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financial-horoscope-year-of-the-roosterOur Chinese horoscope explains everything Singaporeans need to know about their money forecast for the Year of the Rooster.

It’s the Year of Rooster, so it’s time for…well okay, doesn’t have any astrologers. Nor are we saying horoscopes always work.

However, we acknowledge that many Singaporeans do believe in the Chinese zodiac, and that their horoscope is meaningful to them. In light of that, here is your financial forecast for the Year of the Rooster, and some advice you can use if you believe in your Chinese horoscope.

Mandatory disclaimer: consult financial experts, not fortune-tellers, before making major money decisions.

chinese-horoscope-roosterThe Rooster

Overall Luck for This Year: Below average

Auspicious Direction: Southwest, Northeast; Avoid: Northwest
Lucky Colors: Black, White; Avoid: Red
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Ox, Dragon
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rooster, Rabbit, Dog

This is the year of the Rooster (the fire Rooster, to be precise) but sadly, astrologers predict Rooster signs are in for a rough time.

It’s predicted that Rooster-signs will mainly struggle from social conflicts this year, at home and in the office. Colleagues will either misunderstand you or not be able to see things from your point of view. Likewise, your superiors at work may not see the value of your proposals, and you may get into arguments a lot.

In terms of wealth, the opportunities for both prosperity and poverty are flat – you are not likely to get poorer or richer this year, so you will at best see lukewarm success from investments or business.

What the Rooster Should Do

We can’t give you advice on social skills, but perhaps it’s best to stay under the radar this year. If you believe your fortunes won’t change much, and that you are prone to disputes, you may want to put your money in things that don’t require social interaction.

For example, put your in money mutual funds or a simple endowment policy, rather than try to start a business and sell things. The grand thing about financial products is you don’t need to do much talking.

chinese-horoscope-dogThe Dog

Overall Luck for This Year: Average

Auspicious Direction: Northeast, South; Avoid: West
Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Beige; Avoid: Green
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Tiger, Horse
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rooster, Ox, Sheep, Dragon

Dog-signs are predicted to have many money making opportunities this year. But at the same time, they are predicted to encounter many pitfalls if they get too greedy, or overreach. This could mean a big year of ups and downs, resulting in little overall change. A prudent Dog-sign, however, can make the most opportunities to come out ahead.

Dog-signs are predicted to meet good benefactors this year, who can help them advance in their career or business. However, this will be a bad year for romance, and they may suffer many emotional upsets in this area. Despair and low spirits (for non-financial issues) are predicted for Dog-signs this year.

What the Dog Should Do

If you believe this, then avoid the urge to gamble, and set a cut-off point for everything. For example, if you decide to invest your money in peer-to-peer lending, you could decide that you will invest no more than a certain amount, and stop once you have obtained a certain level of returns.

If you decide to trade stock, be strict with your stop-losses and follow your system to the letter, even if your instinct tells you do otherwise.

chinese-horoscope-pigThe Pig

Overall Luck for This Year: Below average

Auspicious Direction: Northwest, Southwest, North; Avoid: Southwest, Southeast
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Brown, Red; Avoid: Black, Blue
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Sheep, Rooster
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Monkey, Snake, Pig

Pig-signs are predicted to be in for a rough year, with many things limiting their financial advances. Astrologers claim you will find many unexpected financial responsibilities this year, such as suddenly having to support family members or take over a big financial commitment.

In terms of business, it’s predicted many Pig-signs will struggle due to reasons beyond their control. For example, changing market sentiment may mean an old product or service is no longer as desirable.

However, living frugally and being willing to adapt (learn new skills and methods) can see the Pig-signs through the year.

Pig signs are also predicted to have health problems related to the stomach this year.

What the Pig Should Do

Be diligent in saving money. In the event you really encounter new financial commitments, call your financial advisor and change your plans; you may need a new, more affordable insurance policy.

If you do invest this year, avoid financial products if you believe your horoscope. Instead, put the money into upgrading your skills, such as via the Skills Future program.

chinese-horoscope-ratThe Rat

Overall Luck for This Year: Average, but above average for romantic relationships

Auspicious Direction: Southeast, Southwest, North; Avoid: East
Lucky Colors: White, Silver, Black, Blue, Red; Avoid: Yellow, Beige
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Dragon, Ox, Monkey
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Horse, Sheep

Rat-signs are predicted to have an average year in terms of wealth. While opportunities exist, astrologers say these will be complicated by social disputes (perhaps a profitable venture is abandoned because the business partner does not like you). In particular, astrologers warn against Rat-signs lending money out this year, as they will likely suffer financial losses as well as even more quarrels.

Female Rat-signs will supposedly do well in their career this year, but less so for male Rat-signs, who will have fewer opportunities to be noticed. Rat-signs in fashion related retail, such as clothes and cosmetics, are predicted to do better this year than their other counterparts.

In terms of romance, this is supposedly a good year for Rat-signs to meet new people. Existing relationships are predicted to be smooth and grow stronger.

What the Rat Should Do

As mentioned above, don’t lend money if you believe the astrologers. Like the Rooster-signs, perhaps place your money in financial products that don’t require you to have to work with others socially.

If you do start a new business or join a venture, do not over-invest in it because you don’t know if the partners will be a problem.

chinese-horoscope-oxThe Ox

Overall Luck for This Year: Best among the signs this year

Auspicious Direction: Southeast, West, North; Avoid: South
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Beige Red; Avoid: Cyan, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Snake, Rooster, Rat
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Horse, Sheep, Dog, Dragon

Ox-sign people are in luck. Astrologers note that, this year, they will probably be recognised and rewarded for their work. This may be one of their best years career-wise. Ox-signs will especially be rewarded for their calm and pragmatic natures, which they should fully apply in the face of disruptions this year.

Money-wise, there are many unexpected windfalls that will come the way of the ox. At the same time, there are some unexpected financial burdens; but astrologers predict that overall they will see a net gain toward the end of the year, if they save prudently from the windfalls.

The Ox-sign is predicted to have good luck in love and health this year, as a complement to their growing prosperity.

What the Ox Should Do

If you believe your horoscope, your work will be the source of much good fortune this year. Throw yourself into it, and assert yourself in moments of panic. Outside of work, be sure not to spend the money from windfalls. Instead, use it to repay outstanding loans or build an emergency fund (ideally six months of your income).

chinese-horoscope-tigerThe Tiger

Overall Luck for This Year: Average, but even this is a huge improvement over 2016, which was supposedly one of the worst years for Tiger-signs

Auspicious Direction: South, Northwest; Avoid: Southeast, Southwest
Lucky Colors: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green; Avoid: White, Silver
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Horse, Dog, Pig
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Snake, Monkey

Tiger-signs had a rough 2016, and astrologers predict that even this average year will be a welcome relief for them. Their forecast states that Tiger-signs could encounter sabotage at critical moments this year, which could cause setbacks at work. Likewise, impulse buying of superficial items (such as unnecessary home renovation) can inflict sizeable but easily avoidable financial burdens.

However, this is a good year for romance for Tiger-signs. In addition, it’s predicted that any setbacks in work will be recovered from smoothly, toward the end of the year.

What the Tiger Should Do

Curb the online shopping this year, and read some of our articles on effective budgeting. According to astrologers, any financial burdens you develop this year will be due to impulse spending; so all of this is largely under your control!

Be careful to document things at work, such as by saving emails and making sure accounts are in order. If someone is planning a sabotage, then you should be planning a defense.

chinese-horoscope-rabbitThe Rabbit

Overall Luck for This Year: Worst of the signs this year

Auspicious Direction: Northwest, South; Avoid: North
Lucky Colors: Cyan, Green, Blue, Black; Avoid: White
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Pig, Sheep, Dog
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Dragon, Rat, Rooster

We’re sorry to say astrologers see nothing but trouble for the poor Rabbit. Predictions suggest financial loss related to lawsuits, along with reduced income and bonuses from work. In addition, it’s predicted that relatives will try to borrow money from you this year which could lead to an unwanted financial burden.

Business may not go well for the Rabbit-sign this year, due to conditions beyond their control; the market may have moved on, and you’ll need to adapt.

In terms of health, astrologers predict sleeping problems such as insomnia (perhaps from all the stress).

Despite all this, Rabbit-signs who avoid letting their troubles affect their relationships could have better luck in late 2017. So whatever goes wrong at work, try not to bring it back home.

What the Rabbit Should Do

Consider putting your money in safe havens, such as via a voluntary contribution to your CPF Special Account. This will protect it from the chaos, and help to enhance your retirement. Regarding legal issues, we sadly can’t help you with that. But don’t hesitate to get help from the right lawyer if you need it – don’t wait for things to get worse.

Stand your ground, and do not lend money to relatives. Either give the money to help them, or don’t give at all if you can’t afford it.

For business owners, upgrade your skills and knowledge. Try to learn more about the latest market trends (e.g. new directions in online marketing), so you can better adapt.

chinese-horoscope-dragonThe Dragon

Overall Luck for This Year: Above average

Auspicious Direction: North, Southeast, Southwest; Avoid: Northwest, West
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange; Avoid: Cyan, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 9
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Monkey, Rooster, Rat
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Dog, Dragon, Ox

This is predicted to be a good year for Dragon signs. They will be recognised and rewarded at work, which translates to raises and bonuses. As long as they avoid gambles and speculation, and be content with what they rake in, their fortunes for the year will be good.

In terms of business, markets will move in your favour. Astrologers predict that late September to early October of this year could see great, positive changes to your business and its bottom line. Again though, this is on the basis that you persist in what you’re doing, without taking big speculative gambles.

Romance and health remain unchanged from last year, when they were also basically good.

What the Dragon Should Do

If you believe this, you should do what you’re already doing. Identify what’s going well for you, and then make it routine. Don’t sell off financial products that have been doing well for you, but don’t start “doubling down” and putting more money in it either.

It’s easy to not mess up for the Dragon-sign this year. All you people need to do is stay your course, and rake in the rewards.

chinese-horoscope-snakeThe Snake

Overall Luck for This Year: Average

Auspicious Direction: West, Southwest, North; Avoid: South, Northwest
Lucky Colors: Green, Blue, Black; Avoid: Yellow, Red
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Ox, Rooster
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Tiger, Monkey, Pig

According to astrologers, the Snake-signs will not have a very eventful year. They will not have many opportunities to make money, but will instead have to be defensive, as they will find new financial obligations (such as taking care of sick relatives). However, it is predicted that these setbacks will be within their ability to handle, and not especially major.

Career wise, Snake-signs will face more pressure this year; unfortunately this does not seem to be offset by beneficial stars that suggest it will be rewarded. However, Snake-signs may find a helpful colleague and a new friend or benefactor at work to ease them through it.

This is overall a good year for romance for Snake-signs, however.

Healthwise, Snake-signs are predicted to be a little accident prone this year. Do be careful around heavy machinery or when driving.

What the Snake Should Do

Focus on defensive assets, such as Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) or voluntary CPF Special Account contributions. Also, read our articles on saving money if you find you have new financial burdens; your financial advisor must also be informed, to adapt your long term plans accordingly.

If you believe your horoscope, it may also be a good time to buy some personal accident insurance. And remember how much money you save by not driving!

chinese-horoscope-horseThe Horse

Overall Luck for This Year: Above average

Auspicious Direction: Northeast, Northwest, Southwest; Avoid: North
Lucky Colors: Cyan, Red; Avoid: Black
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Sheep, Tiger, Dog
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rat, Ox, Horse

It’s predicted that this will be a good year for Horse-signs, with the potential for windfalls and career advancement. However, this comes with a caveat. One ominous star suggests that, should they throw their lot in with the wrong person this year (such as supporting the wrong colleague on a disastrous project), they could have a bad year instead.

In terms of business and career, astrologers predict that Horse-signs would do well not to over-commit. They need to be open-minded and try different things this year, and not put all their eggs in one basket.

A family illness is predicted to cost the Horse-sign a lot of money this year, but it will probably not be significant enough to overpower their financial gains.

Horse-signs are also predicted to have poor luck in health this year, with many colds and fevers on the way.

What the Horse Should Do

If you believe this, then it’s time to review the policies of family members. Get your financial advisor to overlook their health and life insurance, and also get a third party opinion from another professional.

With regard to investing, you should think about diversification. Consider alternatives such as gold, in addition to conventional stocks and bonds. Also, consider putting your money in diversified products such as index funds. A qualified wealth manager can explain how to allocate your assets in a balanced manner, so do speak to one.

chinese-horoscope-goatThe Goat

Overall Luck for This Year: Below average

Auspicious Direction: Southwest, Southeast, Northeast; Avoid: North, East
Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange; Avoid: Black, White
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Horse, Rabbit
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rat, Ox, Dog

While it’s far from the worst, astrologers predict Goat-signs are in for a rough ride. Business owners will suffer the fate of changing markets, with the risk of their products or services no longer being popular; innovation will be everything to Goat-sign business people this year.

In terms of career, you will be confronted with a lot of unpredictable or unexpected expenses. Overall, it probably won’t be a good year as there are no auspicious stars to counterbalance the ominous ones.

While this is a decent year for romance for Goat-signs, astrologers also foresee health problems (particularly related to mental health); so try to save some money to take a break when you need it.

What the Goat Should Do

As you cannot set aside amounts you can’t predict, now is a good time to build an emergency fund. Save 20% of your income each month in a separate bank account, to a maximum of 6 months of your income (you don’t need to hit this maximum all at once, just get started now). This will save you having to use credit in an emergency. Be careful not to commit to big investments, such as a high premium insurance policy or a property to rent out. If you believe your horoscope, it suggests you’ll need cash on hand to deal with emergencies; not locked up in various investments.

chinese-horoscope-monkeyThe Monkey

Overall Luck for This Year: Average, but a sizeable improvement over 2016

Auspicious Direction: North, Southeast; Avoid: Northwest
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Beige; Avoid: Red, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Rat, Dragon
Harmful Zodiac Signs: Pig, Tiger, Snake, Monkey

Monkey-signs had a bad 2016, according to astrologers. However, 2017 will be a time of recovery for them. Monkey-signs can look forward to some stability in income this year, as the disruptions of last year come to an end. They can go about repairing the financial damage of previous problems, with few interruptions.

Astrologers predict a good year for Monkey-signs on fixed incomes (regular employees), as they will face few disasters or unexpected costs. For business owners, they can have the same good fortune, but only if they focus on maintaining good employee relations; astrologers predict they may have problems with lots of staff wanting to leave toward the end of the year.

This is a good year for weddings or new romances for Monkey-signs. Healthwise, they may suffer from stomach related illnesses (like food poisoning) in the first half of the year; but it looks like smooth sailing afterward.

What the Monkey Should Do

If you believe your horoscope, take advantage of your stability. Use your income flow to wind down debt, and read our article on debt consolidation. If you have no outstanding debt, you can think of affordable commitments for retirement, such as a mutual fund (speak to a financial advisor for more details).

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