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[Infographic] How Much Money Can You Save By Quitting Smoking?

Jehanne Teo

Jehanne Teo

Last updated 07 September, 2015
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Yes, smoking cigarettes is terribly addictive. And smokers in Singapore are aware of how expensive it is. But how much does smoking really cost you per year?

People would always say, "Just quit smoking! It's unhealthy and expensive."

Smokers already know that. It's like telling a George Clooney that he's really good-looking. He already knows from the gazillion articles that named him sexiest man alive.

It's the same with smoking. If you're a smoker, you already know that it can cause you cancer and hundreds of other ailments. You already know that it's costing you a lot from the way your wallet grows slimmer every time you buy another pack of cigarettes. You already know how much you should quit from the countless ads in the MRT stations and on your most visited sites.

Addictions are hard to quit.

But imagine what it'd be like to not smoke and the amount of money you'll have if you're not actually spending on cigarettes. How much money do you even spend in a year on smoking? Well, we did the math and found out.

What is the Cost of Smoking in a Year Equivalent to?

In 2010, the number of smokers increased by 2% in Singapore. This has been especially apparent in youths and young adults--both of whom having lower income levels compared to their Gen X counterparts. But they're still spending a large chunk of their salaries (or pocket money) on cigarettes. 

The Cost of Smoking in a Year

In Singapore, a pack of 20 cigarettes can cost between S$10 to S$13.50, depending on the brand and retailer.

Most smokers consume 11-20 sticks per day. Assuming you smoke one pack of 20's daily, every week:

1 pack of cigarettes * 365 days in a year = S$4,927.50

If you stop smoking, you can save up to S$4,927.50 a year. That's a lot of money!

So, What Can You Do With S$4,927.50?

S$4,927.50 can translate to:

  • 4 iPhone 6
  • 4 iPhone 6 Plus
  • 912 Starbucks Cappuccino
  • 703 Big Mac Meals (with fries and drink)
  • 410 cinema tickets
  • 98 fancy dinners
  • 492 pints of beer
  • 3,406 train rides
  • 2 months of renting a 1-bedroom apartment

With that much money, you can also

  • Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like
  • Put the money into your retirement fund
  • Use it for emergency savings
  • Finance the ultimate vacation
  • Put your children through school

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Starting out as a lifestyle writer, Jehanne currently writes for about saving money in everyday situations.


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