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2020 School Holidays And How To Spend Them

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 13 March, 2020

The school holidays are almost here, and it's time to start planning your family adventures. 

But before you get started on that, here’s a quick glance at the school holidays you need to bookmark in 2020.

2020 School Holidays For Primary & Secondary School Students

School TermDatesDuration
Term 114 (Saturday) to 22 March (Sunday)1 week
Semester 130 May (Saturday) to 28 June (Sunday) 1 month
Term 25 (Saturday) to 13 September (Sunday)1 week
Semester 221 November (Saturday) to 31 December (Thursday)1 month

School holidays for Junior Colleges and Millennia Institutes

For the older kids (aged 16 to 18/19) attending Junior Colleges and Millennia Institutes, their school holidays differ slightly from the above due to prelims and ‘A’ Level examinations.

2020 School Holidays For Junior College Students

School TermDatesDuration
Between Term 1 and 214 March (Saturday) to 22 March (Sunday)1 week
Between Semester 1 and 230 May (Saturday) to 28 June (Sunday)1 month
Between Term 3 and 45 (Saturday) to 13 September (Sunday)1 week
At the end of the school yearYear 1: 28 November (Saturday) to 31 December (Thursday)
Year 2: End of ‘A’ Level exams to 31 December (Thursday)
1 month

2020 School Holidays For Millennia Institute Students

School TermDatesDuration
Between Term 1 and 214 March (Saturday) to 22 March (Sunday)1 week
Between Semester 1 and 230 May (Saturday) to 28 June (Sunday)1 month
Between Term 3 and 45 (Saturday) to 13 (Sunday) September1 week
At the end of the school yearYear 1 & 2: 28 November (Saturday) to 31 December (Thursday)
Year 3: End of ‘A’ Level exams to 31 December (Thursday)
1 month

Other scheduled school holidays

Apart from the term and semester breaks, here’s a list of the other scheduled school holidays and their dates that you could definitely look at when you start planning.

School HolidayDayDate
Youth DayMonday6 July
Teachers DayFriday4 September
Children’s Day (primary schools only)Friday9 October
Deepavali (extended)Monday16 November 

Now that you have the dates and duration marked on your calendar, let’s fill you in on a tiny caveat to this. After all, planning school holidays is never easy, especially when you may not know the exact dates or have an inking about how to make the best of the holidays. While catching up on homework is important, all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull children (insert sad face). So, here’s arming you with ideas for activities and travels in the months to come.

How long does the 2020 school year last?

The 2020 school year for Primary and Secondary school students started on 2 January and will close on 20 November 2020. For Junior College and Millennia Institute students, the school year started on 5 February and will close on 27 November or at the end of ‘A’ Level examinations (JC Year 2 and MI Year 3 students). 

What and when are the different school holidays in a year?

During the school year, primary and secondary students in Singapore are given a total of 4 breaks per calendar year—2 term and 2 semester breaks. Term breaks last a week each, and come sometime during mid-March and mid-September. Semesters last much longer, the first semester break lasts a month in June, and the second one lasts roughly 1.5 months from mid-November through December.

March holidays (1st Term)

What date is that?

14 March (Saturday) to 22 March (Sunday) 2020

What to do?

With the chances of rain relatively low, it’s the perfect time to visit Sentosa. Apart from building sand castles and getting a tan at the beach, consider bringing the kids to KidZania Singapore. An interactive indoor theme park, kids aged 3 and above get to role-play at real-world jobs that include firefighter, doctor, scientist, chef and pilot. 

Pro-tip: KidZania Singapore tickets are pretty steep if you purchase them over the counter. Instead, buy them online in advance to get the best rates. 

Where to travel during the March school holidays?

With the current spike in COVID-19 around the world, you’d want your family to be safe. But you might also want to take a super short break together. This is why Indonesia might be a great option. It’s relatively nearby, with a couple of islands just a short ferry ride away — not to mention affordable as well. 

Consider Bintan if you are looking to bond with the kids, but also want to get a little me-time. There are all-inclusive beach resorts, which provide three meals a day, daily activities for children, full exercise facilities, watersports, open bars and spa for adults. This means that you can skip the usual itinerary planning and worrying about meal times, and instead focus on bonding with the family. 

June holidays (1st Semester)

What date is that?

30 May (Saturday) to 28 June (Sunday) 2020

What to do? 

Go on a culture binge at one of Singapore’s many museums. Believe it or not, there are 50 museums in Singapore and most of them offer free entry to Singaporeans. These include the Asian Civilisations Museum, National Museum of Singapore and The Peranakan Museum, which are all conveniently located around Dhoby Ghaut and City Hall. Not to mention, since it’s the school holidays, museums would usually have activities lined up just for the little ones. Check what they have in store for you and your family here

Where to travel during the June school holidays?

Consider Australia (all hail educational trips!) if you want an overseas trip but do not wish to get on a 10-hour flight. Head down under for cooler climes. Perth is the closest and a flight would only take about 5.5 hours. Apart from shopping, consider a day trip to Caversham Wildlife Park or Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm where the kids can get up close with live animals. Be sure to check their websites for educational shows and feeding times before heading down.

September holidays (2nd Term)

What date is that?

5 September (Saturday) to 13 September (Sunday) 2020

What to do? 

It’s the last stretch and the little one is preparing for finals, but how about taking a day off to visit our award-winning Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park or River Safari? 

Pro-tip: Depending on how many times you intend to visit the zoo a year as a family, it would make financial sense to get the Friends of Singapore Zoo pass (2 adults + 2 children at $215). This gives you unlimited access to the Singapore Zoo for an entire year! And if you’re looking to visit more than one park, you could consider the Friends of Wildlife pass (2 adults + 2 children at $295). This pass gives you unlimited access to all 4 parks—Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park. 

Where to travel during the September school holidays?

Malaysia would be a pretty good deal, we’d say. Apart from Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, how about Penang or Malacca? They have a lot to offer in terms of culture, food choices and family activities. 

However, if your kids are slightly older and you’re looking to bring them on a tropical adventure, visit the world’s oldest rainforest, Taman Negara. An experience like no other, adventures available here are slightly physically demanding but would make for amazing memories. Trek to explore a limestone cave, conquer the world’s longest canopy walkway or go on night walks to observe nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat. 

Year-end holidays (2nd Semester)

What date is that?

21 November (Saturday) to 31 December (Sunday) 2020. Technically, it will last till 2 January 2021, if you take into account New Year’s Day public holiday which falls on 1 January 2021. 

What to do?

Visit the cluster of farms at Kranji Countryside! Because why not? From vegetables to goat farms and fisheries, there’s a growing community of farmers in the northern part of Singapore. With over 20 farms, you could plan a multi-day adventure with the kids and even get groceries for your weekend’s dinner while you are at it. Alternatively, go on a family staycation at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort. Situated within the Kranji Countryside, it offers kid-friendly activities that include pony rides, prawn fishing, and bee farm tours. 

Where to travel during the year-end school holidays?

Since it is the longest school holiday of the year, you have the opportunity to pick destinations that are farther away from Singapore. Perhaps somewhere farther up north or south that requires more travelling? Road-tripping across New Zealand, epic Shinkansen adventures in Japan, or Christmas markets in Europe come to mind. Not to forget, you could also utilise the Christmas and New Year’s Day public holidays to save on your annual leave days. 

And if you are wondering when Singapore’s official public holidays are in order to plan your activities and travel, here’s our handy infographic!

While you’re booking tickets and planning your itinerary, remember to safeguard your items and protect your loved ones from emergencies with a travel insurance plan. Make sure you’re updated on the evolving COVID-19 situation, government travel advisory, and know all about COVID-19 insurance coverage while you’re at it.

For an affordable travel insurance plan, head over to our easy-to-use comparison tool to enjoy exclusive promotions and rates.

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A lover of gin and all things Nigella Lawson, Geralyne’s constantly trying to adult like a pro. She spends most of her leisure time serving fur-babies and doing as many mountain climbers as she possibly can.


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