8 Best Luxury Chocolates to Gift Friends and Loved Ones (2022)

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 06 February, 2022

Up your gift-giving game with these eight luxury branded chocolates that will bring moments of decadent indulgence to your friends and loved ones.     

Chocolate is one of those few indulgences that are truly worth paying more for. 

We’ve all turned to the chocolate bars filling the shelves of the neighbourhood supermarket to satisfy a craving, and they certainly get the job done. 

But seek out upmarket branded chocolates, artisanal labels and even foreign chocolatiers, and you will discover altogether new levels of enjoyment that will redefine your view of this beloved treat.

From homegrown confectioners to internationally lauded favourites, here are our 10 picks for the branded chocolates to delight your friends and loved ones with. 

Oh, and also—consider this your early Valentine Day’s cheat sheet! 

8 best branded chocolates for a truly indulgent treat

Awfully Chocolate From S$10.80 (45gm)
Fossa ChocolateFrom S$12 (50gm)
Hello ChocolateFrom S$10 (70gm)
Janice WongFrom S$23 (5 pcs)
LaderachFrom S$19.90 (100gm)
See’s CandiesFrom S$10 (8 pcs)
The Dark GalleryFrom S$7 (1 bar)
TWG From S$22 (120gm)

Awfully Chocolate 

Online store
Price: From S$10.80 (45 gm)

Home-grown chocolate confectionery Awfully Chocolate has stood the test of time with their decadent chocolate cakes. And their lineup of chocolate bars—packaged in tasteful slim metal tins—are just as enjoyable. 

There are a few different categories of chocolate bars to explore. The single-origin range (S$10.80 for 45gm) offers bars made with beans from five different regions—Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Thome, Tanzania and Dominican Republic. Each of these bars have their own signature bouquet of flavours that come purely from the beans used, and no other ingredients.

Awfully Chocolate’s crafted chocolate bars (S$11.80 for 75gm) are another popular choice, available in flavours such as smoked salt, cookies & cream, buttered waffle, and the best-selling caramel brittle and sea salt. 

Other creations to savour include the fruit-&-nut range (S$15 for 95gm), and their excellent chocolate batons (S$22 for 22 pieces), the latter available as a seasonal special. 

Fossa Chocolate

Online store
Price: From S$12 (50 gm)

Anyone complaining about Singaporeans lacking creativity and passion has obviously never had a bar of Fossa Chocolate. 

This local producer of small-batch, handcrafted chocolate bars stands out for their unique, imaginative flavours that really push the boundaries of the humble chocolate bar.

Their collection—which has won more than a few international awards by the way—is truly eclectic. You’ll find chocolate bars ranging from single-origin (Peru and Uganda, yes, but also neighbouring regions The Philippines and Malaysia), to tea-themed (chrysanthemum, honey dancong, jasmine green tea), as well as some with a decidedly local twist (salted egg cereal, spicy mala, pineapple tart).

At a price of S$12 per 50gm bar, Fossa Chocolate’s treats are snackable and affordable, with a little going a long, satisfying way.

Hello Chocolate

Online store
Price: From S$10 (70 gm)

Hello Chocolate draws their products from some of the best bean-to-bar chocolatiers and cacao growers from around the world, and delivers them straight to Singapore. 

Its online store is one of the most convenient ways to shop branded chocolate from renowned labels such as Labooko, Pralus, Zotter and more—especially when there’s free delivery for orders S$65 and above. 

They also cater to a wide range of dietary preferences, offering vegan, low-sugar and sugar free, and halal-friendly options. 

Prices are affordable, with bars as low as S$10. You can also create your own personalised chocolate package, complete with themed chocolate and gift wrapping.

Janice Wong

Online store
Price: From S$23 (5 pcs)

Internationally renowned dessert wunderkind Janice Wong is known for her stunning confectionery creations, and it’s no wonder that her chocolate boxes are one of the most sought-after on the island. 

The signature bon-bons box (from $23 for 5 pieces) features intricately detailed, wildly colourful chocolate pieces that deliver playful, intriguing flavours like praline pop-rocks, peanut butter raspberry, lemon thyme, and calamansi. There’s also a Singapore Signature series inspired by local cuisine—think chilli padi, gula melaka pandan, gingerflower and kopi. 

Everything looks and sounds impressive, but what if you want something a little more special for Valentine’s Day? Well, you should check out the Valentine’s Day collection (from S$25 for 5 pieces) which features limited edition chocolate bon-bons flavours.


Online store
Price: From S$19.90 (100 gm)

Swiss chocolates are widely known as one of the best in the world, and Swiss chocolatier Laderach proves there’s truth in the marketing. 

The brand’s signature product is its FRISCHSCHOGGI (Fresh Chocolate) collection—hand-broken from massive slabs of freshly made chocolate when you buy it in store—which comes in crowd-pleasing flavours like Salted Caramel, Orange Almond, Blackberry, Pistachio and Cornflake.

FRISCHSCHOGGI is priced from S$19.90 for 100gm, and you can mix-and-match from several flavours to create your personalised chocolate box. 

Also available are pralines, truffles and perlettes, which you can purchase in various combinations. If you prefer your chocolate pure, Laderach also offers a modest collection of chocolate bars (S$12.50), ranging from single-origin dark to milk and blond caramel. 

See’s Candies

Online store
Price: From S$10 (8 pcs)

Quality chocolate and candy bars made for the discerning adult—that’s probably how you’ll describe See’s Candies once you’ve had a chance to sample their excellent wares. 

Hailing all the way from America, See’s Candies has been a purveyor of quality chocolate treats for almost a hundred years. Having stood the test of time, their milk, dark and white chocolate lines are available in a variety of types and flavours.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy See’s Candies is with one of their signature variety boxes (from S$10 for 8 pieces), which offer up an assortment of some of their most popular chocolate candies. 

There are also single-variety boxes—try the nougat-filled Nut & Chew Bars (S$14.50 for 8 pieces), or the crunchy, moreish Molasses Chips (S$13.25 for a box).   

The Dark Gallery

Online store
Price: From S$7 (1 bar)

We love a good chocolate purist, especially when they’re homegrown like The Dark Gallery.

Through an unwavering focus on single-origin beans, sourced from cacao producers in regions such as Bali, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, The Dark Gallery has carved a name for itself in the local chocolate scene.

The Artisanal Bonbon box (from S$21 for 6 pieces) makes for a great introduction, featuring a medley of flavours like Chocolate Mocha, Earl Grey Peppermint and Strawberry Graham. 

If you prefer your chocolate dark, you’ll enjoy the indulgent selection offered through the Praline Box (from S$18 for 6 pieces).

Finally, the single-origin bars (S$7)—available pure, or paired with handpicked ingredients—are affordable must-trys for any chocolate connoisseur.  


Online store
Price: From S$22 (120gm)

TWG’s tea-infused chocolate bars are a heavenly pairing of fine chocolate with some of the brand’s most popular tea blends. The result is a one-of-a-kind treat that you’ll be just as happy trotting out for your guests, or simply enjoying in solitude. 

The current lineup is only six bars deep, but does a good job catering to a range of tastes with dark, milk and white chocolate varieties. The tea blends used here are 1837 Black Tea, Brothers’ Club, Early Grey, Happy Birthday, Magic Moment and Sweet France.

Given the mind-bogglingly extensive range of teas in TWG’s catalogue, here’s hoping they beef up the existing lineup with new varieties of tea-infused chocolate bars.

Charge your chocolate purchases to the right rewards card and stand to earn attractive rewards. Terms and conditions apply.

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