6 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Selling

Deborah Gan

Deborah Gan

Last updated 14 February, 2022

If you don’t want to compromise on your home’s asking price, here are some tips on sprucing up your home value, without resorting to expensive renovation works.

If you’ve ever been house hunting, then you’ll probably have experienced your fair share of pure shock when certain homeowners ask for exorbitant asking prices even though their houses aren’t in the best condition. Their asking price for their homes may seem way too high given the condition of their homes (e.g. peeling walls, plumbing issues, etc).

This is the number one thing you would want to avoid as a homeowner who’s selling your property. Though you may be tempted to ask for a high price to earn some profit, potential buyers are definitely going to judge for themselves if the price is reasonable according to the look and feel of your house.

For those who are absolutely adamant about compromising on your asking price, there’s still hope for you to sell your home at your desired price. You’ll just have to make some tweaks to your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Without settling for a lower price, here are some ways you can increase the value of your home.

1. Declutter your apartment

Walking into show flats at condo launches and IKEA makes you want to replicate those models  in your home, but do you know why they always look so appealing? Because there is barely any clutter! Their wardrobes only contain about five pieces of clothing and there are close to no knick-knacks lying around that normal homes have.

Though it is impossible to remove clutter altogether since you’re really living in that home as opposed to a perfectly decorated showroom, keeping the mess away from sight can dramatically make your home look much bigger and more aesthetically pleasing.

This means making your bed, putting all the clothes that are lying around back into your wardrobe and keeping your child’s toys in their dedicated toybox (or you can hire someone to help you!).

Though ‘out of sight, out of mind’ still stands, do not simply chuck all your items into your drawers and cabinets. Potential buyers who are viewing your house will most likely want to check out your storage spaces — you won’t want your pots and pans to be falling out once the doors open. Keep them organised and neat.

2. Touch up on old furnishes

Yes, I’m talking about the peeling paint in the corner of your room. Whether it’s giving your walls a fresh coat of paint or getting your plumbing issues resolved, touching up on old furnishes immediately makes your home look a lot newer than it is.

This also includes replacing old furniture that looks worn out and filling in random holes that have been drilled in your wall. Basically, repair any old fixtures to give the house a new lease of life, so that potential homebuyers will be more inclined to match your asking price after seeing that your house is in good condition.

Remember to pay with a credit card so you can maximise cashback!

3. Upgrade your kitchen

One of the biggest things that homebuyers are looking out for is the functionality of the kitchen, especially for couples or families who frequently whip up their own meals. While it can’t be too small, the kitchen also has to be in good condition and optimal for cooking.

This means that your stoves can’t be rusty or damaged, your sinks aren’t rusty and your cabinet door hinges shouldn’t be creaking. Even if your kitchen is fully functional, old-looking appliances and cabinetry might cause homebuyers to turn their heads elsewhere. 

If you haven’t renovated your kitchen in a while, maybe it’s due for an upgrade. But of course, if your budget doesn’t permit a full-fledged kitchen upgrade, you can always just make simple tweaks. Changing the laminate on the cabinet doors, replacing your stoves or changing the floor tiles can go a long way in helping your kitchen stand out to make your house more appealing.

4. Reduce personal touches

Be it that polka dot wallpaper in your kitchen or the bright LED lights that run along the ceiling of your room, these unconventional decorations make your home truly yours. And while you may like it, others may not.

If you want to increase your chances of selling your home, removing these personal touches that may be a turn-off to homebuyers may be the right decision. Nowadays, many seek a minimalist look in their future homes, so removing any of your decor or furniture that goes against it may help you upsell your home.

However, this is entirely up to you and you never know what might appeal to the homebuyer viewing your home — maybe they would find charm in these personal touches as well!

5. Make the space look bigger

Another thing that will make your house stand out is the space. No one likes a cramped apartment where storage—and even walking—is difficult. So while you can’t physically increase the square footage of your home (since it’s against HDB rules), you can make minor adjustments to the space to make it seem bigger.

A tip is to replace any heavy closed window blinds with shutters or vertical blinds to allow more light to shine through. Alternatively, sheer day curtains also do the trick—it also adds a gentle and warm hue to the room by allowing some natural light in. With more light entering the space, the room will look a lot bigger than it actually is. 

Mirrors are also known to make a space appear larger, so investing in a single large mirror in your living room or master bedroom will give the illusion of a much larger area. 

6. Change the lighting

There’s so much you can do with the existing furniture that you already have, but if you want to further elevate your house to make it look more appealing, consider changing the light fixtures.

If your light installations are collecting dust or becoming rusty, it’s time to change them out before homebuyers come for viewings. Change out old fixtures and replace them with modern-looking ones to make your house seem more elegant. 

No one likes walking into dim rooms with flickering bulbs as well. Invest in new bulbs to make your room a lot brighter and change up the entire mood of the room. Go for cool white lights in areas that require more light, like your kitchen and study room, while your living rooms and bedrooms should be equipped with warm lights for a more relaxed vibe.

Whether you want to sell your home at a higher price or simply make it more appealing to homebuyers, these quick fixes can add value to your property and get you closer to your desired selling price.

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