Guide To Getting A Motorbike Licence In Singapore And Price Of Buying A Motorcycle

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 11 May, 2022

We provide all the details on motorcycle prices and getting a bike licence in Singapore. 

Do you wish you could beat the jam at peak hours? Well, one way could be to buy a motorcycle. Not only are motorcycles more nimble than cars when it comes to weaving through traffic, but motorcycles can also be cheaper to maintain and run.

Singaporeans need a Class 2B licence in order to ride a motorbike on public roads. To obtain this licence, you will need to take theory tests and a practical riding test.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to getting your motorbike licence in Singapore. We’ll also take a look at the prices of different motorcycles on the market so that you can make an informed decision on which to get. 

How to get a motorbike licence in Singapore

Many Singaporeans choose to get private instructors rather than go through a driving school when learning to drive a car because it is less expensive and the curriculum is more flexible.

Unfortunately, if you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle legally, the only way is to enrol in one of the driving schools for a class 2B licence. These are the possible driving centres: 

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Class 2B syllabus

You will need to obtain a Class 2B licence to ride a motorcycle of up to 200cc on public roads.

A year after obtaining your Class 2B motorcycle licence, you will qualify to sit for the Class 2A licence, which allows you to ride bikes with engine sizes of up to 400cc.

A year after that, you may progress to enrol in a Class 2 course, which allows you to ride any bike.

The syllabus used by all the driving schools in Singapore is the same and is as follows:

Theory lessons: You must take a Basic Theory Test and a Riding Theory Test. You will be required to attend all theory classes.

Practical lessons: These cover the entire circuit's obstacles (such as plank, slalom, crank course), as well as road riding.

The practical lessons are taught in a step-by-step manner. You follow a set procedure to go through them, and you can only advance to the next lesson after you've completed the previous one's requirements.

If you have difficulties with one of the lessons, you'll have to repeat it until you master it.

In order to embark on the road riding part of the practical lessons, you must pass the Basic Theory Test so as to apply for the Provisional Driving Licence. 

After you've completed all of the lessons, you can schedule your Traffic Police Practical Test. To prepare for your exam, you can take revision lessons at the driving centre.

Cost of getting Singapore motorcycle licence

The expenses of each institution are comparable, and it's more practical to enrol at the school that is the most accessible for you than on the basis of cost.  

Below are the prices you should expect to pay in all the three training centres: 


  • Enrolment (valid for 1 year): S$58.85
  • Theory lesson: S$17.12
  • Theory evaluation: S$5.35
  • Theory practice: S$3.21
  • Peak practical lesson (road): S$40.66
  • Off-peak practical lesson (road): S$36.38
  • Peak practical lesson (circuit): S$29.96
  • Off-peak practical lesson (circuit): S$25.68
  • Eyesight test: S$1.82
  • Photo taking: S$6.42
  • Course extension fee: S$8.03 (for one month)

2. CDC

  • Enrolment and theory fee (valid for 1 year): S$163.18
  • Road practical lesson (Mon to Fri): S$36.38 to S$39.59 per session
  • Road practical lesson (Sat & Sun): S$39.59 per session
  • Road practical lesson 8: S$55.64 to S$58.85 per session
  • Circuit practical lesson (Mon to Fri): S$25.68 to S$28.89 per session
  • Circuit practical lesson (Sat & Sun): S$28.89 per session
  • Eyesight test: S$1.82
  • Photo taking: S$6.42
  • Course extension fee: S$53.50 (for six months) 


  • Enrolment fee and theory lessons 1 to 4: S$109.89
  • Defensive theory lessons 5 to 7: S$32.10
  • Peak practical lesson (road): S$38.52
  • Off-peak practical lesson (road): S$36.38
  • Peak practical lesson (circuit) S$27.82
  • Off-peak practical lesson (circuit) S$25.68
  • Theoretical circuit orientation training: S$23.54 (peak) / S$21.40 (off-peak)
  • Course extension fee: S$48.15 (for six months)

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Price and COE cost of a motorcycle in Singapore

The bike price in Singapore depends on the type and brand of the motorcycle, where you buy it from, and the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) cost applied to the motorcycle.

Motorcycles can be relatively inexpensive in Singapore if you don't consider COE. Without COE, a brand-new Class 2B bike might cost less than S$10,000.

COE costs for motorcycles are presently at an all-time high, with prices around S$10,500. 

However, this is still a lot cheaper than the COE for a car.

Prices before COE of popular motorcycle models in Singapore

You can either purchase a new bike from a dealer or obtain a used one from a dealer or individual seller.

Below is the price list of some of the more popular motorcycle models you would expect to find from a dealer:

Bike Price
Yamaha YBR125S$4,888
Suzuki Burgman AN200 ABSS$8,900 (2018 model)
Honda Wave 125FiS$5,842
Bajaj Pulsar 200NSS$6,800
Yamaha YZF R15S$7,200 (2017 model)
Suzuki Vanvan 125S$8,600 (2016 model)
KTM 200 DukeS$8,888 (2015 model)
Gilera Runner RST200S$8,500 (2016 model)
Honda CB150RS$7,500
Vespa PX150S$10,000
Honda CBR150RS$5,800 to $7,900

Where can I get a new motorbike in Singapore?

You can choose from a number of motorcycle dealerships like the ones below:

  • A.S. Phoon
  • Hong Leong Corporation – Yamaha Motor Singapore
  • United Cycles
  • Boon Siew
  • Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co
  • Speedway Motor Pte Ltd
  • Southern Motor
  • Unique Motorsports
  • Comfort Cycle
  • Sin Boon Motor Co
  • United Cycles
  • Soon Hin Motors
  • Motto Moto
  • SGBikeMart
  • New Southern Motor

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list as there are plenty more dealers in Singapore you can choose from. Do your research and pick a place that is near where you live or work, so it's more convenient for you to visit them.

Where can I get a secondhand motorbike in Singapore?

The majority of newbie riders will opt to buy a secondhand bike to save on costs. This is also highly recommended because when you are new to riding, the chances are high that you may end up dropping or crashing your bike.

Therefore, why not buy a secondhand one, and it won't hurt as much financially if you have to repair or replace the parts that got damaged from your first few crashes?

There are several places where you can find good-quality used motorcycles in Singapore. Some of these include:

  • Carousell
  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • SGBikeMart
  • Heng Motor Enterprise
  • SingaporeBikes

Factors you should look out for when buying a used motorcycle in Singapore

  1. The engine size:

Buying a motorcycle that is too powerful or too big for your needs might not be the best decision. Make sure to pick a bike that matches your experience and riding level.

If you are still learning how to ride, it's best to start off with a smaller engine size so you can get comfortable with the handling of the bike first before moving to a bigger engine size.

2. The number of years of COE left on the bike:

When buying a used bike, you should also take into consideration how many years of COE are left on the bike. If it's close to expiring and you don't have the money to renew it, then that might not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, bikes with a long duration of COE tend to be more expensive as they are in high demand.

3. Check the bike’s condition:

Just like when you're buying a new car, you should always check the condition of the bike before making your purchase. Make sure to look out for any scratches or damage on the body and frame of the motorcycle.

If possible, try taking it for a test ride to see how it handles on the road. This will give you a good idea of whether the bike is right for you or not.

4. Check if the previous owner of the bike has fully paid for it:

If you're buying the bike from a private seller, make sure to ask for proof that shows that he has fully paid for his COE. If the bike was bought through a loan, make sure that the loan has been fully paid off.

5. Negotiate:

Lastly, the price of second-hand bikes in Singapore can be negotiable. If you have found a bike and it's within your budget range but still slightly overpriced as compared to other sellers who are offering that same model, then why not see if the seller can reduce the price for you.

In conclusion, buying a motorcycle can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Just make sure to choose your bike wisely by considering the factors mentioned above before making your purchase.

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