The 17 Best Durian Delivery in Singapore: Same Day Delivery To Your Doorstep (2022)

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 24 June, 2022

Love the King of Fruits and want the convenience of durian delivery to your doorstep? Here are the 17 best durian stores with delivery services in Singapore 2022. 

Craving for durians but don’t want the hassle of buying them (and getting scratched in the process)? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. 

Durians in Singapore are currently cheaper this season due to the bountiful supply from Malaysia, and you can get them delivered right to your doorstep at any time. 

Scroll on for a list of the 17 Best Durian Delivery Services In Singapore that all durian lovers can flock to satisfy your cravings for the King of Fruits. 

1. Durian Express Delivery

Arguably one of the most reliable durian delivery providers in Singapore, Durian Express Delivery’s name best encapsulates the core of their business philosophy. Sourced directly from a durian plantation in Penang, Malaysia, you can expect a rich inventory of durians to choose from, with the likes of Mao Shang Wang and their signature Old Tree variant. 

This particular provider has been officially lauded for its professionalism, having attained the accolade “Singapore’s Finest Services”.

Delivery fee: S$9.50 per location, S$13.50 for express delivery within one hour. Free normal delivery for orders above S$100. 

2. 99 Old Trees Durian

Another reliable supplier of durians, you can expect popular durian variants like the Mao Sheng Huang series as well as S17 and D160 durians. If you’re intending to get durians with extended longevity, 99 Old Trees has a series of frozen durians you can safely keep in the fridge. They also provide free replacement in the event you are unhappy about your durians. 

Delivery fee: S$9.90 islandwide shipping | free delivery for orders above S$150

3. Shopee

This venerable online shopping platform has an amazing treat for durian enthusiasts! Shopee’s Durian Big Sale has begun, and it is rallying all durian lovers to explore its premium selection of delicious durians. If you play your cards right, you may even get an entire durian for just S$9!

Until 28 June 2022, simply play Durian Kiap Kiap on the Shopee app and stand a chance to win up to S$100 worth of durians! Also, there is an exclusive series of promotions that await your next durian order on Shopee. Some of the available discounts include:

  • Get S$5 off a minimum spend of S$70 within the Fresh, Chilled & Frozen Category 
  • Get 5% off with a minimum spend of S$45 (capped at $8) for purchases within the Food & Beverages 

Make sure to maximise your savings with our list of Shopee’s promotional codes

Delivery fees: Dependent on location

4. Durian Delivery

An award-winning durian connoisseur, Durian Delivery has been recognised by reputable food blogs like the likes of The Straits Times and TODAY as a reliable and industry-leading durian provider. With its 1-hour delivery service, this may be the optimal option if you’re looking to get a quick fix for this beloved fruit. 

Aside from the typical catalogue of durians, they also have a series of frozen durians and durian pastries. We recommend its Golden Feast bundle, which comes with three exotic durian types weighing up to 2.4kg. Also, subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive promotional discounts of up to 20 per cent. 

Delivery fee: S$9.70 for same-day islandwide delivery | free delivery for orders above S$100

5. Melvin's Durian

Self-proclaimed as the “cheapest provider” of Mao Sheng Wang durians, Melvin’s Durians are selling them for as low as S$10.80. A black thorn durian (a premium variant of durians) is an affordable S$32 per kilogram. If you’re looking to dig into these fleshy delicacies without breaking the bank, Melvin’s Durian may be the supplier for you.

Delivery fee: S$12 for same day delivery | free delivery for orders above S$80

6. Durian Kaki

Your durian best friend, Durian Kaki is a seasonal supplier that imports fresh durians daily (so you can be assured of its freshness and quality). With the likes of Grade A Mao Sheng Wang, Jin Feng and Black Pearl, there is a whole myriad of durian options to choose from. Make sure to check their Facebook for updates on their stock’s availability and seasonality. 

Delivery fee: S$5 islandwide (minimum order of 8kg) 

7. Jojo Durian

First off, we have to give credit to Jojo Durian for its amazing name. Of course, they too have quality durian to match their quirkiness. Having been acclaimed by the likes of The Straits Times and TODAY, Jojo Durian is no stranger to the nuances of durian appreciation, offering only the freshest of durians to its many loyal customers. Make sure to catch them fast though, for they sell out fast.

Delivery fee: Free delivery for orders above S$120

8. Kungfu Durian

Started by a group of durian aficionados that had it with overly priced durians of poor quality, Kungfu Durian provides an affordable means of attaining fresh durians. Expect a whole myriad of durian variants, like red prawn and black thorn with a supplementary series of durian puddings and purees. 

Delivery fee: S$12 ++

9. Durian Empire

Durian Empire’s delivery infrastructure is delightfully simple, with an intuitive web interface and with only two durian variants available for delivery (Mao Sheng Wang and D13 durians). If you’re looking for an elegant way to get your quick fix of durians, Durian Empire ensures that the process is seamless, simple and satisfying. 

Delivery fee: S$8 ++

10. Golden Moments

A provider of premium durians, you can find triple-A grade durians at Golden Moments (variants not commonly available). If you opt for its newsletters, you’ll even get thematic discounts and commemorative gifts to supplement your order. 

Currently, any purchase worth S$120 or more entitles you to a complimentary pack of mala lobster crackers.

Delivery fee: S$15 ++ | free delivery for orders above S$100 (easy to fulfil if you opt for any one of its durian bundles)

11. The Durian Villa

The Durian Villa is possibly one of the rare organic suppliers of durians, with produce shipped directly from its family-operated factory in Malaysia. As such, you can expect prices here to be reasonably affordable and accessible. We urge you to try its Old Tree series, for it is sinfully creamy and rich. 

Make sure to complement your order with some of its durian-related products including ice creams and cakes. 

Delivery fee: S$10 for islandwide deliveries | free delivery for orders worth S$100 or more

12. 227 Katong Durians

227 Katong Durian has incredibly competitive prices, with a D13 durian costing only S$8 per kilogram. With a standard series of premium durians, 227 Katong Durian is definitely one to watch out for, given that it is one of the newer players in the field. Having started in a humble makeshift store, it has since grown to establish itself as a fully-fledged outlet in an admirably short span of time. Loyal fans have attributed its rise to its prices and quality. 

Delivery fees: S$12 ++ (dependent on location)

13. Lexus Fruits and Vegetables

While a rather standard provider of durians, Lexus Fruits and Vegetables is one of the few providers working with Grabfood to provide an incredibly convenient means of getting durians. Prices here are also competitive, with a 400g of red prawn durians going for as low as S$20. 

Make sure to accompany your order with Grab’s promotional codes!

You can find an exhaustive list of them here:
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Delivery fees: S$3 ++ (dependent on location)

14. WTF Durians

Abbreviated as “Wow That’s Fresh”, WTF Durians strives to provide amazing durians to your doorsteps in under 90 minutes. With a range of Mao Sheng Wang, D198, and D13 durians, you can easily pick a durian variant that best fits your preferences. As a cherry on top, you’ll get a complimentary pint of Mao Sheng Wang ice cream if you order six or more boxes.

Did we mention that islandwide delivery is free?

Delivery fees: Free

15. Spike Empire Durian

An artisan of durian-centric products, Spike Empire Durian has created an established range of durian puffs, burnt cheesecake, gelatos and swiss rolls. They are constantly seeking ways to creatively accentuate the rich and creamy flavours of durians in desserts, so make sure to try some of their delightful pastries.

They also have a rather wide range of durians to choose from, with the likes of Mao Sheng Wang and XO durians. Do order from Grab to enjoy cheaper delivery fees.

Delivery fees: Dependent on location

16. Durian Superman Central

Once known as Durian Man, they have clearly levelled up, having rebranded themselves as Durian Superman. Promising fresh Mao Sheng Wang durians, this adept supplier is sure to provide you with exotic durians in a matter of a few minutes. 

You can find some of their offerings on Grab, Deliveroo and foodpanda so order away!

Save some money with these promotional codes:
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Delivery fees: S$2.99++ (dependent on location) 

17. Durian 36

Holding over 18 years of experience in this industry, Durian 36 has been recognised as a market leader in the field, having worked with major clients like Singtel and ITE. Here, you can find a comprehensive catalogue of durian variants, from black gold, ganghai and XO durians. 

Durian 36’s impeccable record of professionalism makes it one of Singapore’s most reliable and affordable durian providers. 

Delivery fees: S$9.70 for islandwide delivery

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