2021 Guide To Online Groceries And Deliveries In Singapore

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 14 October, 2021

Online supermarkets aren’t all the same. Here’s our guide to seven of the most popular online grocers in Singapore, and how you can get the most value out of them. 

With the prevailing advisory to stay home as much as possible, now is the time to really get into online grocery shopping.

You may think that all online supermarkets sell the same stuff as each other. Furthermore, you may not be exactly keen on paying extra money just for your order to be delivered. 

Well, there is actually a surprising amount of variety among Singapore’s online grocers, and delivery fees aren’t as tedious as they may first seem. 

Check out our list of seven popular online grocers and what you can expect to buy, how their delivery fees work, and the promotions and perks you can enjoy. 

7 popular online grocers in Singapore 

Delivery feeDelivery timelinePromos and perks
GrabSupermarketS$4.99 with minimum order of S$20Free for orders S$50 and aboveNext dayUse code SAVE20 for S$20 off groceries with minimum spend of S$80
Amazon FreshS$5.99
Free for orders of S$60 and above
2 hoursUse code FRESH15 for S$15 off with minimum spend of S$60
Scarlett Supermarket (Shopee)S$2.99
Free for orders of S$60 and above
3 to 10 daysn/a
RedMart S$5.99 (2-hour slots)
S$3.99 (6-hour slots)
Free for orders of S$60 and above
By next dayUOB cards: S$6 off minimum spend of S$120
Up to S$8 off on Halloween Specials with UOB, Citi, DBS or POSB credit cards
Free delivery for orders above S$40 (new customers only)
Sheng Siong OnlineS$6
Free for orders of S$100 and above
Varies according to items orderedn/a
NTUC FairPrice S$5 for orders below S$59
S$3 for orders of S$59 to S$79
Free for orders of S$79 and above
Other charges may apply
Next day to 4 working days Various, check website for details
Cold StorageS$7 for orders less than S$59
Free for orders of S$59 and above
Next dayUOB One Credit Card: Get up to 10% cashback


App: Grab (iOS or Android)

GrabSupermarket was launched just this May, making it one of the newest kids on the block when it comes to online grocery deliveries. 

A collaboration between Grab and local grocer HAO mart, GrabSupermarket offers a familiar range of products for online sale. You can find everyday essentials, common groceries, and household items for sale, running the gamut from fresh produce to snacks, drinks and instant foods. 

While pantry staples and cooking ingredients are the mainstays, you can also find some personal care items, beauty and health supplements, a small selection of electrical appliances (kettles, rice cookers and the like), pet supplies and more. 

How much are the delivery fees for GrabSupermarket?

GrabSupermarket charges a flat S$4.99 delivery fee for island-wide delivery. A minimum of S$20 per order is required. For orders of S$50 or more, the delivery fee is waived.  

The delivery is quite fast, with next-day delivery offered as the norm. 

What promotions are there for GrabSupermarket?

The following promotion will help you save some money on your groceries.

  • Use code SAVE20 for S$20 off your total bill
  • Minimum spend of S$80 is required 

Amazon Fresh


Hosting a dinner party tonight and just realised you need some more eggs? Save yourself that frantic last-minute grocery run, and switch on your tablet instead. Type “Amazon Fresh” in your browser, and you can get the fresh grocery ingredients you need in as little as two hours.

Bringing its much vaunted same-day delivery service to groceries for households in Singapore, Amazon Fresh is a one-stop online store for all the fresh foods you need. Think poultry, meats and seafood, dairy, eggs and milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen items like ready-to-cook meals… You get the picture. 

Oh, there’s also a small selection of household, electronics and baby items available, making Amazon Fresh the logical choice for busy families. 

What’s the catch? Amazon Fresh is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers, which will cost you S$2.99 per month. Hence, you’ll unlock the most value if you already use Amazon heavily, or plan to.  

How much are the delivery fees for Amazon Fresh? 

Deliveries for Amazon Fresh cost S$5.99 per trip, island-wide. However, if your order costs S$60 or more, you’ll get to enjoy free delivery on your groceries. 

While Amazon Fresh heavily advertises its two-hour delivery service, be aware that such speedy delivery is only available within a certain timing during the day. Any orders made after the cut-off will be delivered the following day instead. 

What promotions are there for Amazon Fresh?

The following promotion will help you save some money when ordering from Amazon Fresh.

  • Use code SAVE15 for S$15 off your total bill
  • Minimum spend of S$60 is required 
  • Valid for new customers only

Scarlett Supermarket (Shopee)


Remember the suan la fen craze that gripped Singapore not too long ago? Well, now you can easily browse and discover such made-in-China foodie gems from the comfort of your office or home. 

Scarlett Supermarket has set up an official webstore on Shopee, bringing the most popular products from China’s leading brands to Singaporeans. The range is mind-boggling: you’ll find everything from yoghurt drinks to bottled tea, processed tofu to cooking sauces, breads, biscuits, instant noodles, gummies, sunflower seeds, and yes - spicy strips! 

What you won’t find is fresh produce like poultry or eggs, so save this one for when you’re in the mood to discover a favourite new snack (or ten!). 

How much are the delivery fees for Scarlett Supermarket? 

Scarlett Supermarket charges S$2.99 for delivery, but this is waived for orders S$60 and above. Delivery is slightly slow though - you can expect your delivery in three to 10 days. 

What promotions are there for Scarlett Supermarket?

While there aren’t currently any promotions offered by Scarlett Supermarket, Shopee has a list of ongoing campaigns that reward you with cashback and other perks when you pay with your credit card. 

So before you click that Check Out button, be sure to check the list of credit card promotions to see if you qualify for any. 



Who would have thought that on a tiny island like Singapore where you can buy bread and eggs literally around every corner, online grocery delivery would enjoy such high demand? 

Well, RedMart did, and quickly became the go-to online grocer for Singaporeans too busy (or lazy) to go on a grocery run. 

The soundness of its business model was proven when Lazada announced a merger, all but cementing RedMart’s place in the thriving e-commerce landscape. 

Today, RedMart continues giving wet markets and neighbourhood supermarkets a run for their money, offering a diverse selection of fresh, chilled and frozen products, pre-packed foodstuffs, and household items.

How much are the delivery fees for RedMart?

All orders of S$60 or more will be delivered free of charge. If your order is below that, you have a choice between a two-hour delivery time-slot for S$5.99, or a six-hour one for S$3.99.

You can also choose your preferred day for delivery, but the earliest delivery slots are most likely to be on the next day. 

What promotions are there for RedMart?

Save some money with the following promotions if you’re shopping on RedMart.

  • Pay with a UOB credit card and enjoy S$12 off with minimum spend of S$120 (valid till 31 Oct)
  • Get up to S$8 off on Halloween Specials when you pay with UOB, Citi, DBS or POSB credit cards
  • Get free delivery for orders of S$40 and above (new customers only)

Sheng Siong Online  


Sheng Siong muscled its way into an already crowded supermarket scene with its no-frills, low-price approach that worked. Over a decade later, Sheng Siong has firmly established itself in the HDB heartlands all over the island. 

This winning formula is replicated in its online grocery business, so you can be assured of the same great deals and low prices as you’d find in the brick-and-mortar stores.

On the online store, you can find practically everything you’d find in a Sheng Siong outlet, which makes for a handy alternative in case your nearest outlet has run out of Grandma’s favourite afternoon biscuits. 

How much are the delivery fees for Sheng Siong?

Now this is where Sheng Siong’s low-margin approach works against it. 

Deliveries are charged st S$6 per trip - much higher than the others on the list. If you want your delivery charge waived, you’ll have to rack up at least S$100 in your order. 

There are other drawbacks as well. At present, Sheng Siong does not offer island-wide delivery, so you may not be able to enjoy the service. 

Also, the delivery timeline is not fixed, and depends on the availability of the items in your order.   

What promotions are there for Sheng Siong?

There aren’t currently any promotions for Sheng Siong online grocery delivery. We’ll update this space if we come across any, so check back soon!

NTUC FairPrice


Surely NTUC FairPrice needs no introduction - most of you reading this practically grew up with the supermarket chain!

Suffice to say that FairPrice’s online incarnation is just as reliable and consistent as its physical counterparts, and you’re likely to find all your regular buys in cyberspace.

How much are the delivery fees for NTUC FairPrice?

Surprisingly, FairPrice’s online grocery delivery fees aren’t the cheapest of the bunch.

It’ll cost you S$5 if your orders are below S$59 and S$3 for orders between S$59 to S$79. Orders that cost more than that will be eligible for free delivery.

However, you may also be subject to other charges, such as for peak periods. 

One saving grace, however, is that you may schedule your delivery up to four business days in advance. Also, delivery time-slots span two hours, so you don’t have to be stuck the whole day at home waiting for your groceries. 

What promotions are there for NTUC FairPrice?

Plenty! From the usual product-specific free gifts to promotional prices for certain brands and products, you’ll find lots of promotions to sieve through on the webstore. 

Cold Storage


And rounding out our list is Cold Storage, everyone’s favourite supermarket for affordable fancy food from around the world. 

Surf on over to the Cold Storage webstore and you can find organic produce, deli meats, fine cheeses, exotic fruits and other quality products. Of note is the alcoholic beverage selection, which is easily the most impressive among all the online grocers we’ve featured on this list.

Yes, a large majority of the products offered are drawn from the western world, but you’ll also find a good selection of local brands and Asian favourites. 

How much are the delivery fees for Cold Storage?

Delivery fees for your Cold Storage groceries will set you back S$7 if your orders are less than S$59. However, it is completely waived if you spend more than that. Having trouble making up the cut-off? No problem, just add a couple more bags of truffle potato chips.

Cold Storage offers next-day deliveries, so you won’t have to wait too long for your pâté and prosciutto!      

What promotions are there for Cold Storage?

One of the best ways to save money when grocery shopping at Cold Storage is by paying with the UOB One credit or debit card.

That’s because you can earn up to 10% off your online groceries, which means more to spend for the next round!

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