6 Romantic Gifts That Cost Less Than S$100

Lauren Dado

Lauren Dado

Last updated 12 February, 2016
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Show your love with these thoughtful and affordable presents.

While you weren’t looking, February happened – and now Valentine’s day is just two days away.  If you’re still looking for romantic gifts to buy, look no further! We came up with a thoughtful list of gifts, each going for under S$100 at Lazada.

If that sounds like a great deal, we’ve got something even sweeter: Citibank is giving a S$68 Lazada voucher to new Citibank credit card customers who apply before 15 February 2016.

How to Get Your S$68 Lazada Voucher

Getting your voucher is really easy if you’ve never owned a Citibank credit card before.

All you have to do is apply for the Citi Rewards Visa Card before 15 February 2016 and get your application approved within 30 days!

When you make a purchase of at least S$100 at Lazada.sg on your Rewards Card within the first 30 days of your Card’s approval, you can then claim the S$68 voucher. Easy, right?

Unfortunately, existing Citibank credit cardholders don’t qualify for this promotion. But that’s fine – you still get a 10% storewide discount for Lazada on weekends.

That said, here are some ways to show your love:

For Her


for her - perfume

Buying women’s perfume can be an intimidating task for men, so let us help you by saying this: you can’t go wrong with anything French.  To be specific, Chloe’s Love Story checks all the boxes for a romantic gift. It’s got a soft pink bottle with a shape that hints at the love-locks bridge in Paris, and an updated fresh floral blend. Available for S$84.55 at Lazada.

Classic Jewelry

for her - jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, women will always appreciate the classics. A simple 18k gold chain or pearl stud earrings adds an elegant touch to a woman’s look. You can’t go wrong with jewelry that adds a little twist to classic shapes either, such as these Tory Burch Evie Double Stud Earrings. Available for S$88 at Lazada.

Smartphone Case

for her - mobile accessories

While not as in-your-face romantic as perfume or jewelry, a gorgeous iPhone 6 case is your symbolic way of saying, “I’m here to protect you no matter what.” Of course, “gorgeous” is the key word here – it can’t be anything she’ll be ashamed to use in public. So choose something with a lovely painterly pattern like this Otterbox iPhone 6 case. Available for S$55 at Lazada.

For Him


for him - backpack

Not only will your man appreciate the practicality of a signature backpack;  you can take the gift one notch further by filling it with books or travel accessories for your next adventure together! Make sure to choose one with a laptop sleeve, like this Herschel Heritage Backpack. Available for S$87 at Lazada.


for him - shades

A good pair of sunglasses adds edginess, mystery, and style – plus they’re scientifically proven to improve facial symmetry and suggest a chiseled bone structure. Not that your guy will care about any of that, but he’ll surely appreciate Rayban Aviators, no matter the occasion. Available for S$88 at Lazada.


for him - watches

While men are limited in their choice of accessories, a nice dress watch will make any guy feel like a prince. Here’s a tip: real watch aficionados prefer timepieces with an automatic movement because manufacturing these take more skill, patience, and passion. So for a more sophisticated present, forget battery-operated quartz watches and go for something like the Seiko 5. Available for S$95 at Lazada.

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