How Much Does Feng Shui Consultancy Cost in Singapore?

Ryan Ong

Ryan Ong

Last updated 28 December, 2016

Hiring a Feng Shui consultant for good luck need not cost Singaporeans a fortune.

The start of the new year is a favourite time for hiring Feng Shui consultants; and many Singaporeans consider it a must-have when moving into a new home. Unfortunately there isn’t a price index, so we did some poking around and found the common costs:

How Much do Feng Shui Services Cost?

The cost of Feng Shui consultations varies significantly. Besides, it’s important to note that there are many different “schools” of Feng Shui, and some require more elaborate work than others - this usually translates to higher cost. But there are a few general guidelines on the pricing.

1. The Fixed Cost Consultation - Up to S$2,888

This is the most common way of paying for a consultation. The fixed cost method ascribes a flat fee - generally anywhere from S$288 to S$888, depending on the size of the home.

A typical 4-room flat will cost between S$688 to S$788. 5-room flats and executive units can cost S$888 and up, with landed properties typically capped at a maximum of S$2,888.

At these prices, the Feng Shui consultant will usually do a thorough analysis based on the residents’ date and time of birth, and visit the property to make recommendations.

For schools of Feng Shui that involve rituals or talismans (not all of them do), the cost of the rituals or talismans are typically included in the sum paid.

Many of these services can be found online, through search engines.

2. Per-square-foot Consultation - Up to S$1 per Sq Foot

This is often considered a “higher-end” consultancy service, often by a famous geomancer. Some of these consultants may not even take you on as a client, except at the behest of someone who introduces you to them.

Under the system, the most common price is around 80 cents to S$1 per square foot. However, there are occasionally consultants who charge just 50 cents per square foot.

As with point 1, there is seldom any added costs for rituals or talismans; these are generally included with the package.

As these consultancies tend toward the high-end, many will have impressive, well-situated offices (try Fu Lou Shou complex around Bugis). Most would prefer you see them in their office first, and some of them will never accept jobs online (remember you may need a reference to even see them).

3. Impromptu/Short Consultations - Up to S$88

These are brief consultations, for people who are in a hurry or not committed to spending as much on Feng Shui. For a flat fee of around S$58 to S$88, some Feng Shui consultants will provide general advice. You may only be asked to bring pictures or the floor plan of your unit (they probably will not visit in person).

You may be cautioned on the limitations of such consultations - many Feng Shui masters will never offer this kind of service, as they don’t believe accurate assessments are possible without seeing the property in person.

Also, these “quickie” consultations often leave out thorough analysis of your birth date, and are instead based on general assumptions regarding your “star”.

Still, if you want an impromptu consultation, you can try speaking to street level fortune-tellers (check out the ones near Fortune centre), or the ones who operate small shops in the Chinatown area. Note that, properly speaking, many of these fortune-tellers may not be specialised Feng Shui consultants; but they have passable knowledge in it.

Association-aligned Consultancies May Give You Discounts

Some Feng Shui masters are aligned with clan associations, clubs, or business organisations. These consultants predominantly service clients from these organisations.

If you are a member of such an association (sometimes there are even tie-ins with country clubs), you should check if you get special rates from them. The price is usually comparable to the ones listed in point 1, but you may get a 10% or 20% discount for being an organisation member.

Don’t Forget the Follow-up Costs!

Everyone dreads it, but sometimes a consultant will recommend expensive changes. This can involve anything from installing a false ceiling, to relocating a particular beam (you will need a qualified engineer if it’s a load-bearing structure, and that gets expensive).

If such changes are out of your budget, you should ask the consultant for possible alternatives.

If you do intend to implement major renovations however, remember to get a renovation loan before a personal loan, as the interest rates are lower. If you just bought the house, call the mortgage banker and see if you can nag them into an interest-free reno loan on top of your housing loan deal.

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