Agoda Credit Card Promotions For All Your 2017 Holidays

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Singaporeans can save even more on hotel bookings with these Agoda credit card promotions. Use them for your next holiday!

First published on 14 Jul 2016. Credit card promotions updated 3 Jul 2017.

Well, what do you know. Half of 2017 has already come and gone. Have you made time for a break? Afterall, you know what they say about all work and no play.

If you’re savvy, you can take a holiday for less. Take advantage of special deals by booking your trip early, and consider using a credit card to do so – there’s a chance you can get a discount on your hotel booking!

For starters, check out these Agoda credit card promotions in Singapore we’ve rounded up for you!


1. UOB Credit Cards: 8% Off Hotels in Australia and Taiwan

If you have a UOB credit card, you can use it to get discounts when you book online at

For the month of July, receive 8% discount on selected hotels in Australia and Taiwan. Although the booking window is open only till 31 Jul 2017, this special price is applicable for stay periods up to 30 Jun 2018. Which means you can book a holiday for next year, but enjoy discounted rates today!

For hotel bookings anywhere else, your UOB card can get you 6% off your stay; just remember to book by the end of the month.

Booking Period: 1 to 31 Jul 2017
Stay Period: Now till 30 Jun 2018


2. Citibank Credit Cards: 8% Off Hotels in Indonesia and Thailand

Booking a holiday at lunchtime is a great way to beat the Monday blues, especially if you have a Citibank credit card. That’s because Agoda gives you an exclusive 8% off when you book selected hotel stays throughout Indonesia and Thailand. Time to fill up on tom yum or rendang!

In the mood for a holiday somewhere else? You’ll be happy to know that your Citibank PremierMiles Card, Rewards or Cashback cards will net you 6% savings on hotel stays anywhere else in the world. That plus other great features is why this card tops our list of the best air miles credit cards in Singapore.

Both offers are valid from now till 31 Jul 2017 only, so you’ll have to act fast to secure your discounts. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation though; the stay period of these bookings are up till 30 June 2018.

citi premiermiles newfind-out-more_button-300x59

Can’t decide which Citibank credit card to use? Look no further than the Citibank PremierMiles Visa Card, which lets you earn 1.2 miles per S$1 spent. Use your card while overseas and you’ll earn 2 miles on the dollar! 

Booking Period: 1 to 31 Jul 2017
Stay Period: Now till 30 Jun 2018

Earn 6 miles per S$1: From now till 31 Dec 2017, you can earn up to 6 bonus miles per S$1 spent at this special Agoda x Citi promotion. There are hotel selections worldwide available under this promo, and your stay period is valid up till 30 Jun 2018. This offer is only valid with the Citi PremierMiles Visa or American Express credit cards, so if you have any of these, don’t miss the chance to pad your air miles account.

Booking Period: Now till 31 Dec 2017
Stay Period: Now till 30 Jun 2018


3. HSBC Credit Cards: 8% Off Hotels in Indonesia and South Korea

Planning for a shopping trip to Myeongdong to stock up on all your Korean beauty products? Or perhaps you’re long overdue for a spa weekend in Bali. Don’t forget the exclusive Agoda discounts you can enjoy with your HSBC credit cards.

You’ll get a 8% discount on Agoda for hotel stays in Indonesia and Korea, but you’ll have to make your booking through the Agoda App to avail of this limited-time offer. Don’t fret about getting pulled away from work though; the stay period on these discounted bookings is valid up till 30 Jun 2018, making it easy to fit your discounted stay into your schedule. 

For hotel stays anywhere else in the world, you can get 6% savings with any HSBC credit card.

Booking Period: 1 to 31 Jul 2017
Stay Period: Now until 30 Jun 2018


4. OCBC Credit Cards: Up to 8% Off Hotels in Japan, Australia and New Zealand

ocbc frank cardfind-out-more_button-300x59

If you’re thinking of holidaying in Japan, Australia or New Zealand, know that your OCBC credit card can help you get 8% savings on hotel bookings on Agoda. You’ll have to make your booking by 31 Jul 2017 to qualify for the discount, but you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation; the stay period for these discounted rates is up till 30 Jun 2018.

If you’re looking to book a hotel elsewhere, your OCBC credit card can help you get up to 6% discount. Like the above 8% offer, this promo will be valid up till 31 Jul 2017 only. 

We suggest booking with the OCBC Frank Card, which earns a cool 6% cashback on online shopping, including flight tickets and hotels! Not to mention that you can choose from over 120 awesome card designs.

Booking Period: 1 to 31 Jul 2017
Stay Period: Now until 30 Jun 2018


5. Maybank Credit Cards: Up to 8% Off Hotels in Hong Kong, Macau and China

Here’s a hack for getting more of your favourite wanton noodles, peking duck and egg tart. Use your Maybank credit card to get 8% discount on your Agoda stay, then use the savings to buy you an extra serving or two!

To take advantage of the offer, you’ll have to make your booking by 31 Jul 2017, using Agoda’s mobile and desktop website, or the Agoda app. The stay period for your discounted booking is up till 30 Jun 2018, so you can enjoy savings even on holidays next year.

For hotel bookings anywhere else in the world, your Maybank credit cards will get you a 6% discount on Agoda.

Booking Period: Now till 31 Jul 2017
Stay Period: Now until 30 Jun 2018

Don’t Forget the Terms and Conditions

Note that there are blanket terms and conditions that apply to these Agoda credit card promotions.

First, you can only get these deals if you make the booking on each bank’s Agoda landing page (we’ve linked to them above). The deals are also valid only for participating destinations and the selected hotels with the “Promotion Eligible” banner.

Finally, you must settle the payment with your credit card provider to enjoy the promotion rate. And as with any credit card transaction, make sure to pay your bill in full and on time to avoid interest and enjoy maximum savings.

Don’t own a credit card yet? You can compare credit cards in Singapore at

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