning) is what you’re after. 

It offers up to S$15,000 for inpatient and outpatient care, as well as up to S$30,000 of coverage for overseas accidents when you top up with a rider plan. In addition, there is also up to a S$500,000 coverage for death from dengue on top of the standard S$100,000 payout from accidental death and disabilities.

Compared to other family tiered personal accident plans, one more benefit stands out: the guardian angel benefit. The S$100,000 guardian angel benefit promises to ease financial burdens in the event the parents pass on. 

Price: S$253.79 (annual premium)

#5: Singlife Personal Accident 

This one’s well known for offering discounts on their personal accident plans. A great benefit for families with older folk is that they accept policyholders up to age 70 instead of 65, which is common for most other insurers. Children are covered for the standard 20% of claimable limits free of charge. There is a 10% discount on premiums for married couples.

Price: S$280 (Singlife Lite plan’s annual premium)

#6: AXA SmartPA Protect Plus

A unique thing about this plan is that they’ve singled out HFMD for an annual $100 benefit, which means that it is not excluded after the first time your child contracts the illness (though, let’s hope it doesn’t recur!). 

General benefits are also slightly higher on this product: accidental death and disablement is S$150,000 (instead of the usual S$100,000) with additional payouts of S$75,000 for accidental death while overseas (relevant for business travellers)  and S$75,000 for accidental death on a conveyance. 

While the basic plan may not be overly designed for families, the optional rider known as Family Shield may be helpful as it pays out an additional lump sum upon accidental death to the surviving spouse, parent or child.

Price: S$284.40 (Silver plan’s annual premium)

#7: SOMPO PA Star

This is yet another family-focused product with a lot of extras, in addition to the traditional accidental death and disability coverage and accidental injuries that personal accident plans are known for

It also offers perks like marriage and baby bonus allowance of S$100 each, and also thoughtful benefits such as a recuperation cash allowance from accidental miscarriage. The latter includes coverage for trauma counselling expenses. 

In case of accidental death of the policyholder, the plan also pays out a monthly family or parental allowance (between S$1,000 to S$3,000 depending on coverage tier chosen) as well as a year’s tuition benefit for each insured child (up to S$300). This is also one of the few plans on the market that includes a S$25,000 for accidental death and disability benefit for up to four parents (including parents-in-law) of the policyholders, provided that both individuals own a SOMPO PA Star plan.

Price: S$385.20 (Deluxe plan’s annual premium)

#8: Etiqa eProtect Safety

For a limited time, policyholders are given complimentary protection against COVID-19 and Dengue in the form of a S$3,000 diagnosis benefit, certainly a welcome factor for families with kids and grandparents. 

Its S$500,000 accidental death and permanent disability cover is certainly among the highest in the market, while the outpatient medical benefits of S$2,000 (for the lowest tier plan) is pretty standard compared to the other insurers. There is no complimentary cover for children; you will have to purchase a separate plan for them (similar tier to the Policyholder) to gain only 20% of the benefit limits.

Price: S$504 (Enhanced Silver’s annual premium)

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

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