Moderna Share Price and Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 25 February, 2022

Despite Moderna's success in the wake of the pandemic, investors should still aim to understand how the company's stock value will evolve.

The name Moderna has come on many people’s radar in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Moderna Inc. is an American pharmacological and biotechnology company. The current headquarters of the company is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 2010, Moderna now prides itself on being a leading mRNA vaccine producer and distributor. The current demand for Moderna as a preferred Covid-19 vaccine booster shot has further aroused investor interest. Previously, Moderna had attained the all-important approval by the WHO regulation and prequalification committee.

Despite Moderna's success in the wake of the pandemic, most investors would still want to understand how this popularity will determine the company's stock market stakes currently and in the future. The company trades under MRNA in the NASDAQ stock market. Here’s a review of Modera’s stock value.

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Moderna share prices over the past three years

Moderna's stock was first publicly traded in the year 2018. The Moderna stock price historical value is only assessable over three years.

Compared to any other publicly-traded company, MRNA has shown one of the fastest-growing trends. In 2018, mRNA had the highest quoted stock value at just over US$14.85. Today, the Modena vaccine stock value stands at a whopping US$141.31, a ten times faster growth in only three years of active trading.


Currently, Moderna has a trading volume of 5,138,054. Further, the company's current market cap stands at just over US$59.09 billion. Over the last 52 weeks, MRNA stock price showed a high of US$497.49 and a low of US$117.34. The result was against a 10-day average volume of US$7.25 million. The success in the company's overall stock price value has picked dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. On February 18th, MRNA stock price showed a -0.51% slower growth at the close of business.

Contributing factors for the share's past performance

Like most other companies in the biotech sector, Moderna has enjoyed minimalist public attention since it was first listed in 2018. Until 2020, Moderna was just any other stock, barely managing a high of US$15 trading. However, one single factor propelled the now-famous COVID-19 vaccine. At the time of approval by the FDA, Moderna showed a 95% efficacy level in its ability to produce antibodies against the virus. This has been the single most crucial factor in Moderna's current success.

Recently, Moderna has also been enlisted as one of the most probable booster options. Compared to the Pfizer booster, the Moderna booster remains a favorite for approval by the FDA. Ideally, this will shape Moderna's stock value.

Suggested investing approach

When investing in Moderna, one of the most important considerations should be the dynamics around the COVID-19 vaccines. Beyond the current Moderna vaccine, investors may need to also pay attention to other products and pipeline drugs that the company can successfully list for trading in the future. Granted, the demand for COVID-19 boosters is high right now. However, it remains a matter of concern for investors regarding how sustainable the market will be over time. Perhaps this raises the question of suitability for investors in the medium term.

Moderna, unlike other vaccines, doesn't have to split-share profits obtained from the sale. As an investor, this is an excellent opportunity to capitalise on in the short term. However, this will depend on how long the current pandemic outwits the human body. The good news is that Moderna currently has more than 15 other candidates at various levels of clinical trials. With its recent success, any investor can have the courage to invest in the company's stock.

Risks involved

As an investor, it's always important to pay attention to the risks that stand out more so where stocks are concerned. Beyond just focusing on the success that Moderna has had, one also needs to assess the potential impact of other vaccines on the overall share value of Moderna.

One of the realities of investing in the COVID-19 vaccines is that the market value of stock depends on the volatility at the end of the day. Over the last week alone, Moderna prices fell by 18% in a relatively volatile week that witnessed a notable fall in the share price of Novavax and Ocugen. The risks in buying modern stock also relate to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is shrouded in loads of speculation and hearsay. The result is a constant misrepresentation of information, which often determines how investors buy or sell stocks in the market.

New entrants

In the last six months, there have been emergent challenges in the sole commercialisation of Moderna mRNA-1273. As of August 2021, when Moderna hit its highest-ever stock value, investors had hopes of an upward trajectory in the company's overall shares. However, over time, more vaccine options have also emerged, an aspect that complicates the company's matrix. The company seems to have ceded the dominance it has always enjoyed.

The market's current patterns may eventually have a lasting implication on the bottom line for investors. Such risks are essential to consider before making a buy decision.  

Is Moderna a good buy?

As things stand, Moderna is a good buy for all the apparent reasons. Despite the MRNA quotation showing slight declines over the last few days. The company recently benefited from a further 120% additional stock price in 2021. With an overall stock increase of 430% over the previous year, it would make sense for a forward-thinking investor to consider buying.

Future trend based on upcoming developments

The future of Moderna as a probable top stock prospect depends on a wide range of future trends. First, the Omicron variant and its spread will be a significant matter of concern. The spread of the Omicron variant is likely to spike the need for a Moderna booster. The result will be higher production demand and a positive impact on stock prices.

Further, with more than 16 new top-rated products on the pipeline, Moderna may use the resources it now has to push more globally accepted products. What this portends is more significant value to investors. As Moderna's stock prices hover between the 52-week range, the future looks more promising than bleak.

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