Cost Comparison: Juice Machines Versus Buying

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 26 April, 2021

Choices are never easy. That’s why, we do the math, so you don’t have to. Compare This, a SingSaver series, is here to help make decisions a little easier for you.

To juice or not to juice, that is the question. Always wondered if DIY juicing or buying ready-made juices made more money sense? Read on to find out.

No cooking involved, minimal preparation needed and cleaning up is a breeze, juices are a no-fuss way to increase your daily fruit and vegetable consumption. Not to mention, they are readily available whether you’re at a hawker centre, fancy cafe or Korean BBQ joint

Apart from regular juice consumption, some go a little further and participate in what is known as a juice cleanse. 

During an allocated period of time, which can last anything from one to seven days, these brave hero(in)es only consume juice. These specially formulated concoctions range from vegetable-based to fruit-based, flavoured nut milk and even coconut water (for added hydration, because you aren’t already consuming enough liquids). 

With all this juicing going around, just how much would it cost you to DIY (Do It Yourself), versus buying ready-made juices? Here’s a cost comparison between the two, and all the other numbers you might need to start juicing.

Last updated on 26 April 2021. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. The calculations below are estimates, and prices of juice machines, groceries and ready-made juices may vary depending on credit card discounts, among others. As far as possible, mid-range items from mid-tier brands are selected for this guide.

Table of contents

DIY Juicing

To simplify the calculations involved, we have split this section into two parts. 

We will first cover the cost of a juice machine (fast juicers and slow juicers), followed by the cost of ingredients based on the purpose of your juice journey (regular juice consumption and juice cleanse).

Juice machines 

Before we begin calculating the cost of the two most commonly used juicers, here’s how they differ from each other.

AttributeFast juicerSlow juicer
Extraction methodPressing vegetables or fruits through a rotating centrifugal meshExtracts juice by literally crushing vegetables or fruits
SpeedFastThree times slower
Noise levelNoisyQuiet
Processing of leafy vegetablesAverageWell
Nutritional quality of juiceAverageHigh

With so many different models available, each one offering something slightly different, it can get a little overwhelming. To cut through the noise, we’ve picked mid-range fast juicers and slow juicers that have received good reviews online or have been used by yours truly.

Cost of a fast juicer (one-time cost)

Brand of fast juicerModel and detailsTypePrice
ToyomiJE7216, wide feeding tube (62mm) with stainless steel filterRegular juicer$49.90
PhilipsHR-1811, daily collection juicer with 500ml juice jugRegular juicer$52.00
PowerPac PP3405, juice extractor with 2 speed selector and stainless steel bladesRegular juicer$54.90
Average cost of a fast juicer


Cost of a slow juicer (one-time cost)

Brand of slow juicerModel and detailsTypePrice
MayerMMSJ130Slow juicer$78.00
Tefal ZC420ESlow juicer$249.00
Kuvings B1700, whole slow juicer with 76mm wide feeding tube Slow juicer$348.00
Average cost of a slow juicer


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Juicing ingredients 

The cost of ingredients is heavily dependent on why you are going with the juice life. Below, we calculate the cost of fresh ingredients needed for regular juice consumption and a three-day juice cleanse. 

Cost of ingredients for regular juice consumption (recurring cost)

Assuming that you consume juice once a day, this is how much ingredients might cost you for a week’s worth (seven cups). 

IngredientApproximate amount neededPrice*Total price
Cucumber6$1.70 for 330g (2 to 3)$3.40
Lemon4$3.50 for 4$3.50
Carrot6$0.95 for 500g (7 to 10)$0.95
Orange6 to 8$5.45 for 5$10.90
Apple6 to 8$4.35 for 1kg (7 to 8)$4.35
Pineapple2$2.85 for 1$5.70
Total price for a week’s worth


*Prices are taken from NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage or Redmart.

Cost of ingredients for a three-day juice cleanse (recurring cost)

This is where it starts to get a little complicated, because actual planning and research is necessary. 

During a juice cleanse, it is important that you not only search for delicious recipes but also learn how to pick your ingredients wisely. You’ll want to strike a good balance between providing your body with enough nutrients, and tricking your brain into believing that you are ‘full’.

Taking reference from a couple of juice cleanse websites, here is a list of commonly used ingredients you will need for a nutritionally balanced three-day juice cleanse. 

IngredientApproximate amount neededPrice*Total price
Kale240g$5 for 120g$10
Spinach 200g$4.90 for 100g$9.80
Cucumber6 to 8$1.70 for 330g (2 to 3)$5.10
Lemon12$3.50 for 4$10.50
Carrot6 to 8$0.95 for 500g (7 to 10)$0.95
Parsely30g$1.20 for 50g$1.20
Apple6 to 8$4.35 for 1kg (7 to 8)$4.35
Celery6 to 8$4.50 for 1 kg$4.50
Beetroot8$2.45 for 2$9.80
Orange6 to 8$5.45 for 5$10.90
Turmeric powderA few pinches$2.95 for 45g$2.95
Ginger200g$2.25 for 200g$2.25
Nut milk of choiceAlmond milk, 1.5L$4.40 for 1L$8.80
Vanilla bean extract15ml$5.50 for 30ml$5.50
Honey30ml$7.10 for 375g$7.10
Total price for a 3-day juice cleanse


*Prices are taken from NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage or Redmart.

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Cost of DIY juicing 

Based on the calculations above, this is how much you can expect to pay for DIY juicing based on your preferred juice machine and intention.

AttributeOption 1: Fast juicer + regular juice consumptionOption 2: Slow juicer + regular juice consumption
Cost of machine$52.27$225.00
Cost of ingredients$28.80$28.80
AttributeOption 3: Fast juicer + three-day juice cleanseOption 4: Slow juicer + three-day juice cleanse
Cost of machine$52.27$225.00
Cost of ingredients$93.70$93.70

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Buying ready-made juice

Don’t have the time or expertise needed to plan your juice? Thankfully, there are quite a few online stores that would gladly help you with that. 

Similar to the above sections, we will be calculating the cost of buying them for regular consumption and a three-day juice cleanse. 

Cost of buying juice for regular consumption (recurring cost)

Calculations below are based on consuming seven bottles of juice a week.

ShopContact detailsJuices availablePrice per bottlePrice per week (7 bottles)
Gorilla Press9178 8927
Fruit juices, nut milks, cold brew coffee, fruit tea infusions, a raw juices, sparkling juicesFrom $7.98From $55.86
Juix Up9070 7205
Fruit juice, nut & seed milks, green juicesFrom $35 for 6 bottlesFrom $40.83
HIC Juice8522 1103
Fruit juices, nut milks, cold brew tea, superfood lattesFrom $11.50From $80.50
Antidote9181 7415
Fruit juice, vegetable juice, kombucha$18$126
Mission Juice8202 1355
Fruit juice, vegetable juice, nut milkFrom $25 for 6 bottlesFrom $29.17
Average cost for a week’s worth of ready-made juice


Yes, I understand that we can easily get more affordable options at any supermarket or provision shop. Problem is, most of them are sugar-laden, laced with additives, pasteurised or made from concentrate, all of which goes against the original intention of consuming juice—providing your body with an all-natural vitamin boost.

Cost of buying a three-day juice cleanse (recurring cost)

A juice cleanse is a diet of sorts, but one that requires you to drink your food and only lasts for a relatively short period of time (depending on how strong your willpower is). 

Most websites that I’ve used as research for this article recommend a three-day juice cleanse, so that’s what we will be calculating below. 

ShopContact detailsDetailsPrice per dayPrice for a 3-day juice cleanse
Gorilla Press9178 8927
A range of juice cleanse options

Seven bottles a day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
From $89/dayFrom $267
Juix Up9070 7205
Two juice cleanse options

Regular: Six standard bottles per day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
Superfood: Five standard bottles and two small bottles per day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
From $95/dayFrom $260
The Juice Kit8797 2248
Five juice cleanse options

Six bottles per day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
-From $279
HIC Juice8522 1103
Three juice cleanse options

Six bottles per day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
Antidote9181 7415
Three juice cleanse options

Six bottles per day, consists of fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
From $99From $289
Average cost for a three-day juice cleanse


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The bottom line

Cost comparison for regular juice consumption

Option 1: Fast juicer + regular juice consumption$81.07
Option 2: Slow juicer + regular juice consumption$253.80
Average cost to buy a week’s worth of juice$66.47

Which should you go for? Well, it all boils down to how often you intend to drink juice.

Options 1 and 2 might be slightly more expensive, but that’s only because of the juice machine’s one-time cost. Over time, they would still be the more affordable option—provided you have the time to perform the actual juicing, shop for groceries and clean up after. 

The only downside is that as groceries are sold in fixed quantities at supermarkets, you will either find yourself with too much of one ingredient or stuck with the same flavour of juice for an entire week.

On the other hand, buying juice gives you access to plenty of options, but will be an expensive habit to maintain. 

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Cost comparison for a three-day juice cleanse

Option 3: Fast juicer + three-day juice cleanse$145.97
Option 4: Slow juicer + three-day juice cleanse$318.70
Average cost to buy a three-day juice cleanse$288

I knew that certain vegetables and fruits cost more than others, but I was not expecting such a hefty price tag for a juice cleanse. Were you? 

Based on our calculations, a three-day juice cleanse is almost double the price of option 3, but only slightly less than option 4. 

At just $30.70 more, you could be a proud owner of a fancy kitchen contraption that can be used to produce juice whenever you fancy for at least the next couple of years. 

For those on the fence about going all out for a juice cleanse, you might want to consider purchasing a one-day juice cleanse, just to see how well your body reacts, before taking the plunge.

In general, juicing provides a good refreshing alternative to canned soda, but it does not come cheap. To save on your next cup of juice, always remember to compare prices online, hunt for promo codes, buy ingredients that are in season and charge it to the right cashback card. 

Apply for one with SingSaver today and you could be well on your way to a free juice machine or a three-day juice cleanse! 

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