HPB Fitness Tracker Guide – Earn eVouchers, How To Exchange & Get Replacement For Tracker

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 02 June, 2022

Want to take on the National Steps Challenge this year and get a free fitness tracker? Here’s all you need to know about the programme. 

With the rise of obesity and chronic illnesses like diabetes, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has launched several initiatives to assist Singaporeans in adopting healthier lifestyles. The National Steps Challenge, which began in 2015, is one of these programmes.

By integrating technology through fitness trackers, the challenge allows Singaporeans to take responsibility for their health and welfare. The programme incentivises participants through helping them earn vouchers for shopping.

HPB fitness trackers

The refreshed National Steps Challenge launched on 1 April 2022. Whereas before, the challenge was executed in “seasons”, now it runs all year long. Completers of past seasons can take part as well. To take part in the challenge, you need a fitness tracker. If your HPB fitness trackers from past seasons are still operational, you can use them. 

Alternatively, you can redeem a free fitness tracker from HPB: the Axtro Fit 3 or Actxa Tempo 4C. Both are robust trackers with attractive features, such as: 

  • Tracking of steps and heart rate 
  • Alerts you when you’re approaching moderate or vigorous heart rate zones, allowing you to adjust your workout intensity accordingly
  • Resistant to sweat, water and splashes 
  • Blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement 

Who is eligible for a free HPB fitness tracker? 

To receive the fitness tracker for free, you need to fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Be a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore and have a valid NRIC.
  • Age 17 years or older (based on birth year) when registering. Those who are 17 must obtain parental consent to register.  
  • Registered for the National Steps Challenge when you picked up the fitness tracker, and you did not receive a fitness tracker during Season 5 or Season 6 of the challenge.

The following exception applies: 

  • If you completed all six reward tiers in previous seasons up to Season 5 and had collected an Axtro Fit 2 or Tempo 3C.  

How to exchange a faulty HPB steps tracker

You don't have to worry if the fitness tracker that you collected is faulty, provided you're still within the warranty term of 12 months. You can get a one-for-one exchange, if the faulty tracker is due to the manufacturer's defects, whether in materials or workmanship. 

To get your tracker replaced, or to exchange a faulty tracker from past seasons, you’ll have to contact the challenge’s customer support in order to book an appointment. 

National Steps Challenge 

HPB created the National Steps Challenge to inspire Singaporeans to become more healthy and active daily at any time and at any location. With the refreshing of the challenge, participants can stand to accumulate Healthpoints all year round. 

How can you sign up for the challenge? 

You can sign up for the challenge in five easy steps: 

Step 1: Install the HPB Healthy 365 app 

Step 2: Join the National Steps Challenge on the app from your device

Step 3: Link the app to your fitness tracker or your phone

Step 4: Earn Healthpoints by clocking steps or carrying out Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity each day

Step 5: Redeem your Healthpoints for eVouchers 

Challenges you can do to earn Healthpoints and their rewards

Steps Challenge

So how can you start gathering points to obtain your first eVoucher? Listed below are how many Healthpoints you can get for your step count! 

TaskHealthpoints awarded
Sign up for National Steps Challenge and clock 1,000 steps in a day    80
5,000–7,499 steps daily      10
7,500–9,999 steps daily      25
10,000 or more steps daily      40 max

For those who took part in past National Steps Challenges – do note that the refreshed challenge has done away with the reward tiers. 

Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activities 

Any exercise that elevates your heart rate above 63% of your maximum heart rate is considered Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). There is a formula for calculating your limit: your maximum heart rate equals 220 minus your age. 

With MVPA, you can earn Healthpoints in the following ways:

Duration of MVPAHealthpoints awarded
10–19 min 10
20–29 min 25
30 min and above 40 max

Rewards redemptions

After all that physical activity, it’s time to reap the rewards! Not only will you be healthier and fitter, you will also be able to redeem the Healthpoints for eVouchers, at the rate of 150 Healthpoints to S$1.  

You can then redeem your eVouchers at over 50 merchant brands, including FairPrice, Liho Tea, Popular and Cathay Cineplexes. 

If you find that you keep forgetting to redeem your points, don't worry, you can opt in for auto redemption into TapForMore points or TransitLink eVouchers. 

Remember that Healthpoints have a six-month validity period from when you earned them. 

HPB fitness trackers FAQs

Can foreigners get a free fitness tracker? 

The National Steps Challenge is open to foreigners who have a valid FIN and live in Singapore. However, they are not eligible for the free tracker unless they have completed all six levels of the previous seasons up to Season 5, or are participants of the Corporate Challenge.

Which fitness trackers are supported?

Actxa (Tempo 2, Tempo 3C and Tempo 4C), Axtro (AxtroFit, AxtroFit 2 and AxtroFit 3), Careeach HR, and Glide HR are the HPB fitness trackers supported by the Healthy 365 app.

If the app no longer supports your fitness tracker, you can check if you are eligible to get a new tracker. 

How long is data stored in the HPB fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker can keep fitness data of up to seven days. Sync your tracker once every seven days with the app to avoid losing your data.

If I go to a different country, will my fitness data be counted?

The app bases its records on Singapore time. If your cellphone has been reset to a new timezone, you may lose steps and MVPA records if they were clocked in a different timezone. 

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