Your November 2016 Money Horoscope, According to the Chinese Zodiac

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Depending on your Chinese zodiac sign, November 2016 will be a wonderful or terrible month for your wallet.

To be clear, there is no school of finance that says it’s a good idea to base money decisions off your horoscope. And quite frankly, if our fates are written in the stars, then it shouldn’t matter, right? What’s going to happen will happen anyway (a-ha!).

But if we did believe in horoscopes, here’s what we’d do in November.

chinese-zodiac-ratRat Sign in November 2016

According to our fortune teller, this will be an average year for Rat sign people. There will be no real gains or losses in terms of investment. However, many Rat sign people may be tempted into new vices this year, starting with the month of November – they may start drinking or smoking, and this will affect their finances if they don’t control themselves. This is also because the signs point toward a socially active time period for the Rat sign, and they will be hanging out with friends more often.

People born in 1960 have some negative stars on the horizon, and face a small chance of a big financial loss.

So if you really believe that, you should:

If you face a small chance of a big financial loss, you can try to cap the downside. For example, put only a small percentage of your portfolio in higher risk assets. If you are going to try something risky, like loaning to P2P borrowers, put down only a small amount. If it pays off you will win a lot, but if it doesn’t your losses are limited.

If you are being tempted into vices, perhaps reconsider the circle of friends you have! Bad habits are a major financial drain.

chinese-zodiac-oxOx Sign in November 2016

Ox sign people will be bewildered this month, as their honest and hardworking nature seems to become detrimental. Office politics and even outright crime will become problems for the Ox, as people take advantage of their trusting nature to do dirty work for others. However, if they can maintain their personal integrity they will be mostly unharmed by it.

Financial gains for the Ox will be small for most of 2016. Whenever the Ox sign people make money this year, it will often be accompanied by disputes as others try to claim it, or are slow to pay it to them.

Ox sign people are more likely to be targeted by some form of theft in November, so look out.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Buy the proper insurance when travelling, or to cover work equipment if you run a business. Watch out for home insurance too, since your horoscope seems to predict actual crimes occurring to you. Even if you don’t end up using it, insurance will give you some peace of mind.

chinese-zodiac-tigerTiger Sign in November 2016

November will be the worst month of a bad year for Tiger sign people. Their stars point to depression and bitterness, mainly related to social conflicts. They will be unfairly blamed for many problems at home this month, and it may be time for them to take a trip abroad. When a fortune teller suggests running away, you know things are bad.

Financially, they will have to look outside their careers for raised income. They will see their initiatives and projects frustrated by colleagues or superiors in the workplace. The people who are getting in their way are doing so because of some perceived slight, which occurred earlier in the year.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Start looking at side-businesses, or income opportunities from part-time work. If things are bad socially, you don’t want to be hanging out too much anyway. And who knows: you may find something even more profitable than your day job.

Other than that, you will just have to be tolerant in the office. Sometimes, success just means being able to ride out the storm.

chinese-zodiac-rabbitRabbit Sign in November 2016

The rabbit sign people will be under a lot of pressure this year, and especially for the month of November. They will be overcommitted, with too many things to handle (in and out of the office). Business and investment opportunities will be abundant, but you will never seem to have enough time to seize them.

If you can keep calm and fully complete one task at a time, you will see a chance of promotion and raised income, even if you do not get every single thing resolved. Otherwise, it will turn out to be just a mediocre year for you.

Rabbit sign people born in 1975 will have the most opportunities for career progression this month. Again, that’s only if they are not overwhelmed.

So if you really believe that, you should:

This one is so specific, we think the forecast speaks for itself. However, we’d consider trying to switch to passive income sources, such as dividends from blue chip stocks or perpetual income bonds (if you’re older). This should take some pressure off your shoulders.

chinese-zodiac-dragonDragon Sign in November 2016

For reasons the fortune teller explained but we don’t understand, dragon sign people can be a big help to friends and relatives born under the sign of the rooster this month.

Dragon sign people are likely to meet a new love this month, which will consume them for many years to come. It may not be a person; it could be a new hobby or passion, and they will dramatically raise their spending to cope with it. This is likely to be a long term deal, so they should plan their finances accordingly.

Dragon signs born in 1964 need to start addressing their health this month, and focus on getting fit. They may see the beginning of a health complication this month, which could last many years.

Dragon signs born in 1976 can do well financially this year, but they should not convince themselves they have discovered a long term way to make money. Their luck in their new field of investment will be fickle.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Start planning a budget to accommodate your new love, whatever that is. Remember to keep an expense ratio, if you are going to buy expensive hobby items on credit: your monthly repayment should be capped at 30 per cent of your monthly income, and all credit cards should be paid in full.

If you’re born in 1964, review your medical insurance coverage. Make sure it’s comprehensive. If you’re born in 1976, note that the economy is volatile right now – don’t expect your successful investments to repeat themselves every year.

chinese-zodiac-snakeSnake Sign in November 2016

Those born in 1953 supposedly have a lot of bad luck stars, which suggests brewing financial disaster. They should avoid buying financial products or gambling this year. Other snake sign people will see neither improvements nor losses in their financial and career health – it will be a mediocre year for them, and November is no different.

Snake sign people who are involved in mediation roles, such as counselling, will suffer job difficulties this month. They will encounter situations that make them seem less qualified or trustworthy, and fewer people will be willing to listen to them. Any joke about how they’re all snakes is too obvious to be good.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Avoid making new investments if you are born in 1953, and consult your Financial Advisor. Perhaps it’s time to look at a more defensive portfolio. As an older investor, you should be focused on protecting rather than throwing your wealth.

Other snake sign people shouldn’t feel frustrated if their investments seem to be treading water. Remember, the payout is in 15 or 20 years. Don’t worry too much about quarter to quarter performance.

chinese-zodiac-horseHorse Sign in November 2016

This month (and most of the year) brings great financial success to horse sign people, but at the cost of mental health. While you will be amply rewarded for your work, and likely see a significant jump in income, the year brings continued stress and strained relationships.

You may be embroiled in a major social conflict this month, but it will be your fault because of your (sign’s) penchant for interfering with other people’s business. Financial investments are likely to succeed beyond expectations, but your health will suffer from all the quarrels and lack of free time.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Life isn’t entirely about money, so start thinking about passive income sources. As Warren Buffet explained, if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.

Consider learning about low risk, passive assets. These grow your money with no effort from you. They can include REITs and bonds for older Singaporeans, or investment in blue chip companies for younger ones. Speak to a wealth manager for advice.

chinese-zodiac-goatGoat Sign in November 2016

Don’t blame us, but the fortune teller we spoke to says this is going to be a terrible month for you. All sorts of new troubles, from health to relationship, are going to surface this month. The problems will likely be with you for some time, so make financial preparations to face them.

Goat sign people can make good investments in November, but their luck favours small opportunities, such the ability to make a bit of side-income. With regard to bigger investments, such as property, their luck is not in favour of it.

Families may be ignored in favour of work this month, but it may not be avoidable.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Start building an emergency fund, of six months of your income. If you have already done that, start saving aggressively for the months to come, in the expectation of tapping that fund.

If you encounter new troubles and need a loan to tide you over, start researching for low interest rate options. We can give you a comparison of the lowest rates on However, it’s always best to save sufficiently for emergencies, rather than use a loan.

Spend some of your free time looking for a part-time job, or a side-job. That will be a worthwhile investment, if the added income offsets some of your coming troubles.

chinese-zodiac-monkeyMonkey Sign in November 2016

According to the horoscope reading we have (we’re not experts, it’s from a free consultation), Monkey sign people will get depressed in November, due to “repeated misunderstandings”. They are supposed to keep a low profile as they are likely to get into arguments, and their priority should be savings in preparation for family quarrels.

That’s…helpfully specific, if unpleasant.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Consider varying your ratio of savings to investments. Given that economic conditions are not their best right now, it’s probably hard to pick a winning investment anyway. Go for a fixed deposit if you want to save in the short term (two to three years or less), or get a Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) if you are looking at five years or more.

One sure way to keep a low profile is to be less spendthrift. Commit to saving more and don’t flaunt your wealth; that’s a good way to avoid conflicts (lest you be approached for financial help, and anger a relative by turning them away).

chinese-zodiac-roosterRooster Sign in November 2016

People born under the sign of the Rooster apparently need help from people born under the sign of the Dragon this month (due to complex astrological calculations we can’t begin to fathom). That’s just what the astrologer said.

Rooster types who are working on a management level will face difficulties. Their subordinates will dislike them, and the more talented ones will leave. This causes trouble at the career level. Those who are separated from their spouses or partners due to reasons such as work, will need to communicate more than usual because this month has a high risk of misunderstandings.

So if you really believe that, you should:

We know there’s a lot of news about older, high skilled workers getting retrenched, so maybe play it safe this month. If you don’t have an emergency fund (at least six months of your income), now is a good time to start saving. You never know when job troubles might start, and you need the provisions to survive your transition.

If you are currently living abroad or something, we guess this is a good month for you to really start looking into VOIP services like Skype. You can’t always Facetime, but a VOIP lets you call anytime without costing a bomb. Also, you can even get credit card rebates and points from buying VOIP credits, which makes them even cheaper.

chinese-zodiac-dogDog Sign in November 2016

In this month, dog sign people will feel enervated and in no mood to socialise. However, if they don’t force themselves to do so, they will appear arrogant and indifferent to the wrong people. This month, dog sign people have the opportunity to meet those who can advance them financially. If they can get over their recalcitrance and tiredness to be social, they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Dog sign people will be prone to family disputes this month. This is in some way related to betraying their principles, and hence looking less respectable.

Huh. None of that sounds like doggie behaviour.

So if you really believe that, you should:

Perhaps it’s time to invest a little bit of money (or just time) in networking events. It can be a pain to commit a weekend to meeting people, but all it takes is one good meeting to have a payoff which lasts for years.

You might also want to consider the money-saving aspects of certain principles. If you decide to start drinking a lot (to feel more social maybe), smoking, gambling, and so on, then remember such vices get really expensive. And remember what the horoscope says about family disputes!

chinese-zodiac-pigPig Sign in November 2016

Pig sign people are expected to have good fortune throughout 2016, and November is no different. However, their star is somewhat diminished this month, suggesting they should avoid high risk assets. They should avoid being overconfident in business and investment ventures of any sort, especially if their luck earlier in the year has made life good for them.

Pig sign people should avoid new or untested financial ventures in November. If they care to be pretentious and charming to their superiors, now is a good time to suck up to get a promotion.

(Hey, if that’s the sort of person you are, we think anytime is a good time for that.)

So if you really believe that, you should:

Refuse to reallocate your portfolio extensively, as a knee jerk reaction to the flailing economy.

Don’t panic and start putting money in bizarre alternatives that (you hope) are unconnected to the usual stock and bond markets. And in times like these, you will be approached to buy all sorts of exotic financial products.

We don’t think you can choose to be a suck-up. If you’re not, then you can’t just become one suddenly (it takes practice and shamelessness). If you are, then you’re doing it all the time anyway.

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