Buying A Motorcycle In Singapore: A Complete Cost Guide

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 17 May, 2021

Thinking of buying a motorcycle? Be prepared to fork out around S$20,000 in first-year costs. 

Given Singapore’s perpetually congested roads, and expensive car costs, those who need to get about without throwing themselves at the mercy of public transport can turn to motorcycles. 

They are fun to ride, agile, easy to park and can be affordably maintained. And while the exposed design means there’s a heightened chance of suffering more serious injury in an accident, motorcycles are still a safe and convenient transport tool as long as they are used responsibly and sensibly. 

And above all, motorcycles are cheaper than cars by a large degree. Not only in terms of vehicle price, but also costs for parking, petrol, maintenance and insurance. 

If you’re thinking of taking to the roads in a two-wheeler, here’s how much buying a motorcycle will cost you in Singapore, as well as where you can look for a suitable set of wheels.   

How much does owning a motorcycle cost?

ItemCost (S$)
Riding lessons and license600 - 700
Motorcycle selling price5,000 - 8,000
COE 8,011
Insurance (per year)200 - 400
Petrol, parking, ERP and road tax (per year)1,800
Helmet, accessories and other gear400 - 890
Total cost (first year)16,011 - 19,801

While a motorcycle is certainly much cheaper than a car, it’s still a considerable expenditure. 

There are a mix of upfront costs (such as COE) and periodic costs (like petrol and parking), so in order to accommodate them, let’s look at the first-year costs of owning a bike.

As shown in our calculations above, the first year costs of owning a motorcycle in Singapore can range from S$16,000 to slightly under S$20,000.  

The following sections detail the various costs that go into this figure.

Motorcycle riding lesson and license costs

There are three driving centres in Singapore where you can go to get a Class 2B license, which is the basic qualification required before you can legally ride a bike in Singapore.

They are Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC), ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC), and Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC).

With a Class 2B license, you can ride bikes not exceeding 200cc in engine capacity.

Getting your Class 2B from start to finish - assuming you pass in one try, and do not need revision lessons - will cost you several hundreds. Expect to pay between S$600 to S$700 here, more if you fumble on your tests and have to rebook them.  

Here’s a cost breakdown by BBDC, for illustration.

ItemCost (S$)
Subscription (valid for 1 year)58.85Renewal: 5.01 per month
Eyesight test1.82
Theory lesson (100mins)17.12
Theory practice (45mins)3.21
Theory evaluation5.35
Practical lesson - circuit (100mins)Off-peak: 25.68Peak: 29.96
Practical lesson - road (100mins) Off-peak: 36.38Peak: 40.66
Stage 8 practical lesson (100mins)Off-peak: 59.92Peak: 62.06
Traffic police simulation (20mins)23.06
Expressway familiarisation 40.66

Selling prices of popular Class 2B motorcycles in Singapore

According to at least one online source, the selling price of a Class 2B motorcycle - without COE - can range from S$5,000 to over S$8,000, depending on make and model.

Here’s a sampling of some popular Class 2B motorcycles in Singapore.

Make and modelTypeSelling price (S$)
Honda ADV 150 ABS Scooter6,500
Yamaha FZS150Street bike5,300
Honda Winner X 150Cubs5,150
Honda CB150R StreetsterStreet bike6,780
Yamaha Aerox 155Scooter5,600
Bajaj Pulsar RS200Sports bike 6,150
Yamaha WR155RScrambler6,600
Kawasaki Ninja 125Sports bike8,838

Source: SGBikeMart

COE, registration and insurance costs

No surprises here, but motorcycles are subject to Certificate of Entitlement (COE) costs as well. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for registration as well as motor insurance.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs you can expect.

ItemCost (S$)
COE - Category D (All motorcycles)8,011
Registration Fee 220
Additional Registration FeeFirst 5,000 (15% of Open Market Value)
Next 5,000 (50% of Open Market Value)
10,000 and above (100% of Open Market Value)
Excise duty12% of bike’s Open Market Value
Insurance (12-months)200 to 400 

When considering a purchase, do check if the advertised selling price includes Registration Fee, Additional Fee and Excise Duty. 

Most listings do, but some advertise a startlingly low price like S$250. Ads like that are usually promoting a “ride-away” price, with the actual selling price folded into a loan.  

Petrol, parking and other costs

As you ride your bike around from day to day, you’ll incur some costs as well, such as petrol, parking, ERP and road tax. These could add up to around S$150 per month.

See the table below for a quick breakdown.

ItemCost per month (S$)
Parking (HDB concessionary season parking)20 
Road tax31.28 per six months

Obviously, figures for petrol and ERP are only an estimate; your own costs may be higher or lower. 

Helmet, accessories and other gear

And, finally, we need to budget for some gear and accessories, some necessary, such as a helmet and gloves, and some purely just to look the part of a badass biker.

Biking accessories can cost you anywhere from S$400 to S$890. Thankfully, these items will last you a few years at least. 

ItemCost (S$)
Helmet50 - 100
Gloves20 - 40
Vehicle camera200 - 500
Jacket100 - 200
Windbreaker or raincoat30 - 50

Where to buy a motorcycle in Singapore?

Now that you have a rough idea of how much it costs to buy a motorcycle in Singapore, you may be wondering where you should go to shop for them.

There are a couple of options for you here, ranging from online marketplaces to dealers and even your neighbourhood motor workshop.


The popular online portal carries listings of motorcycles for sale, both new and second-hand. You can search and filter your results to zero in on the model of motorbike you want, browse their specifications, and survey prices across different dealers.

There’s even a handy comparison tool that lets you make a side-by-side comparison between two different motorbikes, if you need some help making up your mind. 

Registration for an account is free, as is browsing the listings. However, if you want to list your own motorcycle for sale, you’ll need to pay some fees. 


If you’re in the market for a second-hand motorcycle, give Carousell a visit. 

The specialised Cars and Property section contains a dedicated page just for motorcycles, and you can easily filter your search results to narrow down to the ones you want. 

Although a large majority of the bikes listed are second-hand, you can also find some brand new vehicles, put up for sale by authorised dealers.

United Cycles LLP

United Cycles is a motor dealership located in Kaki Bukit, specialising in brand new and second-hand motorbikes for sale. 

They are also active Facebook users, making use of their special media page to list their latest offerings, complete with clear, up-close photos from multiple angles so you know exactly what you’re in for. 

Go ahead and follow their Facebook page (linked above) if you’re keeping an eye out for a rare or interesting find.

SG Used Motorcycle Buy/Sell

Speaking of Facebook, SG Used Motorcycle Buy/Sell is a public Facebook page where bike enthusiasts can gather to list their vehicles for sale. 

Some parties also want to trade their accessories, making the group a good place to lurk if you’re looking to get your hands on some specific parts or discontinued mods.

Mixed in with the user listings are also advertisements for bike-related products and services. And because it’s a social media platform, you can crowdsource reviews or experiences to help you avoid any shady deals.

Boon Siew Singapore

An officially appointed Honda representative in Singapore, Boon Siew’s website is a sleek and professionally designed hub where you can get all the information you need on motorcycles sold by the beloved Japanese brand. 

From sale prices of current models and details on maintenance packages, to upcoming launches, there’s plenty to keep Honda fanboys salivating for hours. There’s even a virtual showroom that you can visit through your browser.

And once you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll find a handy listing of Honda motorcycle dealers in Singapore, allowing you to quickly locate your nearest one.  

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