Where to Buy Christmas Ham In Singapore For Under S$90

Where To Buy Christmas Ham In Singapore For Under $90

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There’s no need to spend triple digits buying Christmas ham in Singapore. These under $90 hams are just as delicious.

If Christmas turkey is the queen of the table, then ham is the porcine princess of the jolly season. Ham is a common food found in anywhere from sandwiches to fried rice, and for the Yuletide season, you certainly don’t want to gnaw on the everyday variety. Instead, we recommend going a cut above and buying a speciality Christmas ham in Singapore.

Last updated on 2 December 2020. Prices and promotions for Christmas ham listed in this article are subject to change without prior notice.

Bone-in ham or boneless ham?

There are two varieties of ham: bone-in and boneless. Gourmands recommend the bone-in variety for richer taste and flavour. Whether this is because the bone imparts more flavour during cooking, or because boneless hams are patched up with minced meat and other cuts is a topic left to the experts. We’d gladly watch them argue about it; we’ll be enjoying our delicious meats over here.

Most delis, restaurants and hotels price their seasonal hams in the triple digits, but there are great budget options to be found in the supermarkets and at your local grocers. Dress up your Christmas feast with these 4 Christmas ham deals which go for under $90 each.

Source: Cold Storage

Cold Storage

This Christmas, treat yourself to a hearty and affordable meal. Cold Storage is has 9 types of ham on offer that include 2 boneless and 7 bone-in options. From apple and vanilla to raspberry glaze and manduka honey, you’ll be spoiled for choice here.

Their hams weigh between 2kg to 5kg, which is more than enough for a family of 5 and 5 guests — could be more guests if a Christmas miracle happens and Phase 3 is announced soon (sigh!).

Price and details

Flavour of hamPriceWeightServes
Apple and vanilla (boneless)$59.952kg10 to 15
Garlic and herb (boneless)$59.952kg10 to 15
Banjo shoulder (bone-in)$64.952.8kg15 to 25
Pineapple and sweet mustard (bone-in)$69.952.5kg15 to 25
Raspberry glazed (bone-in)$69.952.5kg15 to 25
Manuka honey (bone-in)$69.952.5kg12 to 15
Hickory smoked (bone-in)
– Free tote bag and cheese gift set (early-bird)
$79.954kg25 to 35
Smoked whole gammon (bone-in)
– Free tote bag and cheese gift set (early-bird)
$86.955kg25 to 35
Whole gammon (bone-in)
– Free tote bag and cheese gift set (early-bird)
$86.954kg25 to 35

Last day of order: 20 December 2020
Delivery: Free delivery for orders above $59
Order lead time: 4 business days

NTUC FairPrice

This year, hang up the apron and order in a glorious roll of ham from NTUC FairPrice. Pick and choose from 9 options that include turkey breast ham for those watching their waistlines, to Tuscany truffle ham that packs a deliciously fragrant punch and lest we forget, the ginormous 5kg bone-in free-range gammon ham.

Flavour of hamPriceWeightServes
Whole honey backed ham (boneless)$23.501.8kg 8 to 10
Ham royale (boneless)$29.901.8kg before roasting6 to 8
Turkey breast ham (boneless)$33.901.5kg before roasting4 to 6
Tuscany truffle ham$381.5kg6 to 8
Virginia ham (semi bone-in)$41.902.5kg before roasting6 to 8
Honeycomb Virginia baked ham (boneless)$52.503kg before roasting12 to 15
Premium honey-glazed gammon ham (bone-in)$63.904kg before roasting8 to 10
Smoked apple wood gammon ham (bone-in)$69.904kg before roasting15 to 25
Free-range gammon ham (bone-in)$82.905kg before roasting25 to 35

Last day of order: 19 December 2020
Order lead time: 3 business days

Source: Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery

Whether its for a party of 4 or 10, Ryan’s Grocer has you covered with 3 all-time favourites that include honey baked, nitrate-free (for the health conscious or those with a sensitive gut) and gammon ham. While you’re here don’t forget to check out their Christmas selection that includes turkey, roast beef, roast pork, dessert, festive wine and more.

Price and details

Flavour of hamPriceWeightServes
Honey baked ham (boneless)$39.001kg4 to 6
Nitrate-free ham (boneless)$49.001kg4 to 6
Gammon ham (boneless)$88.002kg10 to 15

Delivery: No delivery, only collection available. Collection times are between 9am and 6pm on your chosen collection date. Collection times on 24th to 27th December and 31st December to 3 January are strictly between 9am to 2pm only.
Order lead time: 7 days
Promotion: Place your order before 4 December 2020 to enjoy 10% off on selected items.


The French Grocer

Big flavours on a small budget, The French Grocer offers 3 types of Christmas ham at a steal. For just under $60, choose from all-time favourites like honey glazed, smoked honey glazed and kurobuta Christmas ham (if you are feeling a little fancy), that weigh between 2kg to 3kg.

Trouble deciding which to get? We reckon that you should go for the 3kg roll of ham just so that everyone is stuffed, gets to bring home some leftovers and you get to freeze some for days when you’re too lazy to meal prep.

Price and details

Flavour of hamPriceWeightServes
Honey glazed (boneless)$54.603kg15 to 25
Smoked honey glazed (boneless)$54.902kg10 to 15
Smoke Kurobuta Christmas ham (boneless)$59.902kg10 to 15

Delivery: Free next day delivery for orders above $195 (no deliveries on Sunday and Public Holidays)
Order lead time: 1 to 2 days

Source: Sasha’s Fine Foods

Sasha’s Fine Foods

Great for smaller gatherings, head over to Sasha’s Fine Foods. Weighing in at only 500g to 700g, their cooked boneless honey glazed gammon ham is good for 3 to 4 hungry adults. But, if you want to put in some work for delicious ham, Sashsa’s Fine Foods has an uncooked gammon joint option that comes brined and smoked, ready for the oven.

Price and details

Flavour of hamPriceWeightServes
Uncooked gammon joint (boneless)$32.901kg4 to 6
Honey glazed gammon (boneless)$39.50500g to 700g3 to 4

Delivery: Free next-day delivery for orders above $100, free same-day delivery for orders above $150, last day of delivery on 24 December 2020
Order lead time: 1 to 2 days

Use a credit card for even greater savings

For additional savings, use a cashback credit card when you buy your Christmas ham and you could earn up to 10% cashback on your spend. Apply for one through the link below and you could get rewarded* with attractive prizes and cash!

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

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