‘Hack’ the 11 Public Holidays in 2019 and get 36 more!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 08 January, 2019

Think you hardly have any public holidays to enjoy? Well, stop worrying as we have done the math for you.

All you need to do is take 14 days of leave to get a grand total of 47 days worth of holidays!

Refer to our handy chart below to find out how! We picked out six perfect destinations to suit every traveller.

Full calendar of Public Holidays in 2019

1. For city lovers: Shanghai

Shanghai - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SingSaver

Blending a futuristic skyline with irresistible Old World charm, Shanghai is a fascinating place to experience contemporary art, traditional culture, food, or shopping. Make sure you check out Longbar at the Waldorf Astoria to get your drink on!

2. For outdoor types: Sydney

Sydney - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SingSaver

Sydney truly has it all. From surfing and wildlife to shopping, coffee and gourmet food, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never be bored! Make sure you check out the amazing beaches that Sydney has to offer such as the ones at Bondi and Manly.

3. For beach bums: Krabi

Krabi - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SIngSaver

With its pristine beaches and laid-back charm, Krabi is the perfect spot to snorkel, kayak, or just unwind and soak up the sun. Bring the sunscreen and tropic like it’s hot!

4. For serious foodies: Osaka

Osaka - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SingSaver

Osaka is a real foodie paradise, so come prepared to eat your way through the city. And when the sun sets, make your way to Namba district for a taste of Osaka’s raucous nightlife. Just don’t be surprised if you end up partying till dawn!

5. For shopaholics: Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SingSaver

Explore KL’s buzzing night markets, where you can load up on laksa, satay, and roti canai, as well as every knick-knack you can think of. For more upscale shopping, check out Suria KLCC, Pavilion, or Mid Valley Megamall.

6. For trailblazers: Colombo

Colombo - Hack The 2019 Public Holidays | SingSaver

Sri Lanka’s capital city is a hive of excitement and activity as it develops and grows. This vibrant hub is modernizing quickly but still retains its old world charm, and serves as a convenient jumpoff for the beaches of the south and mountain heights of the interior. There is even a Safari for the adventure lovers where you will be able to see animals such as leopards and elephants up close!

Pro Tip: Make it a point to stay at The Galle Face Hotel, Sri Lanka’s most iconic hotel.

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