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Smartphone Insurance: Not Just For Clumsy Singaporeans

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 22 September, 2015
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When just getting a phone cover isn’t enough, you might want to get a smartphone insurance or protection plan that covers almost all types of damages.

You’d think a screen protector and a solid cover would be enough to protect your phone. But when you get it exposed to water or drop it by accident on granite, you’re going to have a major problem.

I’d know. I have had really bad experiences with my smartphones in just the past three years. The first of this unlucky streak happened when I dropped it, tempered glass screen protector and all, and the screen of the iPhone was smashed to smithereens.

And my next iPhones suffered similar fates, one drowning in a swimming pool and the other left in a taxi.

These incidents cost me a lot of money—money that I can be putting to better use.

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Funnily enough, I’m not the only one. The Straits Times recently published an article on survey findings of Singaporeans and their smartphones. Singaporeans are the clumsiest of the lot of countries surveyed.

smartphone zombieSource

With 38% of owners damaging their smartphones within the first three months of use, it seems like the telcos are raking in cash just from replacements. It doesn’t even matter if you had your phone protected. 80 per cent of the respondents had stellar protection which didn’t help much with the damage.

41% of local users are currently using their damaged smartphones, while 22% wouldn’t get their phones repaired because repairs are too pricey.

Which is unfortunate, because damaged phones can be easily fixed or replaced if they had phone insurance.

When it was my time to do a re-contract with Singtel, I decided that I couldn't go without a phone insurance coverage anymore. I signed up for MobileSwop protection plan (a protection policy by Singtel), which allows me the freedom to make two exchange or one replacement for a like-for-like device within 12 rolling months.

It covers basically everything—from getting soaked with water to losing your phone in a cab. If I only knew about this earlier…

This phone insurance plan costs me S$8 monthly, which really is nothing compared to what you’ll have to pay to fix or replace your phone. Those 22% of people who think phone repairs are too costly would do well with this.

Just shortly after I signed up a new phone and an insurance plan that covers it, I cracked my iPhone screen (again) at the tennis court. I got in touch with Singtel and had to pay a small swop fee to get a refurbished phone in great condition delivered to me.

Starhub users will be happy to know that there are phone protection plans for them as well. But you can always use Hong Leong Assurance or Citibank Lifestyle Guard to cover damages to your phone as well.

After all, it’s really a small price to pay for having butter fingers.

Ayush Gupta

By Ayush Gupta

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecom and digital industries, Ayush is currently the Managing Director of As the former Associate Director at Singtel Digital, his forte lies in marketing, product and affiliate partnerships.

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