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Where to Park: Cheapest Parking Spots Near Raffles City

Ferlin Mok

Ferlin Mok

Last updated 24 January, 2024

Looking to save money on parking for your next visit to Raffles City? This post will uncover the most budget-friendly options available.

Raffles City is a premier destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment in the heart of Singapore. In this post, we'll share insider tips on finding the cheapest parking options near Raffles City, whether you're visiting for shopping, work, or leisure. We'll cover everything you need to know, from its parking rates to details on applying for season parking to cheaper alternative parking locations nearby. 

Table of contents

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Raffles City Car Park Information

The car park of Raffles City Shopping Centre is located at basement levels 1 to 3 of the mall. With over 1,000 parking lots available, it provides ample parking space. 

The Raffles City car park is the most convenient option when visiting Raffles City Shopping Centre, Raffles City Tower, Raffles City Convention Centre, Fairmont Singapore, or Swissôtel The Stamford. It is located right underneath these venues. 

There are two car park entrances for easy access - one along Stamford Road and the other at Bas Basah Road. 

Raffles City Parking Rates

On weekdays before 6pm, the cost of parking at Raffles City is comparable to other malls in the area. After 6pm, it charges a per-entry parking fee. 

While its per-entry rate of S$3.25 is not the lowest (the lowest is at Marina Square at S$2.25 per entry), it is still affordable for most drivers. One can park at a very convenient location just above City Hall MRT station while running errands or catching up with friends over dinner without worrying about parking charges. 

Parking at Raffles City on weekends is not the cheapest compared to the other parking options nearby. 

However, there are ways to score free or discounted parking at Raffles City! More on that in the later section.  

Here is how much it costs to park at Raffles City.

Car parking rates
Monday – Friday 
8am to 5.59pm: 
  • S$2.60 for first hour, 
  • S$0.65 for subsequent 15 minutes
6pm to 7.59am (the next day): 
  • S$3.25 per entry
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
8am to 7.59am (the next day): 
  • S$2.60 for first 2 hours
  • S$0.65 for subsequent 15 mins
Motorcycle parking rates
Monday - Sunday
8am to 7.59am (the next day): 
  • S$1.30 per entry

Raffles City car park has a grace period of 10 minutes. 

Raffles City Season Parking

Do you work near Raffles City and drive to work? Then, you might want to consider applying for Raffles City’s car park season parking.  

The monthly cost for season parking at Raffles City is S$314. Applying is simple - just go to CapitaLand Season Parking Application and submit your request.  

With season parking, you can park in the mall 24/7, whether you are in the area for business or leisure. 

For comparison, here are the monthly season parking rates of nearby malls. 

Season Parking Charges of Malls Near City Hall MRT Station
Suntec City
S$272.50 monthly
Marina Square
S$294.30 monthly
Raffles City
S$314 monthly
1 month
S$324 monthly
3 months
S$810 (S$270 monthly)
6 months
S$1,425.60 (S$237.60 monthly)
12 months
S$2,592 (S$216 monthly)
Millenia Walk 
S$327 monthly
Capitol Building
3 months
S$1,025 (S$341.67 monthly)

Raffles City Car Park Information: Summary

Car Park Parking Rates
Monday – Friday: 
  • 8am to 5.59pm: S$2.60 for first hour, S$0.65 for subsequent 15 minutes
  • 6pm to 7.59am (the next day): S$3.25 per entry
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays:
  • 8am to 7.59am (the next day): S$2.60 for first 2 hours, S$0.65 for subsequent 15 mins
Monday - Sunday:
8am to 7.59am (the next day): S$1.30 per entry
Car Park Grace Period
10 minutes
Car Park Operating Hours
The car park is open 24/7. 
Complimentary Parking 
For Hotel Guests?
There is no complimentary parking for hotel guests of Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel the Stamford. 
Hotel guests pay the prevailing parking fees of Raffles City.
Car Park Height Limit
1.9 metres

Get Free or Discounted Parking at Raffles City

There are two ways to save on parking charges at Raffles City. 

The first method is to sign up for a CapitaStar membership and use Carpark eVouchers purchased with your CapitaStar reward points (STAR$). 

The second way is to spend at least S$1,200 per calendar month using an American Express CapitaCard. Then enjoy complimentary parking for the first 3 hours per day at Raffles City.  

Redeem Parking Voucher as a CapitaStar Member

CapitaStar is a free loyalty program by CapitaLand that lets you earn STAR$ when you shop at participating stores in CapitaLand malls like Raffles City. 

As a CapitaStar member, you can redeem Carpark eVouchers using STAR$ on the CapitaStar app and use them to offset parking charges at Raffles City.

eVouchers come in S$1 and S$3 denominations. You may use only one Carpark eVoucher at a time to offset your parking expenses.  

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Complimentary Parking with American Express CapitaCard 


Parking Privilege at Raffles City
Complimentary parking for your first 3 hours of parking at Raffles City daily. 
Spend a minimum of S$1,200 in a calendar month

The American Express CapitaCard offers complimentary parking at participating CapitaLand malls in Singapore. Cardholders can park for free for the first 3 hours daily in each CapitaLand mall.

To qualify for the complimentary parking,

  • You must have an American Express CapitaCard. 
  • Spend a minimum of S$1,200 in a calendar month using that credit card. 

How to receive complimentary parking

  1. Register your card and car at
  2. Spend S$1,200 or more in the calendar month.
  3. You will receive an in-app notification on your CapitaStar App on the carpark benefit eligibility the following month. 
  4. Enjoy complimentary parking beginning one month after notification.

For example, if you meet the spending threshold from 1st to 31st January, you will be eligible for complimentary parking from 1st to 31st March.

Please refer to this guide for a detailed walkthrough of the registration steps.

Other Cheaper Parking Options Near Raffles City 

Parking costs vary depending on the time and day. Here are some cheaper alternatives to parking at Raffles City: 

  • Weekdays Before 6pm - Consider Marina Square, Esplanade, or Capitol Building for lower parking rates. 
  • Weekdays After 6pm - Marina Square, Millenia Walk (Basement Car Park), and Suntec City have lower per-entry rates than Raffles City. 
  • Weekends Before 6pm - Millenia Walk (Basement Car Park), Marina Square, and Suntec City have lower parking charges.
  • Weekends After 6pm - Funan is the only mall in the area that charges a per-entry parking fee.

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The table below shows the parking rates of these shopping malls. 

Cheapest Parking near Raffles City
(Before 5/6pm) 
Marina Square (Monday – Thursday)
  • S$3.27 for first 2 hours 
  • S$1.64 per 30 minutes, or part thereof (~S$3.28 per hour)
Marina Square (Friday)
  • S$2.44 for the first 2 hours or part thereof, 
  • S$1.22 per hour for the next 2 subsequent hours or part thereof
  • S$1.43 per 30 minutes, or part thereof after 4 hours parking (~S$2.86 per hour)
  • S$2.30 per hour
Capitol Building
  • S$2.45 for the first hour, 
  • S$0.55 subsequent 15 mins (~S$2.20 per hour)
(After 5/6pm) 
Marina Square
  • From 5pm, S$2.25 per entry
Millenia Walk (Basement Car Park)
  • From 6pm, S$2.30 per entry
Suntec City
  • From 5pm, S$3 per entry
Millenia Walk (Basement Car Park) - 7am to 7am (next day)
  • S$2.30 for the first 2 hours, 
  • S$1.20 for every subsequent hour
Marina Square - 7am to 2am (next day)
  • S$2.44 for the first 2 hours or part thereof, 
  • S$1.22 per hour for the next 2 subsequent hours or part thereof
  • S$1.43 per 30 minutes, or part thereof after 4 hours parking (~S$2.86 per hour)
Suntec City- 7am to 4am (next day)
  • S$2.60 for the first hour, 
  • S$1.30 per hour for the next 3 hours 
  • S$1.30 per 30 minutes from 4th hour onwards (~S$2.60 per hour)
  • From 6pm, S$3.30 per entry


Raffles City offers convenient parking in the heart of the city, with competitive parking rates during weekdays and more premium pricing on weekends. 

Consider cheaper parking alternatives in the vicinity, like Marina Square and Suntec City, based on the time and day. With a competitive season parking rate, you can consider applying for Raffles City season parking if you frequently park in the area to save on your overall parking expenses. 

Finally, offset parking costs by redeeming parking vouchers using your STAR$ as a CapitaStar member. You can also enjoy complimentary parking for the first three hours in the mall when you meet the minimum spending requirement on your American Express CapitaCard. With these parking hacks, you can save on your parking costs and enjoy all Raffles City offers.

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