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Best Rice Dumpling Delivery: From Restaurants To Your Doorstep

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 23 June, 2020

This Dragon Boat Festival (25 June 2020), skip the long queues by ordering your favourite rice dumplings online, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. 

For many, the Dragon Boat Festival means watching dragon boat races at Boat Quay and making a day of it, but not me. There’s only 1 thing that really excites me about this festival and that is the tradition of enjoying (read: binge eating) rice dumplings (Bah Chang). Served piping hot, rice dumplings are a delicious medley of glutinous rice, marinated meats, beans and, sometimes, salted egg yolk wrapped in bamboo leaves. For those with a finer palate, there are also rice dumplings stuffed with abalone, shrimp, roasted meat and dried scallop. 

If the description above has unknowingly made your mouth water, then you’ve most definitely come to the right article. From traditional to healthy and luxurious rice dumplings, here’s our pick of 8 places that deliver rice dumplings right to your doorstep. 

ShopContact detailsCuisinePriceDelivery charge
The Original Kim Choo Kueh Chang 6741 2125

PeranakanFrom $4.50$10 delivery charge applies on all orders
Crystal Jade6238 1411 or 6762 5372CantoneseFrom $7.28Self-collection at Crystal Jade restaurants 

Available for delivery via Deliveroo
Paradise Dynasty6219 3931 or 6336 4048TeochewFrom $5.90Free delivery or orders above $100

Orders under $100 will incur a delivery charge of $5, minimum order of $50
Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore6506 6888Cantonese From $18Free delivery or orders above $60

Orders under $60 will incur a delivery charge of $30
Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore6213 4398 

CantoneseFrom $12.80Free delivery for orders above $150

Orders under $150 will incur a $20 delivery charge (now to 25 June only)

Also available on GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda
Hai Tien Lou, Pan Pacific Singapore6826 8240CantoneseFrom $8.80Free delivery for orders above $100

Orders under $100 will incur a $10 delivery charge
Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore6432 7481/63

CantoneseFrom $12.80 $30 delivery charge applies on all orders
Yan6384 5585 or 9769 4283CantoneseFrom $10.80Free delivery for orders above $80

Orders under $80 will incur a $10 delivery charge
Source: The Original Kim Choo Kueh Chang

The Original Kim Choo Kueh Chang 

As traditional as it gets, Kim Choo’s shop along East Coast Road is a famous haunt for rice dumpling lovers. Keeping to tradition, you will only find Peranakan flavours like Nonya, savoury pork, and savoury pork with salted egg yolk here. Kim Choo’s rice dumplings come in standard or mini for those with smaller appetites. Before you place your order, do note that only standard rice dumplings are sold individually while mini ones are sold in a bundle of 10. 

Price: From $4.50 (including GST)
Availability: Throughout the year

Source: Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade

Staying close to traditional and local flavours, Crystal Jade offers 4 rice dumpling flavours this year that include traditional, five-spiced pork, spicy-dried shrimp and healthy eight treasure quinoa (vegetarian). They are now available on Crystal Jade’s e-store from now until 22 June, and on Deliveroo from now to 25 June. 

Price: From $7.28 (including GST)
Availability: Now to 22 June (in-store) or 25 June (Deliveroo)

  • Special bundle discounts when you purchase 3 or 5 rice dumplings online. 
  • For Citibank and UOB cardholders, use promo code ‘CJRD5OFF’ during checkout to enjoy 10% off on your total bill. 
Source: Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty

The restaurant with the widest range of options, Paradise Dynasty has 6 rice dumpling flavours to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Featuring 5 savoury flavours (premium abalone, traditional Teochew, pork with conpoy and chestnut, black truffle with five grains and pork belly with brown rice) and 1 sweet (red bean) flavour, prepare to be spoilt for choice here. 

Price: From $5.90 (excluding GST)
Availability: Now to 25 June
Promotion: Receive complimentary prawn and pork dumplings in hot chilli vinaigrette when you spend a minimum spend of $70.

Source: The St. Regis Singapore

Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore

Treat your taste buds to rice dumplings from The St. Regis Singapore’s award-winning restaurant, Yan Ting. Choose from three scrumptious flavours that include the indulgent abalone with dried scallop and roasted duck, pork belly with salted egg yolk and mixed grains with black truffle (vegetarian). 

Price: From $18 (including GST)
Availability: Now to 25 June
Promotion: Use promo code ‘TAKE10’ to enjoy 10% off on your total bill when you choose the self-collection option. 

Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Satiating the palates of both the young and the old with delectable rice dumplings, Shang Palace has an impressive 5 rice dumpling flavours on their menu that cater to traditionalists, vegetarians and the sweet-toothed. These flavours include traditional, Nonya, eight treasures with mixed grains and quinoa (vegetarian), custard with purple glutinous rice and lotus seed paste. Be sure to put in your order directly with Shang Palace to enjoy up to 25% off on your order.

Price: From $12.80 (Including GST)
Availability: Now to 25 June

  • Place your order directly with Shangri-La Hotel Singapore to get 20% off on your rice dumpling order. No promo code needed. 
  • Golden Circle members who place their order directly with Shangri-La Singapore will enjoy 25% off on their total bill if they choose the self-collection option. No promo code needed. 

Hai Tien Lou, Pan Pacific Singapore

If bigger is better, then head to Hai Tien Lou for their jumbo rice dumpling. Weighing in at over a kilogram, it is stuffed with generous portions of pork belly, mushrooms, dried scallops, salted egg yolk, chestnuts, green beans and lotus seeds. An entire meal by itself, each of these mammoth rice dumplings can feed up to 6 people.

There are also standard sized rice dumplings and their flavours include pork belly with salted fish, pork, Nonya, and assorted grains with cordyceps flowers (vegetarian). For those thinking of getting rice dumplings as a gift or for a family feast, there are gift sets that are each filled with an assortment of 6 rice dumplings and a bottle of signature sauce. 

Price: From $8.80 (excluding GST)
Availability: Now to 25 June
Promotion: Enjoy 25% off on your total bill when you use promo code ‘TAKEAWAY25’.

Source: Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

A mix of traditional and new, Golden Peony offers 5 rice dumpling flavours — traditional, peppery chili crab with prawn and scallops, smoked duck with chestnut, mala chicken and egg custard. If you’re looking to impress your parents, grandparents or in-laws, you should consider their luxury package. Presented in a treasure chest, you will find 1 rice dumpling in each flavour (a total of 5) and a complimentary bottle of XO sauce that’s best enjoyed with rice dumplings, of course!

Price: From $12.80 (including GST)
Availability: Now to 25 June 


Always wanted to try your hand at wrapping rice dumplings, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of preparing the individual ingredients? Yan has a wrap-your-own rice dumpling DIY set that comes with pre-cooked fillings (vegan), glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, steamer basket and instructions. In addition, this set comes with 3 ready-to-eat rice dumplings (2 shrimp with scallop in XO sauce and 1 abalone with fish maw rice dumpling). 

Yan also has 3 ready-to-eat dumpling flavours available, they include abalone with fish maw, shrimp with scallop in XO sauce and preserved vegetables with heura chicken (vegan). 

Price: From $10.80 (including GST)
Availability: Now to 30 June
Promotion: Enjoy 20% off on your total bill when you choose the self-collection option. 

Just like mooncakes, rice dumplings are delicious but they do cost a pretty penny. Swipe your rice dumpling order on the right card to make your money work harder for you. Every dollar spent on the right card can go into earning air miles, points or cashback that can be used to offset your next food delivery order or shopping purchase. Compare and apply for the best dining credit card with SingSaver’s simple-to-use comparison tool and get rewarded with cash or prizes* today.

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply. 

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A lover of gin and all things Nigella Lawson, Geralyne’s constantly trying to adult like a pro. She spends most of her leisure time serving fur-babies and doing as many mountain climbers as she possibly can.


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