POEMS (Phillip Securities) Review – Should You Use This Investment Brokerage Tool?

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Last updated 02 June, 2022

For a professional and up-to-date investment brokerage tool, POEMS by Phillip Securities could be a viable option. 

POEMS by Phillip Securities is an online investing platform developed by PhillipCapital to make it easy for investors to access and manage their portfolios. It features an intuitive interface that enables traders, brokers, and beginners to use it with ease. 

Short for ‘Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System’, POEMS’ advanced trading options and analytic tools allow users to access 26 global exchanges from one account. Established in 1996 by Phillip Securities, the  brokerage platform has since evolved with the needs of investors, and allows you to choose from more than 40,000 financial products. 

Brokerage fees start from 0.08%, with a US$3.88 flat commission for US stocks.

Products and services offered by POEMS

Stocks, shares and ETFs

Investors have access to a diverse range of stocks, shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They can invest in stocks and shares across SGX, and global stock exchanges such as the NYSE and HKEx.  

Daily Leverage Certificates

Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) are financial products that allow investors to gain leveraged exposure of three to seven times the daily performance of the underlying index. 

Unit trusts

Unit trusts are an investment that pools investors’ money into one fund. The manager of the unit trust will invest in various assets, such as stocks or bonds and other funds, to maximise returns for all participants within this collective effort.


These give holders the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell securities from an issuing company at a certain price within a set time period – this makes them perfect for hedging your bets!

Contracts For Differences

Contracts For Differences (CFDs) are a type of contract in which the customer has no ownership stake. Instead, they simply participate in price movements of products between their opening and closing.

Securities financing

The perfect solution for those who want to purchase more than their original equity, POEMS’ securities financing service offers up to 70% financing when you pledge cash or other types of collateral.

Regular Savings Plan

The Regular Savings Plan is a great way to build up your portfolio over time by adopting the dollar-cost averaging concept and managing market risk. You can set it so that you invest regular amounts every month, regardless of where prices are headed!


A diverse selection of global futures, options and currency products are at your fingertips, and you can access more than 21 exchanges globally. 


Choose from 200,000 bonds through 70 counterparties across the world with 9 currency options.


With a range of products from Phillip Insurance’s partners, you can protect yourself and your loved ones with the opportunity to receive money upon policy maturity.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme

The Supplementary Retirement Scheme is a government-run programme that offers tax benefits in exchange for your savings and investment. Savings can be invested with PhillipCapital's broad range of financial products to potentially achieve more.

IPO Financing

PhillipCapital offers a financing scheme that allows investors to apply for more Singapore Initial Public Offering stocks with only a 20% down payment.

Managed Account Services

Investing is fun and easy with their Managed Account Services. Your personalised portfolio will be tailored to your needs, giving you the best possible chance of success!

Who should use POEMS?

POEMS is a platform for active traders. It's best suited to those with experience in the market and are looking to trade higher volumes and a greater variety than what other platforms allow them access to.

How to invest with POEMS?

The company's trading platform, POEMS 2.0, has a desktop version as well as mobile versions for iOS and Android that allow users to trade on the go.

The interface of the trading platform is not the most intuitive and user-friendly, but spending some time to figure out the different features can go a long way towards helping you master your trades.  

POEMS Pro is also available for more seasoned investors who seek even deeper insights into market workings. 

How to apply for a POEMS account?

First, you’ll need a Central Depository (CDP) account. You can then apply for a POEMS account online. While you're at it, make sure to choose the Multi-Currency Facility that allows trading in 10 currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR and CNY.

After signing up for your account, you can log in either on POEMS’ desktop version or mobile apps.  

First-time traders can read the provided PDF infosheets on the Cash Plus Account and Cash Management Account. You can also get help by calling 6531 1555.

Singaporeans and PRs can sign up for a brokerage account using MyInfo, which will have their details filled in within 10 minutes. Verification of your account is possible within two working days after you've submitted the form.

If you don’t have a SingPass account or if you prefer to fill in the application manually, it will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes and two days after bill payment verification is received for your new POEMS account activation.

Types of accounts offered by POEMS

POEMS Cash Plus Account

POEMS Cash Plus Account is the perfect account for you if you want to invest in stocks and options while enjoying low brokerage rates. You can trade in over 11 markets with no sales charge, and there's even a multi-currency facility that allows you to settle trades with 10 different currencies. If you need financing for your investments, POEMS Cash Plus Account also offers financing in 9 currencies. And finally, if you're looking for an easy way to manage your idle cash, consider depositing it into a money market fund through this account.

The account tiers (Starter, Premier, Privileged) are tailored to meet your needs, and POEMS offers free live prices for some of the most popular markets in the world. Plus its financing and currency facilities make it easy to trade internationally – and their money market fund is a great way to keep your idle cash invested. 

POEMS Cash Management Account

Looking for an efficient and convenient way to manage your cash? Look no further than POEMS Cash Management Account! With this account, you can consolidate all your funds in one place for investment, enjoy a 0% unit trust sales charge, and have a hassle-free trade settlement. Plus, with its multi-currency facility, you can settle trades in 10 different currencies! Online transactional records make tracking your investments a breeze.


POEMS is a powerful tool for investment brokers and wealth managers to use when managing their portfolios. The intuitive interface, detailed reports, and robust tools make it easy to execute trades with confidence that you are making informed decisions about your investments. Though probably a tricky platform for beginner investors to use, POEMS holds a lot of functionality for more experienced traders. 

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