Plan Your Summer in Europe 2019 With Only 8 Days Leave

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 30 April, 2019

We know your leave is valuable. That's why we've given you a cheat sheet to getting 16 days off with just 8 days of leave – perfect for planning your summer trip to Europe!

Here at Skyscanner, we understand that Singaporeans like you treasure your annual leave days. That’s why we’d like to share a piece of wonderful news that could see you spend the summer in Europe:

Did you know that you can get 16 days of holiday time this August with just 8 days of leave? ? That’s double what you’d normally get.

Here’s what you need to do ASAP:

  1. Apply for leave and get it approved. The days to secure are 5-8 August and 13-16 August. Your vacation dates would be on 2-18 August (leave on a Friday night, arrive on a Sunday.
  2. Hit us up on Instagram (@skyscannersg) once you’ve secured your vacation days so we can celebrate with you.
  3. Start planning your getaway jaunts with a trip halfway across the world. We recommend heading to Europe where summer will be in full swing!

Yes, this year, there’s no need to wait for December to utilise your remaining leave days. Neither would you need to deal with high flight prices nor jostle with the huge crowds during the year-end, peak holiday season. Summer in Europe is the way to go and we’ll show you how.

Why spend your summer in Europe?

Europe is becoming more affordable

According to Skyscanner’s data, flights from Singapore to Europe are getting more affordable, with most European destinations recording a price drop of up to 50% from 2018 to 2019. See the full list of Europe cities with the biggest price-drop.

You can enter Europe on the cheap

Those looking to score the lowest-priced flights can look to Athens, Berlin and Madrid, which are the cheapest points of entry into Europe. These cities can be a launchpad to the rest of the continent via buses, trains and planes. For specific ideas on where to go for your summer in Europe, see this multi-city itinerary starting from Berlin, or this multi-city itinerary starting from Athens, some of the cheapest entry points to the region.

Now’s the best time to book for Europe

April to May is also the best time to book, which for long-haul flights is typically around five months before the travel date. For your summer in Europe holiday in August this year, you are still within that window where flight prices are very reasonable. Your best bet would be to make your bookings soon—or now. ? Check out these flight deals we picked out for you.

Summer in Europe – Cheap Flight Deals to Europe

DestinationFlight prices for 2-18 August 2019**
AthensFrom $611

Book now to save up to 45%

BerlinFrom $709

Book now to save up to 36%

AmsterdamFrom $1022

Book now to save up to 36%

FrankfurtFrom $957

Book now to save up to 45%

BarcelonaFrom $945

Book now to save up to 46%

MilanFrom $860

Book now to save up to 53%

LondonFrom $944

Book now to save up to 48%

ParisFrom $962

Book now to save up to 48%

ManchesterFrom $960

Book now to save up to 48%

ZurichFrom $1031

Book now to save up to 51%

*Percentage savings are based on average price for that route across months of July, August, September 2019

**Prices are accurate as of 15 April 2019; 5:41pm

See the rest of the flight deals

Can’t decide? Here’s how to choose which European city to visit this summer

Most popular summer destinations in Europe

With endless potential holiday options in Europe, where do you even begin? If you need any inspiration, take it from other travellers! Below is a list of the most popular cities in Europe to start your adventure.

1. Berlin

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Berlin

Berlin is hip and oozing with character. Home to a melting pot of people, this city seeps with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Splashed on walls after walls of Berlin is street art, which really gives this city an extra edge. Berlin also holds dearly to its history, which can be glimpsed at the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and of course, the Berlin Wall.

Find flights from Singapore to Berlin

2. Athens

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Athens

With low-cost carrier Scoot plying the route between Singapore and Athens, the capital of Greece can now be reached on a small budget. Discover the historical treasures of this city at archaeological sites like the Acropolis and the Theatre of Herodes Atticus. To learn more about the significance of these places, join a walking tour! There are many companies offering free tours which run on a tip-only basis.

Find flights from Singapore to Athens

3. Amsterdam

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Amsterdam

This beautiful city is crisscrossed by canals and dotted with museums, galleries and markets. For an essential Amsterdam experience, hire a bike to roam the city. A must-visit is the famous Van Gogh Museum which houses hundreds of paintings and drawings by the artist. Once lethargy sets in, sit back for a canal cruise and admire Amsterdam from a different perspective.

Find flights from Singapore to Amsterdam

4. Frankfurt

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Frankfurt

Often overshadowed by Berlin and Munich, Frankfurt has the reputation of being the country’s business and financial hub. But if you look beyond the skyscrapers, you will find picturesque public squares, an entire museum district, serene parks and much more! Be sure to step into Römerberg in the city’s Old Town to marvel at the facade of the town hall complex.

Find flights from Singapore to Frankfurt

5. Barcelona

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Barcelona

A city that requires little introduction, Barcelona is famous for many things: its beaches, nightlife, and sunny weather, and more specifically, FC Barcelona and Gaudi’s unusual buildings. Seeing the UNESCO-listed Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, a thoroughly unconventional church, is probably enough to make that long-haul flight worthwhile! Other remarkable Gaudi creations include Casa Mila, Casa Batlló and Parc Güell.

Find flights from Singapore to Barcelona

6. Milan

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Milan

Milan is both a renowned fashion capital and a fashionable travel destination. This city is often lower on a traveller’s bucket list, after Venice, Rome and Florence, but it’s certainly still a hotspot – and for good reasons too. Tucked at the centre of Piazza del Duomo is the majestic Duomo, a gothic-style cathedral. A stroll away is the Museo del Novecento, a gallery with a fantastic collection of 20th-century Italian art. Truly, there’s plenty of architectural marvels, museums, high-end boutiques and sumptuous local cuisine to discover in Milan.

Find flights from Singapore to Milan

7. London

Summer in Europe - Singapore to London

An all-time favourite destination among Singaporeans, London is a city you can visit multiple times and never run out of things to do. First-time visitors would start with the must-sees like the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the London Eye. Do peruse through the diverse offerings of Borough Market, a paradise for foodies with an empty stomach. Before leaving London, jump on the Primark bandwagon to fill your luggage with cheap clothes.

Find flights from Singapore to London

8. Paris

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Paris

The city of love will effortlessly romance its way into your heart. We recommend checking into a hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Then, visit the Louvre Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral, and take a walk down Avenue des Champs-Élysées. After exploring the touristy parts of town, uncover the neighbourhoods like Montmartre or Le Marais; they are lined with gorgeous old buildings, some with quaint little pavement cafes and boulangeries (bakeries) on the ground level.

Find flights from Singapore to Paris

9. Manchester

Summer in Europe - Singapore to Manchester

Manchester is more than just its football club. This city has a lively music and theatre scene, and a gamut of shopping options, among others. Ride the tram as you hop from attraction to attraction, from the John Rylands Library to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry), Manchester Town Hall and the Media City. To sample some local brews, end your day in the bars of the Northern Quarter.

Find flights from Singapore to Manchester

10. Zurich

While often viewed as a stopover rather than a destination unto itself, Zurich is actually worthy of a few days in your itinerary. This charming city is peppered with water fountains – over 1,000 of them – that spew fresh mountain spring water all day long. You should make a beeline for Altstadt, the Old Town of Zurich, and wander along its cobbled lanes. Oh, and don’t forget to feast on fondue too!

Find flights from Singapore to Zurich

Curious to know which European cities come after Zurich? Here’s the next ten popular destinations (in no particular order) and its flight prices.

Summer in Europe – More Flight Deals

DestinationFlight prices for 2-18 August 2019**
RomeFrom $998

Book now to save up to 50%

MunichFrom $904

Book now to save up to 48%

ReykjavikFrom $1331

Book now to save up to 43%

DublinFrom $943

Book now to save up to 43%

MadridFrom $1009

Book now to save up to 31%

CopenhagenFrom $929

Book now to save up to 50%

OsloFrom $974

Book now to save up to 43%

MoscowFrom $1056

Book now to save up to 40%

StockholmFrom $874

Book now to save up to 47%

GenevaFrom $1035

Book now to save up to 46%

*Percentage savings are based on average price for that route across months of July, August, September 2019

**Prices are accurate as of 15 April 2019; 5:49pm

Biggest price-drop destinations in Europe

In case you’re wondering what are “price drop destinations,” these are cities where flights prices from Singapore are cheaper this year as compared to last year.

DestinationsAverage flight prices

in 2018*

% Drop in average price

for 2019

BelgradeFrom $1,78755.90%
StuttgartFrom $2,18350.90%
GenevaFrom $1,92336.20%
VladivostokFrom $1,32730.60%
DusseldorfFrom $1,68423.90%
BudapestFrom $1,87122.50%
GothenburgFrom $2,71516.30%
GlasgowFrom $1,82516.30%
FlorenceFrom $2,55415.90%
NewcastleFrom $1,79615.80%
ReykjavikFrom $2,35215.70%
BrusselsFrom $1,70714.70%
StockholmFrom $1,65614.20%
HamburgFrom $1,82113.00%
BordeauxFrom $2,40910.60%
SantoriniFrom $2,5948.80%
BerlinFrom $1,1028.70%
ManchesterFrom $1,8576.90%
DublinFrom $1,6695.70%
AmsterdamFrom $1,6095.50%

*Percentage savings are based on average price for that route across months of July, August, September 2018 and 2019

Other interesting ways to see Europe in the summer

Of course, not everybody travels to Europe for a taste of the city life!

While city-hopping is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the heart of the countries, you can journey along the arteries by renting a car. Check out some of the best road trip ideas in Europe for a self-drive holiday. These trips start from various cities and offer a range of experiences, from which you can take your pick.

You can also aim to visit some of Europe’s most beautiful castles and palaces, such as Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany or Windsor Castle in England.

Or perhaps favour the lesser-visited Eastern Europe which comprises countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. In case you need some extra motivation, know that this region is more wallet-friendly as compared to Western Europe. On top of that, with flights to Belgrade recording a price drop of over 50% compared to last year, Serbia can be your affordable entry point to the region.

Whichever you choose, spend your summer in Europe and remember, the best time to book your August holidays is now!

This article was first published on Skyscanner.

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