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Here are 5 hottest Halloween novelties you can find on Amazon, and how you can save money on them.

It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to decorate – or at least make sure you look good in that outfit. Before you go out and waste money on yet another paper skeleton though, here are some better alternatives. If you’re going to spend, make sure you get something that people will talk about for ages.

skull egg shape halloween

1. This Skull Egg-Shaper 

Halloween themed snacks are fun and all, but let’s face it: Singaporeans are already the living dead, and we’re too busy/exhausted from work to make them. Here’s a cheap solution for that Halloween party:

Just put your hard boiled eggs in this Egg-a-Matic, press it shut, and voila: skull shaped eggs. Alternatives include chick-shaped eggs, and dinosaur-head-eggs. They’re around S$12, and should keep your kids entertained for ages.

usb skull head container

2. This USB Hub That’s Also a Skull

Anyone of us who’s ever worked in an office for more than a month has wanted to replace our USB hub with someone’s human skull at some point. Well now you can! Spice up your office party with the Princess International USB 5100, which is a four-port, high speed USB hub that’s also a skull.

You can also use the skull cavity to hold your stationery, so your office can have that ghoulish feel for Halloween. Also, did we mention it’s a freaking skull? It’s about S$21, which is way more than what the average skull is worth*.

This one looks surprisingly life-like, so go the whole hog and fill the top cavity with mushy spaghetti and pasta sauce for the ultimate gross-out factor. (Remember to line with cling-wrap for easy clean up!)

*To the person it’s currently attached to.

halloween fog machine

3. This Safe-for-Home Fog Machine

Now you can make your living room foggier than my office expense reports, with this 400-watt smoke machine. It’s totally non-toxic, and creates a fog that lingers till you blow it out with a fan.

It’s not just for Halloween of course – this is the same device they use for weddings, awards presentations, and so forth. Add some strobe lights, and your house looks like ZoukOut after the 11th beer. Just S$47 off Amazon.

halloween star wars at at dog costume

4. This Star-Wars AT-AT Dog Costume

Science has determined that everything loves Star Wars, including your pets*. Now, they can join the fun with this All-Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) outfit. Turn Fido into a rebel-crushing war machine for just around S$28.75.

Bear in mind though, not all breeds will fit. This is suggested for larger breeds (German Shepherds and Huskies). Also, get your vet’s opinion on whether this is safe for your specific dog.

*According to Star Wars fans

halloween glowing skeleton gloves

5. These Glowing Skeleton Gloves

These gloves make your hands look skeletal, while also lighting them up in rave colours. At around S$20, you get seven different colours, and get to be the centre of attention at the club’s Halloween event.

Bonus feature: You can totally go to the loo in total darkness with these on. But don’t try to wash your hands after!

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