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Here’s How To Hack yuu Rewards Club For Even More Bang For Your Buck

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 13 March, 2024

When used right, yuu Rewards Club can generate astonishing levels of cashback and rewards that give you some serious savings. Here are three hacks to optimise yuu Rewards Club for maximum value and savings. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d probably have heard about yuu Rewards Club, a coalition loyalty programme that allows you to earn points when making purchases at many of Singapore’s leading brands and merchants. 

At its core, yuu Rewards Club offers a simple premise. Every S$1 spent on eligible transactions earns you 1 yuu Point. Accumulated yuu Points can be traded in for cash vouchers, to redeem special rewards, or to offset purchases instantly. 

Pretty conventional so far, right? But here’s the thing. What sets yuu Rewards Club apart is the ability to accelerate your points collection rate through various channels, increasing your rewards by a whooping 36 times! 

With 1 yuu Point having a trade-in value of 0.5% cashback, that means you can potentially be enjoying as much as 18% cashback on your spends – even higher than some top-line credit cards

Suddenly, yuu Rewards Club seems much more exciting than at first glance, right? But how do you unlock such high rewards?  

With our top 3 hacks for turbocharging yuu Rewards Club, of course! 

Table of contents

Top 3 hacks to power up yuu Rewards Club

1. Superstack yuu Points

The first hack is to superstack yuu Points earned from your purchases. 

Consider this scenario. You decide to shop for groceries at Giant supermarket. On the way there, you open the yuu App to look for Partner Offers. These are exclusive deals and are only available to yuu Members, and earn bonus yuu Points.

(For example, you can get a 50% promo on weekday admissions to the Singapore Zoo until 28 March 2024.)  

Here’s a simple illustration of how it works. 

You find a yuu Offer on a pack of laundry detergent costing S$7 and decide to purchase it. At check-out, you scan your yuu QR code and enjoy your Booster to earn more Points before you pay:

  • Base points (1x) = 7 yuu Points
  • Booster (+9x) = 63 yuu Points
  • Total = 70 yuu Points

Just by taking these simple steps, you’ve super-stacked your yuu Points! 

Hmm, not bad, but is that all that yuu Rewards Club is capable of? Definitely not, not even close. We’ll get to the ultimate hack, we promise, but first, let’s take a look at what you can do with your yuu Points… which brings us to hack no 2. 

2. Maximise value on your spends

Once you’ve accumulated enough yuu Rewards points, you can start using them to save more and get even more value. Here’s how. 

Redeem yuu Rewards

yuu Points can be redeemed for Rewards, which come in two forms: discounted cash vouchers, and item rewards. 

You can redeem yuu Points right in your yuu App to receive cash vouchers instantly, and use them when shopping or dining at participating brands, such as:

  • 970 yuu Points to redeem a S$5 Cash Voucher at Cold Storage/CS Fresh
  • 400 yuu Points to redeem a S$2 Cash Voucher for Gojek

Cash vouchers may be used to pay in lieu of cash in-store. You can do so at a manned check-out counter (and not self-service kiosks) – be sure to inform the cashier and present your digital voucher for scanning. 

Meanwhile, item rewards are used to redeem discounted items or exclusive deals. They work the same way as cash vouchers, and are only applicable in-store at manned cashiers. For instance, you can use 300 yuu Points to redeem an Iced Kopi/Teh at Toast Box – this is a 50% off-deal, as you’d usually need 600 yuu Points instead. 

Note that Rewards do expire, so be sure to check each individual reward for its specific expiry date. Note the other terms and conditions that may be attached. 

To view what Rewards are available, simply open the yuu App to view featured rewards on the Home screen. You can also tap “Show All” to browse all Rewards, or tap “Only show Rewards I can redeem” to see the ones you are currently eligible for. 

✨Insider tip: We’ve been told that the yuu team is hard at work on heavily discounted “bonus rewards”, which provide nearly double the value! 

Pay with yuu Points

You can pay with your yuu Points at participating partners/merchants, which instantly offsets your purchase at the point of payment. To do so, simply open your yuu mobile app to scan your yuu ID, and inform the cashier you’d like to pay with Points. 

Note that you’ll need a minimum of 200 yuu Points for each transaction, and that if the value of your purchase is higher than your yuu Points balance, all your yuu Points will be used to offset the payment

Rewards for SUPER DUPER Savings

yuu Rewards Club also provides opportunities to save more with “Super Duper Rewards”. Basically, you can redeem a product for at least half the usual Reward points required, which gives you even more value!

Some of these “Super Duper Rewards” include: 

  • Guardian: GO FISH OIL 2000MG 30CAPS (U.P S$14) at 1,400 Points – 50% off
  • Toast Box: Iced Kopi/Teh at 300 Points – 50% off
  • Singtel: HBO GO (30 Days) at 1,200 Points – 57% off (ending on 31 Mar)

As you can see, some of these deals are available for a limited time only, so be sure not to miss out!

3. Supercharge yuu Points with DBS yuu Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card

We’ve saved the best hack for last. 

To unlock the ultimate features of yuu Rewards Club, simply pair your purchases with the DBS yuu Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card. Doing so will give you bonus yuu Points – up to 36 times more!

Here’s how they work.

DBS yuu Card

  • Base earn rate: 10x yuu Points (5% cashback)
  • With at least S$600 monthly spend: Additional 26x yuu Points (13% cashback)
  • Maximum rewards: 36x yuu Points (18% cashback, capped at S$78 per month)

PAssion POSB Debit Card

  • Base earn rate: 3x yuu Points (1.5% cashback)
  • At selected yuu Partners: Additional 15x yuu Points (Up to 9% cashback)
  • yuu Partners: CS Fresh, Cold Storage, foodpanda, Giant, Great Eastern, Guardian, Gojek,  7-Eleven, BreadTalk Group, Mandai Wildlife Group, and more

This hack is arguably the most powerful, as it lets you turbocharge the rate at which you earn yuu Points. And the more yuu Points you have, the more you can offset future spends and save money. You can also redeem more items you want, without paying anything extra.

Remember the laundry detergent offer from earlier? The one that costs S$7? Here’s how you can increase your yuu Points earned.


yuu Points earned

yuu Points earned with PAssion POSB Debit Card

yuu Points earned with DBS yuu Card


1 yuu point per S$1





10x yuu Points





PAssion POSB Debit Card/DBS yuu Card


119 (Additional 17x yuu Points)

245 (Additional 35x yuu Points)


77 yuu Points

196 yuu Points (equivalent to 9% cashback*)

322 (equivalent to 18% cashback**)

*With a monthly min. spend of S$300 at yuu Partners and S$400 on any other purchases

**Bonus cash rebates apply to yuu Partners spend

✨Pro-tip: The DBS yuu Card also entitles you to exclusive Offers that are truly attractive. Check out some of the past Offers: 

  • Cold Storage - Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice @ S$1
  • Toast Box - Traditional Kaya Toast Set from Toast Box @ S$1
  • Giant - Farm Fresh Eggs 30s from Giant @ S$3.90 

With special prices like these, here’s your secret weapon to fight high inflation! 

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DBS yuu Credit Card Welcome Gift: Receive the following rewards when you sign up for a DBS yuu Card:

DBS yuu AMEX Card: Enjoy S$388 cashback when you sign up for the DBS yuu AMEX card and make a min. spend of S$800 within 60 days of card approval. For new card members only. Existing card members will receive S$60 cashback upon making a min. spend of S$300 within 30 days of card approval. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply. 

DBS yuu Visa Card: Enjoy S$388 cashback when you sign up for the DBS yuu Visa card and make a min. spend of S$800 within 60 days of card approval. For new card members only. Valid till 31 May 2024. T&Cs apply. 

Why yuu Rewards Club can really save you money

Rewards points are only as good for the things you can exchange them for. yuu Rewards Club’s secret sauce is in the vast network of partner merchants it has built up, including some of Singapore’s most popular brands.

You can earn and redeem yuu Points at supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giant; convenience stores and pharmacies such as 7-Eleven and Guardian; F&B outlets like BreadTalk and Toast Box; as well as many other household names. 

The list of Partners is growing all the time, so there’s a good chance that your favourite brand will soon be joining the bandwagon too.  

More savings with Offers

Still not convinced? Let’s go through some numbers and see how much you can really save. 



Original price

yuu Offer price


7-Eleven Homestyle Assorted Cookies



S$1.10 (31% off)

Cold Storage BBQ Honey Sriracha Chicken



S$1 (12% off)

Guardian Hair Shampoo



S$2.90 (42% off)

Mandai Wildlife Reserve Weekday Admission



S$21.60 (50% off)



With yuu Offers: S$35

yuu Points: 1,260*

Total savings: S$26.60 (43% off)

*with DBS yuu Card and minimum monthly spend of S$600.

Here’s the gist of it: with yuu Offers, instead of spending S$61.60, you need to only spend S$35 – that’s a 43% discount. 

And if you pay with the DBS yuu Card, you can earn up to 1,260 yuu Points, which you can redeem for even more savings later on!

Further tips to up your game

While we’ve introduced three of our top hacks for yuu Rewards Club, there are more ways to optimise your rewards even further. 

For instance, one way is to make a habit of checking the yuu App before starting your day, so you can spot limited-time offers, and identify the best Boosters to boost your Points and really stretch your dollar. 

To really understand the myriad ways yuu Rewards Club can reward you, be sure to follow the yuu team on social media (FB - @yuusingapore , IG - @yuu.singapore). That way, you can receive timely updates and be the first to act on exciting yuu Offers and Rewards.

And if you’re new to it all, don’t fret. Head over to the yuu website to find out more and you will be racking up yuu Points like a pro in no time!

This article was written in partnership with yuu Rewards Club

An ex-Financial Planner with a curiosity about what makes people tick, Alevin’s mission is to help readers understand the psychology of money. He’s also on an ongoing quest to optimise happiness and enjoyment in his life.


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