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Best Value Meals Under $10 At Fast Food Restaurants In Singapore

Si Jie Lim

Si Jie Lim

Last updated 19 June, 2020

As Singapore moves into Phase 2 with its re-opening measures, the hope of moving back to a ‘life as usual’ is looking stronger.

And there’s nothing like a great, well-priced meal with family or friends to celebrate that feeling.

If you are worried about adding to the damage done to your wallet by the constant ordering, here’s something to cheer you up. We’ve put together a list of fast food meals that you can fetch for less than $10! 

A slightly high calorie count to celebrate Phase 2 is completely justified. Here are meal options to help you maximise your savings as you make plans to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. We’ve also added in tips on how to find the latest promo codes to get more bang for your buck.

Burger King

One of the biggest fast food chains in the world, Burger King has recently stepped up its game to innovate and come up with new menu items like Teh Tarik pies.

They’re, however, most renowned for their Whopper series. Our personal favourite, though, is the Mushroom Swiss Burger that’s just unparalleled in taste. The burger that comes closest to challenging the Mushroom Swiss Burger is KFC’s Shrooms Burger. 

Specialty: Whopper Burger, Mushroom Swiss Burger
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: Download BK app to retrieve the latest BK promos
Delivery option: Yes (FoodPanda, Deliveroo)

Type of mealPrice
Ultimate Angus Classic BBQ Meal $9.90
Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken Meal$8.90
Whopper Jr Meal$5.00
Fish Burger Meal$5.00
2 Piece Fried Chicken Meal$7.70
Double Fish Burger Meal$6.90
BBQ Chicken Burger Meal$5.00
Cheeseburger Meal$5.00
6 Piece BK Nuggets Meal$5.00
Single Mushroom Swiss Meal$6.90 (with salad, Dasani water) $6.40
Tendercrisp Chicken Meal$7.60
Tendergrill Chicken Meal$7.60
$8.10 (with salad, Dasani water)
Long Chicken Meal$6.80
Western Whopper Jr Meal$7.60 (with salad, Dasani water)
Musroom Swiss Tendergrill Meal$8.90 (with salad, Dasani water)
Double Mushroom Swiss Meal$8.40
Double BBQ Turkey Bacon Meal$8.40
Single BBQ Turkey Bacon Meal$6.40
BBQ Cheesy Trio Chicken/Beef Meal (seasonal)$6.90

Domino's Pizza

If you love fast food, then pizza will definitely be one of your top choices. The American multinational pizza restaurant chain that was founded in the 1960s has been supplying Singaporeans with delicious pizza for a while now — from its famous Crunchy Thin Crust pizza series for parties to its easily-customisable pizzas for movie nights-in. But, did you know that you could get single-person meals for under $10 at Domino’s? Well, now you do.

Specialty: Crunchy Thin Crust pizza
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: Domino’s Promotion Page
Delivery option: Yes (in-house)
Delivery charge: $4 per trip for in-house delivery

Type of mealPrice
1 Personal Pizza + 1 Can of Soft Drink + 1 Mini Golden Roasted Drumlets$9.90

Four Fingers

For years, we were accustomed to the American style fried chicken from KFC. That changed in 2009 when Four Fingers started its first establishment in Singapore, selling Asian-style fried chicken. The Korean-inspired fried chicken made Four Fingers so popular that many thought it was a Korean establishment when it’s actually a Singaporean-owned entity. How cool is that Singapore, despite our size, has its own brand of fast food too?

Specialty: Soy Garlic Chicken
Location(s): East (Tampines, Changi Aiport), Central (Tiong Bahru, Orchard, Orchard Gateway, Plaza Sing, Marina Square), West (JEM, Jurong Point)
Promo code: NA
Delivery option: Yes (FoodPanda)

Type of mealPrice
Drumsticks Rice Box (Combo)$9.95
Wings Rice Box (Combo)$9.95
Tofu Rice Box (Combo)$7.95
B.F.F. (a la carte)$7.95
Katsu Chicken Sandwich (a la carte)$7.95
Chicken Chop (a la carte)$9.45
6 Piece Wingettes & Drumettes (a la carte)$8.45
3 Piece Chicken Drumstick (a la carte)$9.45
1 Piece Drumstick and 3 Wings (a la carte)$8.45

If you’re all for supporting local establishments, be sure to check out our curated list of local restaurants and hawkers to #SupportLocal and #SaveFnBSG.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

We almost grew up with this one. Most meals at KFC come with filling meals at a reasonable price. That’s because their meals still cost less than $10. If you want the most value-for-money option on its menu, go for its Zinger Box meal where you get the best of both worlds — a Zinger burger and crispy fried chicken. If you want to be a little generous to yourself and elevate your lunch, top it up with their yummy cheese fries.

Specialty: Zinger Burger, Crispy Fried Chicken, Cheese Fries
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: Download KFC app for the latest promo code
Delivery option: Yes (in-house)
Delivery charge: For in-house delivery, a minimum order of $14 is required excluding a delivery charge of $4

Type of mealPrice
Zinger Box$8.95
BBQ Pockett Box$8.95
Tenders Box$7.95
Cheesy Zinger Stacker Meal$8.95
Zinger Meal$7.35
BBQ Pockett Meal$7.35
Two Piece Chicken Meal$8.20
Zinger Double Down Meal$8.95
Mozzarella Zinger Double Down Meal$9.85

Mos Burger

Most fast food restaurants in Singapore have their roots in the US. But Mos Burger is one of the few exceptions that have their roots in Japan. MOS Burger is an international fast food restaurant chain that originated in Japan back in 1972. It entered Singapore in 1993 with its first outlet Isetan Scotts. Today, Mos Burger has 41 outlets in Singapore alone, selling its famous rice burger and Mos chicken.

Specialty: Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Rice Burger, Mos Chicken
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: NA (Unfortunately, Mos Burger hardly comes up with any promo)
Delivery option: Yes (Foodpanda)

Teriyaki Chicken Burger$3.55
Fish Burger$3.45
MOS Cheese Burger$3.85
Ebi Rice Burger$3.90
Kakiage Rice Burger $3.90
Yakiniku Rice Burger $3.90
Tsukune Rice Burger $3.90
MOS Ham Burger $3.55
Teriyaki Ham Burger $3.55
Chicken Burger $3.45
French Fries Set $4.15
Salad Set $4.45
MOS Chicken Set $4.95
Hokkaido Croquette Set
*All sets come with a soft drink (e.g. Coke)

Thinking of ordering a set? Go for their Teriyaki Chicken Burger and MOS Chicken Set ($8.50) or the Teriyaki Chicken Burger and Fries Set ($7.70).


Admit it. You’ve probably been waiting to read this name on this list. Ask a Singaporean and they’d probably quote McDonald’s as their primary source of comfort food (especially in the post-COVID era). And that’s not just because McDonald’s is the flavour we grew up with. It’s mainly because McDonald’s has cleverly designed its menu to accommodate every kind of budget. That makes it special. You can get a full meal for as low as $5!

Specialty: McSpicy, Fillet-O-Fish
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: Download the McDonald’s app for specially curated promo codes
Delivery option: Yes (GrabFood + In-House)
Delivery charge: $4 per trip for in-house delivery

Type of mealRestaurant priceDelivery price
Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal$5.00$6.55
McChicken Extra Value Meal$5.00$5.95
McSpicy Extra Value Meal$7.35$7.90
Big Mac Extra Value Meal$7.65$8.65
Chicken McNuggets (6pc) Extra Value Meal$6.40$6.85
Chicken McNuggets (9pc) Extra Value Meal$8.15$8.70
Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal$6.60$6.95
Double Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal$7.45$8.30
Double McSpicy® Extra Value Meal$9.10$9.70
Angus BLT Extra Value Meal$9.30$9.80
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Extra Value Meal$9.10$9.65
McWings 4pc Extra Value Meal$6.50$6.95
Grilled Chicken McWrap Extra Value Meal$7.95$8.25
The Original Angus Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal$8.20$8.75

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is definitely one of the late entrants into the fast food scene here. The first store popped up in Singapore in late 2019 at Changi Airport when Jewel opened. Fast forward to the present and the chain has plans to expand islandwide, with its third outlet opening soon on Orchard Road. All within the span of a year. While Shake Shack is known to be on the pricey end of the spectrum, there are still some options you can get for less than $10.

Specialty: Concrete, 100% Antibiotic-Free Angus Beef Burgers
Location(s): Changi Jewel, Neil Road, Orchard Road (Liat Tower)
Promo Code: NA
Delivery option: Yes (FoodPanda)

Type of burgerPriceRemarks
ShackBurger (a la carte)$9.20-
Hamburger (a la carte)$7.50Add $1.50 for Applewood Smoked Bacon
Hotdog (a la carte)$5Add $4.50 for Crinkle-cut fries


Although fast food is synonymous with unhealthy food, Subway was one of the first fast food brands to break that image. Plus, all of its 6-inch sandwiches come at a meagre value of under $10. One way to get your money’s worth is to add as much veggie as you can into your Sub. Just like other fast food restaurants, Subway also offers seasonal flavours. The most recent (and, perhaps, controversial) flavour would be its Durian Delite Sub that was released in March 2020.

Specialty: Subway Club, Subway Melt, Roasted Chicken Breast, Meatball Marinara, seasonal flavours
Location(s): Islandwide
Promo code: Check out Subway’s Facebook Page for its latest promo
Delivery option: Yes (Foodpanda + Deliveroo)

Cold Cut Trio
Egg Mayo
Chicken Ham
Chicken BLT
Buffalo Chicken
$5.70Everyday Value Meal Promo: $5.90 for sandwich + Subway cookie + 16oz soft drink

Options for sandwich include: Egg Mayo, Chicken BLT, Chicken Shroom Poloni (seasonal)
Roasted Chicken Breast
Italian BMT
Subway Club
Chicken Teriyaki
Meatball Marinara
Subway Melt
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Roast Beef
Steak & Cheese
Veggie Patty


When you think about fast food, burgers, fries and fried chicken come to mind. But, sometimes, fast food could come as rice bowls sprinkled with tender beef or well-grilled yakitori. That’s exactly what Yoshinoya offers at less than $10 per don. So, if you are looking for a healthy and cheap option, but you’re sick of Subway, then Yoshinoya can be your go-to.

Specialty: Yakitori Don, Tori Katsu Don, Beef Don
Location(s): Central, North and East Singapore (Bugis Junction, Harbourfront Centre, Junction 8, Causeway Point, Wisteria Mall, Compass One, NEX, Bedok Mall, East Point Mall, Loyang Point, Tampines Hub)
Promo code: N/A
Delivery option: Yes (GrabFood + Foodpanda + Deliveroo +  In-House)
Delivery charge: For in-house delivery, minimum order of $35 and delivery charge starting from $5 depending on location

Beef Don,
Beef with Vegetables Don
$6.50 (M)
$8.00 (L)
Karage Don$8.90
Yakitori Don$8.90
Tori Katsu Don$8.90
Double Salmon Don$9.50
Ocean Don$9.50


The most value-for-money award among the list above surely has to go to our favourite McDonald’s. Not only are their meals the cheapest in Singapore, they are also conveniently located islandwide. This means that you don’t have to commute a lot (read: bus fare) or rely on delivery (read: delivery charges) to get your frequent McDonald’s cravings satisfied.

Looking for more savings? You can save more on your next fast food order if you pay with the right dining credit card!

Use our simple comparison tool to find one that suits your lifestyle and even get rewarded with cash* or Apple AirPods* when you successfully apply for selected credit cards through SingSaver today!

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

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