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Best Video Game Deals for February 2022

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 21 February, 2022

Here are the 10 best video game deals for February 2022 to save money on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your video game collection with some brand new titles, or seeking to expand your collection of cult classics, video game deals are the way to go. 

By buying at a discount, you will not only save money but also, you won’t feel the pinch if the game is not to your liking (we’ve all been there!). Video game deals are also a great way to score some extra goodies such as special items and collectors’ exclusives. 

Here’s our pick of the top 10 video game deals for February covering titles for PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. Grab them while they last!

Top 10 video game deals gamers shouldn’t miss

Video gameGenreSale pricePlatform
XCOM 2 CollectionTurn-based strategyS$8.29 on SteamPC
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (GOTY Edition)Role-playingUS$9.99 on Gog.comPC
Borderlands 3 Ultimate EditionFirst-person shooterS$53.50 on SteamPC
Dragon Age: Origins (Ultimate Edition)Role-playingUS$4.99 on PC
Battlefield VFirst-person shooterS$26.55 on Amazon.sgXbox One
No Man’s SkyOpen-world adventureS$17.47 on Amazon.sgXbox One
Cyberpunk 2077Open-world action adventureS$45.90 on Amazon.sgPS4
FIFA 21 Champions Edition SoccerS$20.57 on Amazon.sgPS4 
Darksiders: GenesisAction, AdventureS$19.26 on Amazon.sgNintendo Switch
NBA 2K22BasketballS$27.17 on Amazon.sgNintendo Switch

XCOM 2 Collection - 95% off

Genre: Turn-based strategy
Sale price: S$8.29 on Steam 
Regular price: S$172.30
Platform: PC

If you haven’t experienced the award-winning strategy game that is XCOM 2, do yourself a favour and buy this bundle right now. 

Although it is not the newest of games, XCOM 2 remains one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time with its high replayability. In fact, many will say that the franchise defined the genre, and XCOM 2 represents the pinnacle of years of refinements and tweaks to an already extremely compelling formula. 

This Steam bundle contains the base game XCOM 2, the excellent expansion War of the Chosen, and other downloadable content (DLCs). Going for under S$10, you won’t find a better deal than this. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition) - 80% off

Genre: Action-role playing
Sale price: US$9.99 on Steam 
Regular price: US$49.99
Platform: PC 

The Witcher video games is one of those rare few franchises that are truly original and groundbreaking, spawning several offshoot stories across different media, and even a Netflix exclusive. 

In this highly lauded third instalment, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sees professional monster hunter Geralt embark on his most personal mission yet. In his search for his lover Yennifer and surrogate daughter Ciri, Geralt is thrust into a vast, immersive open fantasy world filled with all sorts of fantastic creatures to hunt and slay.

The Witcher 3 works as a standalone story, so you can enjoy the game even without playing through the first two beforehand. 

But more than the storytelling, it is the bestiary of imaginative monsters, satisfying sword-and-sorcery action and tantalising mysteries out in the world that will keep you coming back for more.

Don’t miss this excellent title, especially now that its Game of the Year Edition contains exclusive wallpapers, renders, soundtracks and other digital goodies. Going for 80% off, it is most certainly a steal for its price.

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition - 66% off

Genre: First-person shooter
Sale price: S$53.50 on Steam 
Regular price: S$155.80
Platform: PC 

Known for its kooky humour, zany characters and having more shotguns, pistols, handguns and assault rifles than you can shake a rocket turret at (yep, they have those, too), the Borderlands franchise is a breath of fresh air in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. 

While every other FPS title seems determined to be serious, gritty and realistic, Borderlands bucks the trend with a hard left into cartoon graphics and irreverent, self-deprecating humour. And we’re here for it.  

Available now at 66% off, Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition is one of the best ways to experience the franchise. On top of the award-winning base game, the bundle also contains six DLCs, along with several bonus cosmetic items, giving you hours of extra gameplay and customisation options. 

Dragon Age: Origins (Ultimate Edition) - 75% off

Genre: Action-role playing
Sale price: US$4.99 on 
Regular price: US$19.99
Platform: PC

From classic fantasy role-playing veteran Bioware, comes Dragon Age: Origins, a sword-and-sorcery adventure set in a massive mediaeval world. 

As one of the last Grey Wardens, you are a legendary guardian tasked to fend off the Darkspawn, an ancient enemy that has returned at a time when the kingdom is threatened by brewing civil war. 

Against this fraught background, learn magic spells, build combat skills and recruit a party of powerful allies to hunt down and destroy the archdemon behind it all. 

Dragon Age: Origins offers addictive gameplay, complex moral choices and a memorable open world that will keep you engrossed for hours on end. 

The Ultimate Edition – available now at 75% off – includes the follow-up expansion pack, as well as nine other DLCs, making it the best way to experience the title.

Battlefield V - 55% off

Genre: First-person shooter
Sale price: S$25.55 on 
Regular price: S$59.00
Platform: Xbox One

Battlefield V features loud, frenetic run-and-gun shooter action, the type that will have you and your teammates hooting and cheering for hours on end. Thus, this game is best enjoyed in multiplayer with your buddies on the other end. 

In terms of single-player mode, you can still eke out several hours of solid entertainment across four mini-campaigns. And unlike in previous entries, Battlefield V’s single-player functions as more than just a glorified tutorial, with each vignette featuring different rote-but-serviceable stories that guide you through the game’s beautiful locations.

No matter which mode you choose, Battlefield V continues the franchise’s addictive formula of satisfying gunplay and massive, heart-pounding battles. There are also some new systems to experiment with, such as dedicated specialisations for your weapons, and a brand-new recoil system. 

With an attractive 55% off, consider picking up Battlefield V if you’re looking to add to your shooter collection.

No Man's Sky - 67% off

Genre: Open-world adventure
Sale price: S$17.47 on 
Regular price: S$53.00
Platform: Xbox One

Mine resources, build a spaceship and blast off into space to explore thousands of unique, procedurally generated planets. That’s the main hook of No Man’s Sky, an ambitious open-world survival and exploration game from indie developer Hello Games.

Encounter impossible creatures, interact with strange alien races and discover fantastical worlds as you explore your way across the universe, guided by an enigmatic pull. You can even set down roots, building anything from small outposts to colonies that span star systems.

No Man’s Sky also offers multiplayer elements – you can visit other players’ bases, trade resources, partake in races, or take on missions together. 

Despite a less-than-stellar launch five years ago, the team behind No Man’s Sky has made vast improvements, bringing the game much closer to being an iconic title unlike any other.

If you’re thinking of diving in, No Man’s Sky is now available for 67% off on

Cyberpunk 2077 - 47% off

Genre: Open-world action adventure
Sale price: S$45.90 on 
Regular price: S$85.00
Platform: PS4

Step into the shoes of a cybernetic-enhanced mercenary outlaw in search of a legendary implant hidden somewhere in the high-tech, futuristic dystopia that is Night City. 

Take on daring missions, earn and upgrade new weapons and abilities, choose your allies, and make high-stake choices that can have world-changing consequences. 

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a gritty, neon-lit, larger-than-life virtual world that gives you the freedom to do as you choose. Follow questlines, uncover secrets, take part in turf wars, make shady deals, decorate your apartment, splurge on silly costumes… There's plenty here to keep you entertained.

Be warned though that the game still has some way to go before it can fully deliver on its promise, but the developers are making good progress with fairly regular patches. Just as well that you can now pick up a copy for almost half-off at

FIFA 21 Champions Edition - 81% off

Genre: Soccer
Sale price: S$20.57 on 
Regular price: S$109.90
Platform: PS4

FIFA 21 comes from one of video games’ longest-running sports franchises. It continues the finely tuned gameplay formula that has come to define the series, allowing you to build and manage your very own dream team of soccer superstars. 

This iteration also retains the well-received new game mode, Volta, focused on street soccer, that was launched in FIFA 20. In addition, there have been several pleasing tweaks and improvements made, and players can expect finer control, more varied strategy and more freedom to make some truly creative plays on the pitch. 

Sports games are often criticised for only offering incremental improvements rather than truly groundbreaking changes, and FIFA 21 doesn’t fully escape blame in this aspect. 

However, soccer fans likely won’t mind, because if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Also, if you pick up this Champions Edition offer – complete with loot packs, stadium items and play kits – it gives you 81% savings, which you can’t really complain about.  

Darksiders: Genesis - 61% off

Genre: Action, Adventure
Sale price: S$19.26 on 
Regular price: S$49.90
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Darksiders: Genesis is a fantasy action-adventure that puts you in control of an unlikely pair - the witty and snarky Strife, and the straight-laced and duty-bound War. The two are charged with a new mission, this time to investigate and stop the nefarious schemes of the Lord of Hell. 

The title offers plenty of flashy, hard-hitting, fast-paced combat and brutal finishers. For added variety, you can freely switch between the melee-focused War and long-range sniping Strife, using their different fighting styles, skills and weapons to overcome your enemies. 

Upping the entertainment factor is the hilarious interaction between the two lead characters –  their oddball pairing giving rise to some genuinely funny quips and comebacks. 

Darksiders: Genesis for the Nintendo Switch is now available for 61% off over on

NBA 2K22 - 34% off

Genre: Basketball
Sale price: S$27.17 on 
Regular price: S$41.34
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Heads-up, basketball fans! A brand new edition of NBA 2K has just dropped for the Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K22 brings more of the same slam-dunking, trick-dribbling sports action which you can now enjoy on the couch or while on the go.

This iteration features a few new changes that genre fans should find pleasing. 

Blocking and defending has been improved, and now feel more impactful and satisfying. The shot metre now offers a choice of two different inputs, and a brand-new fatigue mechanic has been introduced. The latter means you’ll need to be more deliberate and strategic when fielding your players, adding another dimension to the gameplay. 

NBA 2K22 is now retailing at a reduced price of S$27.17 on, giving you savings of 34%.

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