ShopHero by Seedly: How to Find Best Deals And Earn Miles, Cashback & Rewards

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 09 May, 2024

Want to get the best deals around you and know which credit cards to use for which merchant? ShopHero by Seedly could be the answer to your prayers.

Disclaimer: This piece was originally written by Seedly. All thoughts and opinions expressed belong to the original author.

Have you ever forgotten to use a certain credit card for purchases?

Because I have.

You might think that working in Seedly means I will remember what credit card to use for all my purchases, but I’m still a human and have blunders.

Not to forget, imagine having to leave the queue because you had to reopen the terms of conditions and check the Merchant Category Code (MCC) just to make sure you’re clocking your miles, cashback, or rewards points right.

I dare say that most people don’t even know where the latest deals are. They, too, sometimes forget which card to use and, therefore, cannot maximise their credit card rewards.

So, if you’re like me, it’s time to try ShopHero by Seedly — the ultimate shopping and dining app for finding the latest deals and maximising your credit card rewards!

Read to unlock a world of deals and credit card rewards? Then let's dive right in!

TL;DR: ShopHero: Find Real-time Deals And Earn Air Miles, Cashback, and Points on Credit Cards

Gone are the days when you only needed to hold one or two credit cards to shop. It’s time to double down on deals and earn credit card rewards!

ShopHero helps you to:

  1. Find the latest deals around you
  2. Choose the best credit card to use for which store
  3. Maximise my credit card rewards and saving

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How Does ShopHero Work?

Step 1: ShopHero Account Registration

You can create an account using an email address or via Apple ID.

No verification is needed. Sign up and instantly unlock all the latest deals within your proximity. This could range from shopping to food deals to other amazing finds!


Step 2: Customise Your Favourite Brands And Add Your Credit Cards

To tailor your shopping journey, input your preferred categories and brands within the app. This way, you can easily identify when there's a deal nearby!

Next, elevate your shopping by linking your credit cards to your account. ShopHero will curate and present deals to you based on your linked cards!

Step 3: ShopHero Location-based Sales with Real-Time Rewards

After you’ve added your credit cards, you will be asked to share your current location so that ShopHero can list the brands and sales closest to you.

You can also get real-time notifications for discounts.

You can also explore the merchant categories that interest you most or search your vicinity using the map function.

There's also a tab that you can navigate over to swiftly check which brands are having a sale in your current location. Alternatively, there is a separate dedicated section listing sales all over Singapore.

Based on sale patterns, ShopHero also uses its AI sales predictor to inform users when the next predicted period for subsequent sales:

The last screen is also where you can provide a referral code if a friend has referred you to ShopHero – under “Accounts”.

P.S. Seedly is running a sign-up promo where very new ShopHero accountholder will receive $5 eCapitaVouchers!

ShopHero Maximise Your Credit Card Rewards

So, how can you earn credit card miles, cashback, or even rewards through ShopHero?

Well, it's really as simple as tapping on any brand to access more details about purchasing from that brand.

From there, you will see what you can earn from your existing portfolio of credit cards and the best available cards across all providers. There is even a calculator to help you estimate your expected rewards from making a purchase!

For each linked card, ShopHero provides key information on the rewards multipliers and distinct perks it offers. This ensures you have peace of mind that you’re always optimising your spending.

If you want to apply for a new credit card, ShopHero can help you, too!

On the Discover page, you can find all major cards from all providers in the market. The cards are organised into different categories depending on the type of spend you’re looking to optimise rewards for — cashback, travel, or dining.

If you want a quick recommendation from ShopHero, it can also suggest a card based on your monthly spending patterns. Once you’re ready to apply for a card, a button on the page will take you through the whole process.

Conversely, if you want a full overview of credit card comparisons to compare the best credit cards on the market, we can assist you with that over on SingSaver! 😉


ShopHero Community-Driven Reviews

Instead of relying solely on Google Reviews, where retailers may give discounts for leaving a good review, you can now leave an unbiased review on the place you patronised, and read others’ comments to find out more about the places you will be visiting too.

ShopHero Register and Receive an Instant $5 eCapitaVouchers

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From now until 20 May 2024, all you have to do is download the app and register for a ShopHero account, and voila! That's an easy S$5 eCapitaVoucher right into your pocket.

Start downloading the ShopHero app now! Valid till 20 May 2024. Terms and Conditions Apply.


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Start downloading and creating your ShopHero account with Seedly today! Terms and Conditions Apply.


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