The Ultimate Guide to the yuu App & Rewards: Redeem a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 16 November, 2022

Unlock up to 30x more rewarding life over your daily expenses at over 1,000 merchants with the yuu App.

Are “yuu” ready for the newest everyday rewards app on the market? With so many fintech businesses (like Trust and GXS Bank) entering Singapore’s shores, it can be difficult to keep up with the new entrants each time. 

So what’s the deal with the yuu App? Is it just as good, if not, better than existing e-marketplaces and payment portals like Grab’s ecosystem? And how will getting a DBS yuu (Visa/AMEX) Credit Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card enhance the points earned?

In this article, we’ll unpack that and more to help you discern if the yuu App is worth downloading and integrating into.

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Disclaimer: As of 16 November 2022, all rewards and promos mentioned in this article are valid at the time of writing. Credit card and app mechanics are subject to change at any time without prior warning. This opinion article is meant for educational purposes only and was not written in affiliation with DBS or the yuu App.

Overview: What You Need to Know About the yuu App 2022

yuu App

  • S$1 = 1 yuu point (0.5% cash rebate) at participating merchants
  • Up to 30x yuu Points (15% cash rebate) with DBS yuu Credit Card
  • Up to 16x yuu Points (8% cash rebate) with DBS PAssion POSB Debit Card 

Featured merchant 

Redeemable rewards & discounts


3x yuu Points storewide

360 pts = Standard sausage bun
950 pts = S$5 BreadTalk Cash Voucher

1,800 pts = S$10 BreadTalk Cash Voucher

Other discounts
Steam cakes for S$1.60

Cold Storage

  • 3x yuu Points on 1st and 2nd transactions
  • 2x yuu Points on Snacks, Yoghurts, Chocolates, Lindt Lindor Cornet, Craft Beers, Salads, etc.
  • 3x yuu Points on Meadows brand, selected Christmas Feasts, Lindt Christmas Teddy Advent Calendar, Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream, etc.

200 pts = Bridor French Butter Croissant (70g)
200 pts = Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar
300 pts = Little Petey Banana
1,200 pts = Meadows Home Frying Pan
6,000 pts = Leaon Launois Cuvee Reservee Brut Champagne (750ml)


  • 3x yuu Points on 1st and 2nd transactions
  • 3x yuu Points on Meadows brand
  • 2x yuu Points on Yoghurts, Noodles, Chocolates, Snacks, Beverages, Beer, Wine, and Spirits, Toys, etc.

100 pts = Meadows Honey Green Tea (500ml)
100 pts = Meadows Green Tea (500ml)
150 pts = Meadows Shopping Bag
200 pts = Ferrero Rocher T3 (35g)


  • 5x yuu Points on Guardian brand
  • 3x yuu Points on 1st and 2nd transactions
  • 3x yuu Points on Happy Mask brand

10 pts = Antibacterial Wipes 10s (Fragrance-Free/Pine Scented)
100 pts = Kids Vitaminc C Gummies (15 Gummies)
100 pts = Happy Mask Jeju Face Mask
2,000 pts = Waimete Manuka MGO100+ (250g) Honey

Other discounts
10% off Kusabana brand
10% off La Roche-Posay brand


Toast Box

3x yuu Points storewide

10 pts = Hot Kopi (Small)
380 pts = Ala carte Traditional Toast
950 pts = S$5 Toast Box Cash Voucher
1,800 pts = S$10 Toast Box Cash Voucher

Other discounts
5% off purchase of 2 Traditional Toast Sets


5x yuu Points on 7-Select Sandwiches and Wraps, Meadows Chips, 7-Cafe Tumbler

200 pts = Authentic Tea House Ayataka Can (300ml)
200 pts = Mini Slurpee
200 pts = Mr Softee Ice Cream
400 pts = Hanjuku Eggs (100g)

Food Republic

100 bonus points on 1st transaction

300 pts = Hot Kopi / Teh (Small)
950 pts = S$5 Food Republic Cash Voucher

Thye Moh Chan

3x yuu Points storewide

460 pts = Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry (1pc)
950 pts = S$5 Thye Moh Chan Cash Voucher
1,800 pts = Thye Moh Chan Cash Voucher

Other discounts
Tau Sar Piah Set (8pc) for S$15.80

Butter Bean

3x yuu Points storewide

660 pts = Regular Bbrulee Kopi / Teh Latte
950 pts = S$5 Butter Bean Cash Voucher

1,800 pts = S$10 Butter Bean Cash Voucher

Other discounts
20% off second Mains Set

Food Junction

950 pts = S$5 Food Junction Cash Voucher

Other discounts
30 bonus yuu Points with purchase of 3 cups of Dispenser Drinks


800 pts = TVBAnywhere+ (30 days)
1,000 pts = S$5 off ReadyRoam

1,000 pts = Learning Plus (30 days)
1,000 pts = iQIYI (30 days)
1,000 pts = S$5 Devices & Gadgets
1,000 pts = Lifestyle Plus (30 days)
1,000 pts = Viu Premium (30 days)
1,000 pts = 24 Hours Unlimited Local Data (worth S$7.90)
2,000 pts = S$10 off Devices and Gadgets
2,400 pts = HBO GO (30 days)
3,000 pts = Sports Plus (30 days)
6,000 pts = S$50 off Devices & Lifestyle Gadgets
53,800 pts = Xiaomi Redmi 10 5 (128GB)
279,600 pts = Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (128GB) (worth S$1,398)

Other discounts

  • Purchase FIFA World Cup™ Pack (S$118) + get free Singtel CAST Packs (3-month free subscription)
  • Get 50% off 12-month Family Pack (U.P. S$23.90) when signing up for Singtel TV
  • Get extra 10GB per month when signing up for XO Plus (24 months) or SIM Only Plus (12 months) 5G plans
  • Get 25% off additional Mesh Extenders
  • Get S$5 off Red Membership

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Get 10% off Friend of Wildlife Plus (Individual Adult/Family) membership as a yuu Member — includes annual access to all parks, priority privileges, F&B and retail discounts, tours, etc.

2,500 pts = Jurong Bird Park Child Admission Ticket
2,800 pts = River Wonders Child Admission Ticket
3,300 pts = Singapore Zoo Child Admission Ticket
3,800 pts = Night Safari Child Admission Ticket

Note: This list is not exhaustive, please refer to the yuu App directly for more details. T&Cs apply. Each offer is subject to its own validity and expiry.

Well, for starters, the yuu App positions itself as your all-in-one marketplace housing your favourite grocery and lifestyle brands and partners. 

Get access to a whole catelogue of lifestyle, dining, and shopping rewards with the yuu App at selected merchants. 

By scanning “My ID” on the yuu App, you’ll be able to earn yuu Points at merchant checkouts like Cold Storage, 7-Eleven, Giant, Guardian, and more. In turn, these point rebates contribute towards rewards redemption.

Even without a DBS yuu Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card, just downloading the yuu App instantly rewards you with a 0.5% cash rebate.

After all, who doesn’t like earning points with minimal effort?

DBS yuu Visa Credit CardDBSYuu_Visa

DBS yuu AMEX Credit CardDBSYuu_Amex

PAssion POSB Debit Cardposb-passion-card



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What is the yuu App?

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What is the yuu App (or the yuu Rewards Club) exactly?

It is the newest Temasek-backed tech venture by, rewarding members with one yuu Point per dollar spent (0.5% cash rebate) on all retail spend with no minimum spend or point cap. 


This base point conversion rate applies for over 1,000 participating merchants — including DFI Retail Group merchants (e.g. Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets), BreadTalk Group merchants (e.g. BreadTalk, Toast Box, selected Food Republic and Food Junction outlets), Singtel, and Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

It collates all your favourite lifestyle, dining, and everyday brands into one single app to help shoppers accumulate yuu Points and redeem rewards easily via their “Scan, Earn, and Redeem” system.

TL;DR: The yuu App functions as a one-stop Rewards Club with a point-and-rebate system to deliver members with more rewards, at more places. 

How to use the yuu App?

First things first, the yuu App is available for download on both Apple and Android. Once downloaded, the registration is also straightforward, only needing your phone number for verification. 

Following that, you’ll just need to enter your first and last name, together with your preferred email address.

💡 Pro-tip: Get a chance to win 1 million yuu Points when you agree to their newsletter updates regarding offers and rewards. It’s indicated by a checkbox at the bottom of the name and email registration page.

Once that’s done, you have the option to link a PAssion Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card if you’re an existing cardholder. 

Source: DBS

After the set-up is done, you’re all ready to start scanning your yuu ID under the “My ID” tab (either QR code or barcode) during checkouts at partner brands to start earning yuu Points. Subsequently, you can instantly access your yuu Point balance on the app to track your progress.

But for those who want to go the extra mile in points, don’t be shy in whipping out your dedicated DBS yuu Credit Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card to boost your point earnings immediately!

Depending on your card of choice, different bonus rebates for yuu Points earned will apply.

How to use DBS/POSB Credit & Debit Cards to Earn Bonus yuu Points?

As a brief overview, here’s a general breakdown of how yuu Points and Reward Points are calculated and converted based on partner and bank card multipliers in effect.



yuu Point 

Point Multiplier

Base Points

All retail spend: 1 yuu Point = S$1

Participating yuu merchants: 4x yuu points

1 x $10 = 10 yuu Points


4 x S$10 = 40 yuu Points

(Bonus) Partner Offers

Selected partner products: 2x yuu Points (2x bonus + 1x base rate)

(3 - 1) x 10 = 20 yuu Points 

(Bonus) Bank Cards

DBS yuu Credit Card: Up to 30x yuu Points

PAssion POSB Debit Card: Up to 16x yuu Points

(30 - 3) x 10 = 270 yuu Points


(16 - 3) x 10 = 130 yuu Points

Maximum yuu Points earned

DBS yuu Credit Card: Up to 30x yuu Points

10 + 20 + 270 = 300 yuu Points

PAssion POSB Debit Card: Up to 16x yuu Points

10 + 20 + 130 = 160 yuu Points

Now that the reward system’s mechanics are a bit clearer, let’s elaborate a little on the respective cards.

DBS yuu Credit Card


DBS yuu Visa Card


DBS yuu AMEX Card

As part of the yuu App’s launch, DBS simultaneously released a new addition to the DBS credit card family — the DBS yuu (Visa/AMEX) Credit Card

Side note: These cards will also replace the DBS Black (Visa/AMEX) Cards.

But you can still continue to earn DBS Points until 28 February 2023. After which, you can either choose to receive a complimentary DBS yuu Card replacement or not.

In any case, cardholders can expect to receive up to 5x base yuu Points (2.5% cash rebate) with no minimum spend and no cap. All you have to do is spend at a participating yuu merchant like Cold Storage, Giant, Toast Box, Guardian, and so on.

However, if you shop at a non-participating retailer like H&M for instance, you’ll only be rewarded with the 1x base yuu Point.

In conjunction with the launch, DBS is running a limited-time promo rate for cardholders to earn up to 30x yuu Points (up to 15% cash rebate) at BreadTalk, Butter Bean, Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Food Junction, Food Republic, Food Opera, Giant, Guardian, 7-Eleven, Toast Box, and Thye Moh Chan until 31 January 2023.




DBS yuu Visa Card



DBS yuu AMEX Card


PAssion POSB Debit Card


If you don’t intend to get the DBS yuu Credit Card because you’re an existing PAssion POSB Debit Cardholder (like me), then here are the yuu Point rates you’re entitled to!

At the base rate, cardholders can earn up to 3x base yuu Points when spending at participating yuu merchants, no minimum spend or cap involved. Spending at non-participating merchants will warrant you the 1x yuu Point base rate only.

For boosted points, earn up to 16x yuu Points (up to 8% cash rebate) at BreadTalk, Butter Bean, Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Food Junction, Food Republic, Food Opera, Giant, 7-Eleven, Toast Box, and Thye Moh Chan until 31 January 2023.

But hold up.

A little birdie told us that you’ll be able to earn anywhere between 250 to 1,800 bonus yuu Points depending on how much you spend at the relevant merchants.


💡 Pro-tip: Check out attractive Klook 1-for-1 deals and promos as featured in our Klook promo code article.




yuu App Merchants and Rewards

As seen from our summary table above, the yuu App offers discounts, deals, and rewards for over 1,000 participating merchants (and their outlets) islandwide. 

Ranging from a mix of food, lifestyle, and activity promos, we recommend everyone to take their time and slowly browse their extensive catalogue.

Some merchant and product highlights offered include:


Highlight promo

How to redeem


Steamcakes for S$1.60 


Cold Storage

Leaon Launois Cuvee Reservee Brut Champagne (750ml)

6,000 yuu Points


Ferrero Rocher T3 (35g)

200 yuu Points


Waimete Manuka MGO100+ Honey (250g)

2,000 yuu Points

Toast Box

5% off two Traditional Toast Sets



Hanjuku Eggs (100g)

400 yuu Points 

Food Republic

1x Small Hot Kopi / Teh

300 yuu Points 

Thye Moh Chan

Tau Sar Piah Set (8pc) for S$15.80


Butter Bean

20% off second Mains Set



Various 30-day subscriptions to streaming services (e.g. Viu Premium, HBO GO)

1,000 yuu Points

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Various park admission tickets 

From 2,500 yuu Points

Each reward has its own set validity period and expiry date. Individual details can be found on their respective listing on the app. 

That said, the promos and rewards constantly changing; so it pays to check the yuu App regularly to seize the best deals from your favourite merchants.

Is the yuu App worth downloading?

After having listed all the glamorous and exciting rewards available on the yuu App, it now begs the question: Is it really worth the hype?

For frequent Cold Storage and Giant grocery shoppers, the yuu App and the DBS/POSB cards make a decent combo that allows you to spend, earn rebates, and redeem rewards all at the same time. 

This could potentially benefit you more in the long run as compared to simply relying on your typical cashback cards like the UOB One Card or the HSBC Visa Platinum Card

But don’t get us wrong, we’re not implying that these existing credit cards are bad. On the contrary, they’re excellent in their proposed mechanics — with the UOB One Card offering up to 15% cashback at DFI Retail Group members too like Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Giant, Guardian, 7-Eleven, CART and more.

Let’s take the UOB One Card for example.

Assuming hitting the minimum S$2,000 monthly spend for three consecutive months,

Grocery expenses = S$200
Cashback earned = 15% x S$200 = S$30
Total cashback earned in per yearly quarter = 3 x S$30 = S$90

That’s S$90 cashback received across a period of three months in total.

Compared to using DBS yuu Credit Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card on the same amount,

Grocery expenses = S$200
yuu Points earned = 5 x S$200 = 1,000 yuu Points
Total cash rebate earned per shopping trip = 0.5% x 1,000 = S$1  

That’s a pretty measly figure, to say the least.

At the end of the day, it’s more about what you prioritise in your grocery experience: would you rather earn cashback to offset your card bill directly or accumulate points in a loyalty programme to redeem future rewards? 



hsbc-visa-platinum-card-faceHSBC Visa Platinum


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Besides those, there are other useful grocery cashback credit cards if you like to keep your options open and rotate between different supermarkets for your grocery runs.

Otherwise, downloading the yuu App and applying for the DBS/POSB cards feel like more of a “why not” option. 

With the app itself, you’re already earning a base 0.5% cash rebate which is better than nothing. Who knows? After some time, those random and spontaneous grocery visits, necessity supply shopping, and foodie hunts might actually prove useful. 

You might even be one of the lucky few that manages to earn 279,600 yuu Points in order to redeem a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone! Congrats in advance!



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