8 Amazing Things You Can Buy with a S$100 Takashimaya Voucher

Lauren Dado

Lauren Dado

Last updated 24 March, 2017

    Here's a hot tip: Standard Chartered is giving away a S$100 Takashimaya voucher if you apply for the Unlimited Credit Card through SingSaver.com.sg.

    Credit card promotions, terms, and conditions valid as of 24 March 2017.

    What can’t you get at Takashimaya? From luxury clothing to children’s toys, this epic Japanese department store is shopping paradise for locals and tourists alike. It’s no wonder Taka vouchers are such a hot item in Singapore - we’ll grab any chance to spend less at stores we love.

    A Taka voucher is as good as cash at any boutique within the department store area, and they're famous for having no expiry date. While independent retailers and specialty shops in Ngee Ann City don’t accept the vouchers, you’re still spoilt for choice at brands you can purchase from.

    So if a Takashimaya shopping trip is in the cards for you, we’ve got a hot tip: Standard Chartered is giving away S$100 Taka vouchers to new credit card customers, exclusively at SingSaver.com.sg.

    How to Get Your S$100 Taka Voucher

    Don’t own a cashback credit card yet? You’re in luck!

    standard-chartered-unlimited-cashback-cardHSBC DCP Promo

    Simply apply for the Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit Card through SingSaver.com.sg before 31 March 2017. Take a screen shot of the Thank You page at the end of your application, then fill in this form and submit it to us. That's it!

    Note that this promotion is exclusively available at SingSaver.com.sg. You won't be able to get the Taka voucher if you apply for this card somewhere else!

    Now, if we had S$100 to spend at Takashimaya, here’s what we’d probably get:

    1. Pandora Charms

    pandora bracelet

    Most Pandora charms can be had for well under S$80, but having a voucher on hand can offset the costs of the bejeweled 14k ones.

    2. Cold Storage Groceries

    groceries at cold storage

    You can use Taka vouchers to shop at the Cold Storage at the basement and splurge on the pricier items you wouldn’t normally buy

    3. Japanese confectionery


    Knock yourself out on a wide selection of Japanese treats from Kobe Fugetsudo, Mochikichi, and other Japanese confectionery stores at the basement.

    4. Longchamp Bags

    longchamp bags

    It’s hard to hate on Longchamp bags when they’re so practical and sturdy. Women and men’s styles are widely available at the department store.

    5. Designer Eyewear

    designer sunglasses

    Whether you want Ray-Ban or Chanel, you’re spoilt for choice on branded shades and eyewear.

    6. PlayStation 4 Games

    playstation 4 gamesPhoto credit

    It’s not the most popular destination for geeks, but you can get PlayStation 4 games at the fourth-level children’s sections.

    7. Nespresso Capsules

    nespresso capsules

    At around S$1 per capsule, coffee lovers can spend anywhere between S$30 - S$100 on their daily Nespresso habit. Your Taka voucher takes you a long way!

    8. Trade It In for Cash

    sg taka exchage

    The voucher’s terms and conditions state that it can’t be traded for cash, and then some enterprising shopper came up with the SG Taka Vouchers Exchange. Here you can trade your voucher in for cash, though you’ll have to let it go for less than its stated value. Honestly, you’re better off spending it.

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