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SingSaver’s 2020 CNY Mega Rewards Promotion – Win Over $18,000 In Total Cash Prizes

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 27 March, 2020

SingSaver’s CNY Mega Rewards is now over. Thank you for participating! But what’s next?

If you participated: 

The list of winners who qualify for the $288/$28 cash prize are at the bottom of this article.

You’ll also receive an email from SingSaver confirming how and when you’ll receive your cash prize or rewards:

  • For Credit Cards: Three (3) calendar months from card/loan approval date or redemption form submission date, whichever is later. 
  • Travel Insurance: Three (3) calendar months from the date of purchase or redemption form submission date, whichever is later.

If you’re not part of the 108 winners, you’ll still receive SingSaver’s exclusive CNY one-day-only rewards. In case you missed it, here are our terms and conditions, and FAQs

If you didn’t get a chance to participate: 

Simply head over to our site for the best deals on Credit Cards, Travel Insurance or Personal Loans and still be eligible to receive up to $200 cash!

SingSaver’s CNY Mega Rewards Winners

Credit Card Winners
Kevin Cheo
Lam Thi Ngoc Mai
Cheng Sui Hui
Gerald Wee
Su Yuxiong
Mohamed Fairuz
Eugene Goh
Ku Chee Seng
Kelvin Chow
Teo Eng Hwee
Edith Ang
Yeo Tin Koon
Nitish Kumar
Matthew Chia
Poh Gim Chen
Clarence Tan
Roger Look
Merlyn Koh
Johnnie Ang
Teo Jun Hao
Huang Haoqin
Ang Guan Yang
Leonard Lim
Elizabeth Zhen
Seetoh Ee Mun
Tan Yu Ling
Han Baolong
Bibiana Lee
Kevin Yap
Patrick Chew
Nicholas Soong
Teo Yan Shan
Low Wee Tiong
Aldi Stefanus Felim
Jean Khor
Tay Lian Hwee
Tew Tiong Phew
Ng Ding Geng
Lim Wei Yang
Janet Tan
Ho Kum Hong
Ng Tian Yih
Darren Lim
New Yi Lei
Wong Leong Fei
Wong Siew Hong
Meryl Juans Ajiwibawa
Xu Yuming
Gabriel Choo
Jerald Lim
Jasmine Lee
Lu Yi
Lim Feifan
Saw Guang Zheng
Sajjan Sahu
Valentine Chua
Evans Pritchard Julian James

Travel Insurance Winners
Win Thida Aung
Denise Chew
Ho Meng Yee
Goh Wan Xin
Diana Hwa
Stephenie Pang
George Goh
Soh Jun Liang
Lim Jun Hao
Wei Keng Chuen
Ivan Qiu
Zhu Yanlan
Soo Jianhao
Matthew Pan
Chang Kooi Moi
Yeo Peng Huin
Kor Hui Min
Jocelyn Chua
Aloysius Poa
Reef Koh
Rachel Huen
Lim Jing Xuan
Ng Xiang Long
Ang Wei Shan
Liew Jia Wei
Grace Tan
Chiw Sheau Feng
Leong Wai Lene
Jacintha Low
Jeremy Tan
Gho Sok Eng
Yong Zhen Hugo
Andy Chua
Kellie Chong
Rio Indrawan
Dhanasekaran Bharathi
Look Gin Wah
Tan Yi Tian
Low Guo Liang
Wong Po Fong
Kong Ding Rong

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