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12 Things To Do In Batam: A Comprehensive Travel Guide for What To Do In Batam

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 07 March, 2024

Desperate for a last-minute getaway? We'll always have Batam! Start planning your trip to Batam with our guide on what to eat, where to shop, fun activities to do and more!

When Singaporeans want a quick change of scenery less than an hour away, Batam beckons with its close proximity and diverse array of activities from culinary delights and shopping havens to thrilling outdoor experiences and serene beach getaways. 

Whether you're planning a day trip or a longer stay, our Batam travel guide is packed with must-visit spots and things to do to make the most of your time on this vibrant island. From travel insurance to top travel tips, let’s get to travel planning!

Table of Contents

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How to get to Batam from Singapore?

The easiest method of travelling to Batam from Singapore is by ferry. The ride takes about 40 to 70 minutes, depending on the harbour you depart from and arrive at.

There are 6 ferry terminals in Batam you can choose to arrive at, and 2 ferry terminals you can depart from Singapore. You can depart at HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Ferry Terminal Batam Centre, Ferry Terminal Sekupang, Ferry Terminal HarbourBay and Ferry Terminal NongsaPura in Pulau Batam.

Ferry Company
Embarkation Point (Singapore)
Disembarkation Point (Batam)
Price (SGD)
Sindo Ferry
Harbourfront Centre
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
S$28 (One-way including terminal fees)/S$56 (Two-way including terminal fees)
S$28 (One-way including terminal fees)/S$56 (Two-way including terminal fees)
Harbourfront Centre
Sekupang Ferry Terminal
Harbourfront Centre
Waterfront Ferry Terminal
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Batam Fast Ferry
Harbourfront Centre
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
S$43 (One-way including terminal fees)/S$76 (Two-way including terminal fees)
Harbourfront Centre
Sekupang Ferry Terminal
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Majestic Fast Ferry
Harbourfront Centre
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
S$43 (One-way including terminal fees)/S$76 (Two-way including terminal fees)
Harbourfront Centre
Sekupang Ferry Terminal
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Tanjung Pinang
Horizon Fast Ferry
Harbourfront Centre
Batam Harbour Bay
From S$43 (One-way including terminal fees)/S$76 (Two-way including terminal fees)

There are four ferry companies providing services to Batam: Sindo Ferry, Batam Fast Ferry, Majestic Fast Ferry, and Horizon Fast Ferry. You can book your ticket directly on their respective websites, or on sites like Easybook that allow you to compare different departure and arrival times at a glance.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 10.41.32 AMSource: Batamfast

Though you can purchase your ferry tickets up to 1 hour before your departure at the harbour itself, we recommend securing your tickets beforehand to ensure that there are sufficient tickets for you and your travel buddies for your trip.

Batam Outdoor Activities - Adventure, Outdoor Excitement, and Theme Parks

1. Get your heart rate up at Batam Adventure Park

If you’re looking for thrills and excitement during your Batam trip, head over to Batam Adventure Park for non-stop fun!

Despite being located smack dab in the middle of the city, this outdoor activity park is full to the brim with exciting activities. Pull on a poncho and get ready to get a little muddy ATV-ing or off-road go-karting. Once you’re done, head over to the archery range to practice your aim, or get competitive in paintball against your travel companions.

Once you’re all tuckered out, recharge with a hearty meal at their in-house cafe before heading off to the next item in your itinerary.

Address: Jl. Sudirman, Taman Baloi, Kec. Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia
Opening hours: 9am to 5.30pm from Saturday to Thursday, 9:30am to 5:30pm on Friday

2. Climb a thousand steps and take a treehouse selfie at Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga


This unique wonder pays homage to the residence of Mr BJ Habibie, the 3rd president of Indonesia. 

Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga means ‘a thousand steps’, the total number of steps leading to this attraction. The steps lead to many Instagram-worthy spots, including a treehouse, cliffside beach and viewpoint overlooking the skyscrapers of Singapore.

To access the location, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of around IDR 10,000 (S$0.86).

Address: Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang, Batam City, Riau Islands
Opening hours: 8am to 6am daily
Price: IDR 5,000 (S$0.50) | IDR 7,000 (S$0.70) for treehouse photo op

3. Take photos and rides at a waterfront amusement park

Source: Mega Wisata New Ocarina

Boasting a 30M-tall ferris wheel, swing rides, flying fox and a 3D theatre, Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam is the place to go for families or couples who want to stroll along the waterfront and take some aesthetic photos and soak in the carnival atmosphere. 

Address: Sadai, Bengkong, Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia 29444
Opening hours: 8am to 10pm on Monday to Fridays | 8am to 11pm on Saturdays | 6am to 10pm on Sundays




Things to do in Batam - Enjoy a Massage

4. Get the ultimate pampering session at Xoleil Spa Village 

Source: Xoleil Spa Village

Xoleil Spa Village has everything you can ever ask for a relaxing getaway.

One popular massage is the 90-minute Xoleil Signature Massage, a full-body Balinese massage that’ll loosen those knots and leave you feeling like a newborn.

Besides relaxing massages, this wellness destination also has food options that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Source: Xoleil Spa Village

Eat at the Urban Farm Kitchen, chill at their wine bar and lounge or stuff yourself silly at their pizza courtyard. After your tummies are filled, take a dip in their salt pool or relax at the stone onsen. 

For those looking for more activities to do, the village also offers a cooking school, where you can attend various classes such as wine tasting and cheesemaking.

Address: Jl. Raja H. Fisabilillah, Tlk. Tering, Kec. Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Price: From SGD95 (~IDR 1,110,340)

Remember to use a credit card like the Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card to earn some cashback returns for your overseas spending! You can earn up to 4 miles for every S$1 spent overseas and up to S$500,000 in travel insurance.

What to do in Batam for 1 day - Go Shopping

5. Shop to your heart’s content or catch a S$3 movie at Grand Batam Mall

Source: Grand Batam Mall

There’s no wonder why Singaporeans flock to Batam for weekend getaways — almost everything there is super affordable, with full meals at a restaurant averaging at around S$5 or less to massages that cost around S$10 per hour.

Shop ‘til you drop at the new Grand Batam Mall, which hosts shops such as Uniqlo and H&M, among many others. 

In the 80,000 square-metre mall, foodies may also find Genki Sushi, Marugame Udon, Mocca Cabana and Ichiban. 

After shopping and eating, catch a movie for only S$3 at CGV Cinema. They have various seating options, including couple-friendly ‘Sweetbox’ and Satin Suites. 

Address: Jalan Pembangunan, Batu Selicin, Kecamatan Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily



Places to Eat in Batam

6. Have your food sent to you while chilling in a swimming pool at SENSE Coffee & Pool

Source: SENSE Coffee & Pool

Bali vibes, anyone?

This whimsical cafe in Batam is the closest you can get to Bali without going there. Take tons of photos in their pool and taste trendy dishes for a fraction of cafe prices in Singapore (think, S$3 smoothie bowls). 

Address: Komp, Jl. Centre Park No.3, Taman Baloi, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia
Opening hours: 9am to 8pm Mondays to Saturdays | 8am to 9pm Sundays

If you're someone who loves to spend on food, earn up to 6% cashback for your dining expenses when you sign up for a Citi Cash Back Card. On top of that, it also provides up to S$1 million travel insurance coverage!

7. Cuddle up with giant teddy bears as you munch at Lee’s Cafe & Bar

Source: Lee's Cafe & Bar

A meal for one? Scrap that — you’re never alone at Lee’s Cafe & Bar as you’ll have a giant stuffed bear seated opposite you. And on the floor, and along the walls. 

The cafe is known for its tasty Cheese Lava dessert that oozes gooey cheese sauce. Expect to spend around IDR 25,000 to IDR 170,000 (S$2.50 to S$17) here. 

Address: Jalan Pembangunan, Ruko Penuin Centre Blok JA 1-2 Batam, Riau, Indonesia 29432
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily (Last order 9.30pm)

8. Watch the sunset as you dine at this dreamy seaside restaurant

Source: Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant

Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant is very popular among Singaporeans, especially with their post-COVID-lockdown facelift of new waterfront seats with a magnificent view of the sunset. 

Imagine all your favourite seafood dishes at the fraction of the prices in Singapore — cereal prawns at IDR 75,000 (SS$7), XO sauce scallops at IDR 85,000 (S$8) and nasi goreng at IDR 40,000 (S$3.75). 

They're also a fairly popular location for wedding banquets. So for that overseas wedding vibe, all you newlywed-to-be couples might want to put this location on your list!

Address: The Promenade Blok 8E, Harbour Bay Downtown Jalan Duyung Sei Jodoh, Sungai Jodoh, Kecamatan Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
Opening hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily

9. Chill the entire afternoon as you drink coffee on a floating cafe

Source: Level Up Coffee & Floating Bar

Have your coffee and drink it on a floating platform out at sea. Level Up Coffee & Floating Bar, which opened in late 2021, is a kelong-style cafe that will have you order drinks from a straw hut and drink them while lying down on one of their cosy bean bags. 

You can also pick a seat at the other open-air section of the cafe on land for those who get seasick easily. 

Address: Golden City, Bengkong Laut, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia
Opening hours: 3pm to 12am Mondays to Thursdays | 3pm to 1am Fridays to Sundays

10. Taste locally-made multi-coloured beers at Freshbeer Batam


Taste colourful beers featuring tropical flavours such as passion fruit and seaweed at only IDR 15,000 (S$1.40) a pop at Fresh Beer Batam.

Besides an assortment of beer, they are also known for their array of exotic barbeque meat on the menu, such as bat, crocodile, squirrel and snake to name a few.

Address: Jl. Engku Putri No.1, Tlk. Tering, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
Opening hours: 12pm to 1am Mondays to Saturdays | 12pm - 12am Sundays



11. Go budget at a 24-Hour Self-service Instant Noodle Store

Snapinsta.app_343726948_641144937833865_5072918387692661798_n_1080Source: @iffahmhy

If you're low on budget, there's Surgami, a 24-hour self-service instant noodle store that lets you pick from a huge variety of instant noodles that you can cook on the spot! Featuring about 80 rows of different flavours, Surgami offers crowd-favourite Mee Sedaap and Indomie, thier best-seller, Samyang, and even Irvin's Salted Egg flavoured noodles!

There are also lots of ingredients you can also add to your meal, like sausages, boiled eggs, sunny side up, vegetables, mushrooms, and meatballs. 

The prices are also very affordable, ranging from Rp5,500 up to Rp40,000.

Address: Parkiran One Batam Mall (di belakang Cafe Puas Hati, Tlk. Tering, Kec. Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
Opening hours: 9am to 2am daily

12. Sip cocktails at a rooftop bar with amazing panoramic views


Perched atop Marriott Hotel Harbour Bay, Batam’s first five-star hotel, is Altitude Rooftop Bar & Lounge.

Soak in the sunset with your loved one and chill in one of their round booth seats while enjoying margaritas, beer and wine. The drinks range from around S$6 to S$15 each. 

Address: Batam Marriott Hotel Harbour Bay (Level R), Jodoh River, Batu Ampar, Batam City, Riau Islands 29453, Indonesia
Opening hours: 5pm to 11pm Sundays to Thursdays | 5pm to 12am Fridays and Saturdays

What you need to know when planning for your Batam activities

Weather conditions

Batam enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. However, the best time to visit is during the dry season from April to October, when you can enjoy outdoor activities without the worry of rain.


Batam's diverse culture is a melting pot of ethnic groups, primarily Malay, Chinese, and indigenous communities, each contributing to the island's rich cultural tapestry. The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, but due to its proximity to Singapore and Malaysia, English, Bahasa Melayu, and Mandarin, as well as various Chinese dialects, are widely spoken, especially within the tourism sector. 


The island's economy is booming, with tourism, manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries leading the charge. This economic growth has led to a proliferation of shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment options for visitors, from idyllic beachside resorts to luxury hotels with amenities right at your doorstep.

What to pack in your suitcase before travelling to Batam from Singapore


Given Batam’s equatorial location, the sun can be particularly harsh, making sunscreen an indispensable item in your travel kit. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF should definitely be on your travel essentials checklist to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Opt for water-resistant varieties if you plan on indulging in water sports or beach activities. Reapply every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating. This not only prevents sunburns but also wards off long-term skin damage. Packing a sun hat and UV-protective clothing can also offer additional layers of protection, ensuring you enjoy Batam’s beautiful outdoors safely and comfortably.


A good pair of sunglasses is not just a fashion statement but a necessity in Batam’s sunny clime. Look for sunglasses offering 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays that can lead to cataracts and other eye issues. Polarised lenses can reduce glare, making them perfect for driving or exploring the island’s scenic spots. With the wide variety of styles available, you can choose a pair that complements your look while ensuring your eyes are well-protected during your adventures in Batam.


Mosquito repellent

A reliable mosquito repellent containing DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus is essential for keeping these pests at bay, especially during the early mornings and late evenings when mosquitoes are most active. Consider applying repellent not just on exposed skin but also on clothing for added protection. If you're staying or dining in outdoor or wooded areas, portable mosquito repellent devices or patches can also be useful. Taking these precautions will help ensure that your Batam visit remains enjoyable and free from the annoyance and risk of mosquito bites.

Travel credit card

Carrying a travel credit card is a smart way to handle your finances while in Batam. Choose a card that offers low or no foreign transaction fees to save on costs. Other perks include reward points on overseas spending, complimentary travel insurance credit cards, and even lounge access, enhancing your travel experience. 

Do inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any potential blocks on your card. Additionally, carrying a mix of payment options, including some cash for smaller transactions, ensures you’re covered in places that may not accept cards.



Travel insurance

While it’s not a legal ‘requirement’ to travel to Batam you should always secure your travel insurance before leaving Singapore. Even the cheapest travel insurance will help offer peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost baggage. You should also consider adventure travel insurance for any extreme sports you plan to undertake, like scuba diving or bungee jumping. With the right travel insurance by your side, you can rest assured that you're protected, allowing you to fully enjoy your Batam adventure worry-free.



How much money should you bring to Batam

Budgeting how much money to bring to your Batam trip depends on your planned activities, dining preferences, and shopping plans. On average, S$50 to S$100 per day should cover meals, transportation, and minor shopping, not including accommodation or major purchases. Though keep in mind that while Batam offers affordable options for dining and shopping, setting aside a contingency fund is wise for any unexpected expenses.

Must-buys from Batam

Wondering what to buy at Batam? Trust us, you’ll have no problem finding a souvenir to bring home! Batam is a haven for Singaporean shoppers, known for its affordable goods and unique local products. Batik shirts, with their vibrant patterns and colours, make for beautiful souvenirs and gifts. Kueh lapis, a rich, layered cake, is another must-buy item from Batam, famous for its spices and buttery goodness. Additionally, local handicrafts such as woven baskets and traditional ornaments reflect Batam’s rich cultural heritage. And don't miss out on local snacks and dried seafood, which are perfect for taking a taste of Batam home with you!

How to get around Batam to complete your Batam itinerary

Exploring Batam is convenient, thanks to a variety of transportation options catering to different preferences and budgets:

Rent a car

Renting a car in Batam offers the ultimate flexibility to explore the island at your own pace. Various rental agencies are available, providing a range of vehicles to suit your needs. When renting a car, ensure you have a valid driver’s licence and are familiar with the local driving laws. Renting a car is ideal for families or groups, so you can do all the things you want to do without relying on public transport. You should also purchase international car rental insurance for a self-drive trip to ensure your financial protection. Do also ensure your travel insurance comes with rental excess coverage!

Get a taxi

Taxis are a convenient and affordable way to get around Batam. They can be hailed directly from the streets or booked through your hotel. Agreeing on a fare before starting your journey is advisable, as not all taxis use metres. For longer distances or full-day hires, negotiating a fixed rate with the driver can offer better value and convenience.

Ride the local public transport

For an authentic Batam experience, consider using the local public transport. Mini-buses, known locally as 'angkot,' run specific routes around the island, offering an inexpensive way to travel. While the angkot system can seem daunting at first, it's a great way to immerse yourself in local life and navigate Batam like a resident.

Take Grab and/or Gojek

Ride-hailing apps such as Grab and Gojek are now widely used in Batam, providing a safe and efficient means of transportation. With the convenience of app-based booking, you can easily arrange for rides from your location to your destination at transparent prices. These services often offer a variety of vehicle options, from standard cars to larger vehicles for groups, making them a versatile choice for getting around.



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