10 Things You Should Get From Daiso Before They Raise Their Prices

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 16 February, 2023

The Japanese retail giant will be increasing its prices by 7% in light of the rising GST costs. We also tell you the things you shouldn't get at Daiso and alternate recommendations.


Almost anything you need, from household products to storage space to stationery and food, Daiso has it. Every time we go there, we always emerge with tonnes of stuff that we never planned on buying. 

Boasting over 70,000 unique products and counting, it truly tempts us to deviate from our shopping list, because what is an extra S$2? Plus, if you use the best credit card when you shop, you'll get to enjoy credit card promos, such as cashback and other rewards!

However, this will no longer be the case as Daiso outlets in Singapore will be charging an extra 7% GST on their products from 1 May 2022 onwards.

The news came to light when an upset shopper had posted the price increase notice from Daiso on Daiso & Lobang Lovers SG Facebook group.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the notice:

The sign reads:

Price change notice
Dear valued customers,
Thank you for all your continuous support. We always strive to keep prices as affordable as possible. To continue improving the quality of our products, there will be a price change.

All prices will be exclusive of GST from 1 May 2022.

With the gradual GST hike over the coming years from 7% to 9%, the poster also did some predictions of possible future prices:

1 May 2022, each item = S$2.14
1 Jan 2023, each item = S$2.16
1 Jan 2024, each item = S$2.18

If you're a huge Daiso fan, you'd probably want to start heading down to your nearest Daiso outlet to grab your favourite items before the hike.

For those who have no idea what to buy, here are 10 things from Daiso that are absolutely worth your S$2, and 10 not-so-worth-it products as well as their alternative recommendations. 

Last updated on 14 April 2022. Availability of Daiso products subject to change without prior notice. 

10 Daiso best buys that are worth your money

By the way, if you're planning to shop up a storm at Daiso, do check out these credit cards! You'll get extra cashback/miles on your spending!

Source: Daiso

Make-up brush cleaner 

Tried and tested. Wash your make-up brushes and sponges in this formula and they will all come out squeaky clean in just a few minutes. 

Source: Daiso 

Egg timer

Always can’t seem to get the timing right to get the perfect egg? This egg timer will have your eggs cooked just the way you want them, every time. We personally use it, so we can vouch for how accurate and easy to use this egg timer is.

Simply set the egg and timer together in the same pot and let the egg boil. Once the timer’s indicator changes from pink to white, you can turn off the heat. 

Source: Facebook

Mould remover spray

According to many shoppers, this mould remover spray is very effective in removing mould. Here are some before and after pictures posted by a Daiso fan: 

Source: Facebook
Source: Daiso 

Letter board

A highly popular item that gets sold out quickly, this letter board can be used to elevate your home and add some pizzazz to your romantic stay-home date. 

Source: Facebook 
Source: Singsaver 

Metal board 

Aesthetic and can be used to hang multiple things in your room. 

Source: Facebook 

Shoe tree

Stop crunching up newspapers and stuffing them in your shoes. For only S$2, this shoe tree will keep your kicks in shape for a long time. In fact, this product is so amazing that one Facebook user even commented that he would “buy them all whenever I see a restock”. 

Source: Facebook

Storage boxes

We can never rave enough about storage boxes from Daiso. They’re cheap and can contain almost anything you like! This Daiso shopper even used one of these boxes to grow her plants - a creative touch. 

Source: Facebook

Ceramic kitchen set

Three items - chopping board, knife and peeler - for only S$2? Say no more. It saves space, is small yet useful, and absolutely great for office pantry use. 

Source: Facebook

Miso soup 

Tried and tested. For only S$2, you’ll get eight packets of delicious instant miso soup. Simply add hot water and enjoy! 

Source: Facebook

Paper coffee filter

Coffee can be an expensive hobby, so why not make it cheaper with products from Daiso? These paper coffee filters are recommended for beginners who want to make themselves a good cuppa but don’t want to spend too much money. Besides the filter papers, Daiso also sells dripper sets with a scoop. 

10 things you shouldn’t get from Daiso and where to get them instead

Source: Daiso 

Milk frother

Daiso: S$2
Shopee: S$1.57

Source: Daiso 

Cotton bud

Daiso: S$2 for 100
Shopee: S$0.69 for 100

Source: Daiso 

Ankle socks 

Daiso: S$2 for one pair
Shopee: S$0.80 for one pair

Pro tip: Look out for Shopee’s 10 cent sale where you can get these socks for only 10 cents. 

Source: Daiso 

Double-sided tape 

Daiso: S$2
Shopee: S$0.45 to S$1.50

Source: Daiso 

Floor wipes

Daiso: S$2 for 30 pieces
Valudollar: As low as S$0.50 for one packet
Tian Ma: S$0.85 for 20 pieces 

Source: Daiso 

Wet tissue 

Daiso: S$2 for 70 sheets
Tian Ma: S$1 for 80 sheets







Source: Daiso 

Hair ties

Daiso: S$2 for eight hair ties
Shopee: S$1.98 for 100 hair ties

Source: Daiso 

Disposable chopsticks

Daiso: S$2 for 50 pairs
Coffee shop: Free, just take more whenever you buy take-away meals


We personally wouldn’t put a S$2 make-up product on our face. Good make-up (that doesn’t have to be expensive) is something to invest in, so we would rather get something more reputable from Watsons or Guardian instead.

Source: Daiso 

Charcoal dehumidifier

Daiso: S$2 for one 800ml tub
Ezbuy: S$3.50 for four 850ml tubs



Facebook groups to join for Daiso fans

If you shop regularly at Daiso, here are a few Facebook groups you can consider joining. Avid Daiso fans regularly update the group with products they find, show other creative ways to use Daiso products, as well as seek help to find certain Daiso products. 

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