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Scoot Promotions for Cheap Flights Departing From Singapore

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 01 August, 2017

Use these Scoot promotions, deals, and credit card discounts when you fly out from Singapore in 2017.

Updated 1 Aug 2017

Which came first - our love of travelling or the rise of budget carriers and cheap fares?

Well, who cares? With Scoot promotions in Singapore launched every Tuesday, there’s no time to ponder these faux-philosophical musings. Better to just book the next holiday before the seats are all snapped up, and ask questions later.

Scoot Promotions Departing From Singapore this 2017

Scoot Take-off Tuesday Deals

Scoot Take-off Tuesday Deals (1 Aug 2017)

Tuesday is just as good a day as any for planning your next getaway, especially with Scoot's Take-off Tuesday Deals. To help make sure you don't miss out on any fares you might be looking out for, here's a screen-grab of the latest Scoot Take-off Tuesday Deals.

A bumper crop of flights have been putout by Scoot this morning, so make sure you don't miss your chance to save some money on your holiday! Check out the list below:

Source: Scoot

Source: Scoot

In case you didn't know, these fares are for one-way flights only, and covers just the cost of the flight, and any associated taxes. So don't forget to allow some room in your budget for any add-ons, like luggage and meals, if you need them.

The sale is valid till 2pm only, so if you've spotted a good deal, head on over to the Scoot website to book your flight!.

Other Hot Scoot Fares Not To Be Missed!

For those of you who can’t be bothered to check their emails for this week’s Scoot promos, we’re rounding them up every week. Below are some of the hottest travel deals on flights departing from Singapore.



Travel Period

Fare (with Taxes)

SingaporeBangkok (Don Mueang) (Fly Fare)27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$50
SingaporeHong Kong27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$87
SingaporePerth27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$139
SingaporeJaipur27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$169
SingaporeSeoul27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$200
SingaporeTokyo27 Mar 2017 - 01 Oct 2017From S$232

Head over to the Scoot website to book these flights.

Scoot Credit Card Promotions in 2017

Here’s another secret to saving money on your your Scoot flight: use the right credit card. Besides giving you a leg up on the air miles game, these Scoot credit card promotions actually give you direct discounts.

There aren’t any promotions right now, but follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when Scoot goes on sale!

Don't forget to use a credit card like the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card so you can earn KrisFlyer miles from your booking! You can find the best air miles credit cards at

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Alevin ChanBy Alevin Chan

A Certified Financial Planner with a curiosity about what makes people tick, Alevin's mission is to help readers understand the psychology of money. He's also on an ongoing quest to optimise happiness and enjoyment in his life.

An ex-Financial Planner with a curiosity about what makes people tick, Alevin’s mission is to help readers understand the psychology of money. He’s also on an ongoing quest to optimise happiness and enjoyment in his life.


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