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SingSaver team

Last updated 27 May, 2022

Nespresso is a world-renowned premium brand of coffee machines and capsules, offering the ultimate coffee and espresso experience. We take a look at some of their machines and their subscription plans.

Nespresso provides a convenient and affordable way to enjoy freshly made premium coffee at home. Nespresso’s wide range of capsule flavours also means that you’ll never be bored, and can even easily discover new blends to try.

Why should I get a Nespresso subscription?

Admit it: you love coffee. But café coffees don’t come cheap, and you may only have enough time day to day to concoct a cup of instant coffee. 

What if there was an easy way to tap on a coffee subscription from the comfort of your home? You’d always have a fresh cup of joe ready when you needed it most.

That's where Nespresso comes in. With a Nespresso coffee machine subscription, you can access high-quality machines at the ridiculously affordable price of S$1, and convert your monthly subscription fee into credits which you can use to buy capsules – ensuring a continuous supply that’ll keep the coffee flowing. 

Reasons to get a Nespresso subscription plan

Varied subscription plans 

There are six main types of Nespresso subscriptions in Singapore: 

  • Inissa (S$35/month)
  • Essenza Mini & Milk (S$45/month) 
  • Vertuo Next (S$65/month) 
  • Atelier (S$85/month)
  • Lattissima Touch (S$85/month)  
  • Vertuo Next & Milk (S$85/month)  

All plans allow you to own a Nespresso coffee machine at S$1, and come in at different price points depending on how much coffee you usually drink. For instance, the lowest-priced S$35 per month Inissa plan is suitable for those who usually drink around 30 cups of coffee a month. 

Own a Nespresso machine for just S$1

Besides the Original machines (Inissia and Essenza Mini), Nespresso is also offering the subscription plans for its newer range of Vertuo machines. 

Enjoy the wide range of exceptional coffees from Nespresso

The best part about the subscription? You have access to all the best coffees from around the world — there are over 30 varieties available for purchase. Plus, if you find one that you like, you can order it again (and again) by adding it to your regular monthly delivery.

Additional benefits after one year on the Nespresso subscription

Once you have been subscribed for 12 months, your subscription will automatically renew with the perk of additional 10% credits though you continue paying the same amount each month. 

Which Nespresso machine should you get?

You may be stumped for choice when it comes to Nespresso’s machines given the variety. However, asking which machine to get is a bit like asking which car to buy.

In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a suitable Nespresso machine.

Types of Nespresso machines

The subscription plans offer machines for different budgets and needs. These include:

Nespresso Original Machines

Understanding the different types of Nespresso Original machines can help you choose your next coffee maker. While all Original machines brew espresso, they have a variety of features. Some are ideal for the office, while others are perfect for home use.

Nespresso Original machines use a 19-bar pressure system and can make espresso or lungo (long) coffee. They are designed for the Nespresso Original capsules only. There are more than 20 Original models, including: 

Original Line

The Original Line includes Nespresso's most affordable machines. These models are made from lightweight plastic and feature minimalistic designs. They're perfect for small spaces or personal use.

Original Lattissima Machines

Lattissima machines are designed for people who love milk-based drinks, like lattes or cappuccinos. The automatic milk frothers on these models give you perfectly steamed and frothed milk every time. This type of machine features a built-in milk tank that holds enough liquid for several cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled. 


The Atelier is a high-performing Original model with an integrated milk frother. It comes with nine pre-programmed recipes which include both hot and cold drinks. With this machine, lovers of milk-based drinks can easily produce one-touch cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. 

Nespresso Vertuo Machines

The Nespresso Vertuo Machines comprise the newest range of machines. These use different brewing methods for espressos and coffees, so it's an excellent choice for people who want a versatile machine. Vertuo machines can also brew larger eight-ounce cups of coffee and five-ounce espresso shots, so if you find yourself in need of a larger cuppa or want to share your coffee with friends, this is the best choice.

How does the subscription work?

If the subscription deal sounds good to you, you’ll simply need to sign up for your preferred plan (for a minimum of 12 months) and purchase the accompanying machine at S$1. You can then use the credit amount equivalent to your subscription fee at the Nespresso boutiques, online store or app. 

You’ll get free delivery on your first order. 


Now that you have found out that subscriptions can save you money when buying Nespresso machines, what are you waiting for? Whether at the office or at home, a Nespresso subscription will help to fuel your days. 

Looking for ways to pay for your  Nespresso subscription? Check out our website for a comparison of the best cashback credit cards that you can use.

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