What to Look for in a Car Insurance When Driving to Malaysia

Annette Anthony

Annette Anthony

Last updated 01 November, 2022
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It’s been over two months since the JB-Singapore border reopened. You might be considering a cross-border road trip by now. However, there are a few things to tick off before going on that drive. For instance, does your current car insurance provide you sufficient coverage for a drive to Malaysia? 

If you’re driving to Malaysia, you need to cover a few necessities including petrol, travel documents, and of course, car insurance. Here’s what you need to know before driving across the Malaysian border.

Is car insurance a must in Malaysia?

Yes, car insurance is a must when driving to Malaysia. According to the Malaysian Road Transport Act 1987, motor insurance is compulsory for any vehicle using public Malaysian roads.

What does a Singapore car insurance cover for my trip to Malaysia?

Car Insurance Plan
Land Geographical coverage (km) Referrals for travel to Malaysia Malaysia travel-related coverages and extension riders

Allianz Motor Protect
Singapore, West Malaysia, and Thailand (up to 80km off the Malaysian border) Not applicable Towing: In case of accident while travelling to Malaysia or Thailand, will arrange towing service to repatriate car back to Singapore, with a towing limit of S$500
Breakdown: In the event of breakdown in Malaysia or Thailand, car will be towed to the nearest workshop from the breakdown location in Malaysia or Thailand
MSIG Motor Insurance Singapore, West Malaysia and the part of Thailand within 80 km of the border between Thailand and West Malaysia Not applicable Protection and Removal after Accident: The insurance company will bear the cost for protection and removal to the nearest repairers and for delivery within the geographical area (such as towing) for up to S$500
AIG  Singapore, Malaysia and up to 80.5km of the border between West Malaysia and Thailand Not applicable Not applicable
Singlife Singapore, West Malaysia and Peninsula Thailand (up to 80km from West Malaysian Border) Not applicable Not applicable
Etiqa Singapore, West Malaysia and Thailand (only within 80km of the Malaysian border) Not applicable Not applicable
FWD Singapore, West Malaysia (including Penang and other Malaysian island offshore of West Malaysia) and Southern Thailand (within 80km of border with West Malaysia) Not applicable Overseas booster coverage (Extension Rider), including:

Reimbursement for an emergency if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident while using your car overseas and it is unfit for driving

Additional towing cover to get your car back to Singapore up to S$500

Mortal remains repatriation of S$50,000 per deceased

Emergency expenses to send you back to Singapore up to S$1,000
NTUC Drivo  Covers Singapore, West Malaysia and the part of Thailand within 80km from the border of West Malaysia 24/7 referral services hotline for road and medical assistance in West Malaysia Extension Rider: Extra coverage limits for policyholder and/or authorised rider and/or passengers while driving in West Malaysia, including:
Medical expenses: Up to S$5,000

Personal accident for policyholder: Up to S$150,000

Emergency medical evacuation: Up to S$100,000
Towing Expenses: Up to $2,000
HLAS Car Protect360 Covers Singapore, West Malaysia, and part of Thailand within 80km between Southern Thailand-West Malaysia border, subject to a maximum duration of 7 days per trip Referral service centre emergency assistance in Malaysia Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation: S$50,000 per accident and in aggregate for each Insurance period (subject to terms and conditions)
Protection and removal after accident: If a vehicle can’t be driven due to loss or damage insured under the policy, a payment to cover reasonable cost for protecting the vehicle and moving it to the nearest repairers in the country the loss or damage happened in (such as towing), for up to S$300
Singtel Car Protect Singapore, West Malaysia, and parts of Thailand within 80.5km between Thailand-West Malaysia border Not applicable Protection and removal after accident: If a vehicle can’t be driven due to loss or damage insured under the car insurance policy, a payment to cover a reasonable cost for protecting the vehicle and moving it to the nearest repairers in the country the loss or damage happened (such as towing), for up to S$300

Source: Respective insurance policy wordings



Do I have sufficient insurance coverage?

Now that you know about the type of car insurance coverages specific to driving to Malaysia, you’ll need to delve further and see if the coverage you have is enough. You’d want to protect yourself, your passengers, and your car from any worst-case scenarios like car theft, robberies, breakdowns, accidents and injuries.



Motor Insurance

There are three types of motor insurance coverages in Singapore: Third-Party Only (TPO), Third-Party, Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive Coverage. 

Ideally, if you’re going for car insurance with the broadest coverage spectrum, you’d opt for a comprehensive package. This package usually includes covering medical costs because of an accident, injury or death to other parties involved, fire and theft as well as accident coverage.

The best option would be for you to pick a travel insurance to complement your car insurance, one that also suits your travel needs for entering Malaysia. 

Here is one plan that runs by the hour.

FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance

While most travel insurances ask you to pick from a one-time coverage or an annual one, this particular insurance from NTUC gives you hourly travel insurance coverage to Malaysia, Bintan and Batam.

You can book this insurance to enter Malaysia with the My Income App. The insurance coverage includes:

  • Reimbursement for unused entertainment tickets bought for your trip (up to S$200)
  • Medical expenses overseas due to COVID-19 (up to S$150,000)
  • Loss of personal belongings and baggage (up to S$1,500)
  • Unauthorised charges to your bank card while you are abroad (up to S$1,000)

There are certain criteria to meet as an eligible insured person. You must:

  • Work or live in Singapore
  • Start and end your trip Singapore
  • Hold a valid Singapore ID (NRIC, employment pass, etc.)
  • Purchase your policy before leaving Singapore 
  • Complete your premium payment in full
  • Be more than 30 days old

Now, this plan is ideal for someone who’s going for a short trip, and not for regular travellers. If you’re vested towards getting a plan that works for you annually or a single trip that goes on for days, use the Singsaver travel insurance comparison for the best deals in the market today.



Score up to S$300 cashbackS$280 petrol vouchers or up to 23% in discounts on your car insurance premiums when you purchase it via SingSaver.

Plus, get a chance to win S$2,500 worth of petrol vouchers. Promotion ends on June 30 2024. T&Cs apply.



The other things: What else should you have for driving to Malaysia seamlessly?

Here are a few things to get ready for a seamless travel within Malaysia.

Touch ‘n Go Card

While it’s really tough to get on hand right now, Touch ‘n Go cards are used to pay tolls around the country, especially more so since the toll booths no longer cater to cash transactions.

Dashboard Camera (Dash Cam)

This camera installed at the front and/or back of your car is the silent witness you never knew you needed, especially when you get into an accident. Dashcams can also record incidents that happen while you’re away from your car (scratches, dents, hits-and-runs, etc.).

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

This permit issued by the Road Transport Department of Malaysia gives foreign vehicles the green light to enter Malaysia. Owners or their appointed representatives must register for the VEP through this link. Your Singapore vehicle is issued an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to uniquely identify it. 

Road Charge (RC)

This is a RM20 fee on all foreign registered vehicles, with the exception of motorbikes whenever entering Malaysia, and is charged per entry.



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