6 Best Social Clubs in Singapore to Join in 2022

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 28 January, 2022

The cost of a social club membership is easily justified, when you consider the myriad opportunities for recreation, leisure and building up your network. Here are six social clubs we recommend, from family-friendly to maritime-focused, and even one built for wine lovers. 

Social clubs are a great way to cater to your recreational and leisure needs. They offer a variety of sports, games, events and activities to enjoy, while helping you find and connect with like-minded peers and fellow hobbyists.  

One major benefit of joining a social club is the sense of exclusivity and identity that you can enjoy, as social clubs are accessible to members only. Often, you can also make use of on-site facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, game courts, bowling alleys and more for free, or with just a nominal charge.

As you go about your activities in a social club, you may also find increased opportunities to build your personal and professional network, which might result in some valuable or fruitful developments down the road. 

And with COVID-19 still forcing most of us to stay grounded, joining a social club could also provide you and your family members with some badly needed distraction.

We’ve picked out six of the best social clubs in Singapore to join this year. 

6 awesome social clubs in Singapore, and their membership fees and schemes 

Social clubFacilities and activitiesMembership fees and schemes
Raffles Town ClubF&B outlets, accommodations, swimming pools, gym, fitness classes, tennis, bowling, theatre room, cards, billiards Principal Member: S$85.60 per month
Supplementary: S$42.80 per month
Junior: S$21.40 per month
Changi Sailing ClubLeisure and competitive sailing, sailing lessons, swimming pool, BBQ pits, chalets, library, F&B outletsMembership: S$5,350
Term membership: S$2,140 per annum
Monthly subscription: - Single: S$64.20- Family: S$80.25- Youth: S$26.75 (no membership fee)
Serangoon Gardens Country ClubDning, various sports and fitness classes, wide range of leisure and recreational activities Entrance fee: S$21,400
Term entrance fees for 6, 12 and 24 months also available
Monthly subscription: - Single: S$80.25- Family: S$90.95 
The Swiss ClubOutdoors and indoors sports and play areas, football field, tennis courts, billiards, playgrounds, restaurants, private loungeLifetime membership:- Single: S$7,500- Applicant and spouse: S$11,800
Monthly subscription: - Single: S$131.08- Couple/Family: S$262.15
The British ClubSwimming, cricket, football, rugby, squash, tennis, golf, gym, martial arts, library, spa, work hub, book club, mahjong, painting, grill restaurant, sports barLifetime membership:- S$6,995- Transferable: S$21,400
Monthly subscription: - Single: S$187.25- Couple/Family: S$242.89
Refundable deposit: S$750 per application
67 Pall MallWine appreciation, fine diningJoining fee: S$2,400
Monthly subscription:- Single: S$200- Spouse: S$50

Raffles Town Club - S$85.60 per month

Address: 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753
Contact: Tel - 6323 2323; Email

The centrally-located, family-friendly Raffles Town Club offers a good mix of leisure and recreational activities. And, it’s also surprisingly affordable!

First opened in 2020, the distinctively designed social club is named after none other than the famed founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. According to the website, it was founded to “revive the Old English tradition of elegant and exquisite urban living”.

Judging by the iconic domed architecture, colonial-style finishing and possibly the most impressive set of multi-storey pillars on the island, they’re taking their mission seriously.

Activities and facilities found here are suitable for all ages.Those looking for more leisurely pursuits will be well-served by the club’s cards room, billiards room, and in-house theatre. 

In terms of more physically active options, there’s the customary swimming, tennis and bowling, sure, but you can also find personal training and fitness classes at the gym. 

Other activities that might tickle your fancy include martial arts, yoga, dance and painting classes. Versions geared towards children are available as well. 

Oh yeah, they also have guest rooms for booking, so you can make a weekend staycay of it to alleviate some pent-up boredom.

Best of all, a principal membership at Raffles Town Club costs just S$85.60 per month - no joining fees and other such extras. There are also supplementary (S$42.80 per month) and junior (S$21.40 per month) memberships on offer for your convenience. 

Changi Sailing Club - S$5,350 plus monthly fee from S$64.20

Address: 32 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508508
Contact: Tel - 6545 2876; Email

Is it ironic that the cure for cabin fever in 2022 lies in regular escapades out at sea?

Changi Sailing Club, with its breezy beachside vibes, leisure sailing, chalets and BBQ pits, may just be the antidote to all that pandemic-induced restlessness that has everyone at home walking on eggshells. 

Located on the northeastern rim of the island, right on the water’s edge, the coastal club offers a bevy of maritime activities for all ages and interest levels. 

It is renowned for offering sailing lessons for adults and youths that act as a foundation for further forays into the adventurous world of dinghy sailing. 

Additionally, the club also regularly organises wholesome social activities such as pleasure cruises to Singapore’s outlying islands, and coastal cleanups.

If land-bound activities are more to your liking, booking a holiday chalet and a BBQ pit, or simply having a waterfront family dinner as the sun sets in the background, are both perfectly enjoyable options as well. 

There is a lifetime membership fee of S$5,350, plus monthly subscriptions for singles, youths and families. There’s also a term membership scheme at S$42,140 per annum for those who prefer a more flexible arrangement. 

Serangoon Gardens Country Club - S$21,400 plus monthly fee from S$85.20

Address: 22 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557271
Contact: 6286 8888

With nearly 70 years of history, Serangoon Gardens Country Club is perhaps one of the oldest and most established social clubs in Singapore.

Over the decades, it has come to be recognised as a leading family lifestyle club, a reputation well deserved once you take a peek at the list of activities and facilities on offer. 

Of course, the usual country club mainstays are available - think swimming pool and children’s water play area, tennis courts, tennis, squash, golf course and gymnasium - with billiards, darts, bowling and table tennis providing additional options for sports enthusiasts. 

In terms of leisure, facilities on site include jackpot and mahjong rooms, along with a video game and pool table den.

For those who prefer organised activities, there’s plenty to pick from, including gardening, martial arts, fitness classes, dance and even Chinese brush-painting.

Membership will require a joining fee of S$21,400, along with monthly subscriptions that start from S$80.25 for singles, and S$90.95 for families (including spouse and children under 21).

Other membership schemes, including corporate, and term memberships, are also available.    

The Swiss Club - From S$7,500 plus monthly fee from S$131.08

Address: 36 Swiss Club Road, Singapore 288139
Contact: Tel - 6591 9420; Email; WhatsApp - 9776 5508; Telegram

The Swiss Club may not have as extensive a list of facilities and activities as its peers, but it more than makes up for that with its unique, historic settings that bring to mind parasol-shaded days of a bygone era.

Anchored by a colonial-era bungalow that houses guest rooms available for stays, and designed with plenty of open space and alfresco areas, The Swiss Club is a lush, airy oasis tucked away in idyllic Bukit Timah. It’s just the sort of thing for those seeking a respite from their labours in the relentless city. 

What’s there to do here? Well, there are multiple indoor and outdoor play and activity areas for all sorts of team sports and group activities, but the most attractive amenity has got to be the picturesque swimming pool, made for you to lounge the day away. Other highlights include a jungle zip line, and honest-to-goodness grass tennis courts. 

The Swiss Club puts on several social events throughout the year, with the four popular ones being Swiss National Day, Oktoberfest, Summerfest and Christmas. Bringing your children to these events is a great way for them to learn about a new culture. 

If the pastoral appeal of The Swiss Club speaks to you, know that lifetime memberships are available starting at S$7,500, with monthly subscriptions from S$131.08 onwards. 

The British Club - From S$6,995 plus monthly fee from S$187.25

Address: 73, Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289761
Contact: Tel - 6410 1100; Email

Located in the hilly Bukit Tinggi area, The British Club holds the distinction of the only hilltop social club on the island. 

Despite its monolithic moniker, the club boasts members from over 50 nationalities, making it a vibrant melting pot of cultures and personalities. Much like modern-day Britain, one might add.

The club spans a sprawling 5,900 sqm, allowing it to offer an unparalleled range of sporting, recreational, and family-oriented facilities. 

The different sports you can play here include golf, swimming, tennis, cricket, football and golf, while classes you can join run the gamut from fitness training, aqua aerobics and yoga to martial arts such as taekwondo, karate and Muay Thai.

Social and leisure activities, too, are just as richly curated, with a book club, ladies’ crafts, Chinese brush painting, mahjong and holiday-themed events.

Additionally, you’ll find four restaurants and seven banquet venues on the grounds, making The British Club a scenic location for celebrations large and small.

A lifetime membership may be had for a one-time fee of S$6,995, and monthly subscriptions starting from S$187.25.

There’s also a transferable membership available for S$21,400, in case you wish to pass on the delights of The British Club to your descendants. 

67 Pall Mall - S$2,400 plus monthly fee of S$200

Address: #26-04 Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, Singapore, 228208
Contact: Email

For the last entry on our list, here’s something a little bit different. 

67 Pall Mall is a social club focused on the pleasures of fine wine, dining and living. Headquartered in London, the exquisite club has set its sights on Singapore, with a Singapore club in glitzy Orchard Road slated to open later this year.

Given 67 Pall Mall’s rarefied premise, the membership fees are delightfully affordable. A joining fee of S$2,400 applies, with a monthly subscription of S$200 for each regular member. Additionally, there are also other preferential monthly rates for wine professionals, spouses of regular members, and those under 30. 

Designed as “the perfect place for wine aficionados, enthusiasts, makers, traders, writers, journalists and sommeliers to meet and share their passion for wine”, 67 Pall Mall offers one of the largest collections of sommelier-curated fine wines in the world.

Members can enjoy 5,000 wines from all over the world, and 1,000 wines by the glass, with a chef prepared medley of culinary creations offering opportunities for elegant food pairings.

What is expected to set 67 Pall Mall apart from other supper clubs for the well-heeled will be its roster of events, planned to include masterclasses, fascinating dinners, explorative walk-around tastings and casual drinks parties. 

There will also be a wider cultural programme focused around the finer things in life, as well as live music and children’s entertainment on weekends.

Charge your membership fees to the right card and stand to reap attractive rewards! Terms and conditions apply. 

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