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Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 29 May, 2020

It may be a bummer that work from home has been extended (for most of us) even after Circuit Breaker, but there’s one silver lining — you’re always less than 20 steps away from a ‘happy hour’.

Going out has become a hassle. You’ve got to keep a mask on at all times, consciously maintain social distancing, log into SafeEntry, and have your temperature checked before entering every shop, even if it is just to get a bottle of beer. The struggle is real, but one that can be easily solved thanks to the Internet. This weekend, skip all that hassle (and queue) and head online to get your bar refilled from the comfort of your couch. 

Here’s our pick of 10 alcohol delivery services in Singapore to order from when you’re celebrating an occasion at home, having a virtual wine tasting session with your friends, as a care package or for times when you need a little perk-me-up after a crazy day at work. 

Last updated on 29 May 2020. Alcohol delivery services and their promotions are subject to change without prior notice. The legal age to buy and consume alcohol in Singapore is 18 years old. Please practice responsible drinking. 

Alcohol delivery services in Singapore

StoreContactBest forDelivery fee, liquor and beerFree next day islandwide delivery for orders above $99. Orders below $99 will incur a $8 delivery fee 
Alcohol Delivery9244 5533
Chilled wines, liquor and beerFree islandwide delivery within an hour for orders above $50. Orders below $50 will incur a $10 delivery fee 
Alcohaul6240 6822
Wines, liquor and beerFree next day islandwide delivery for orders above $100. Orders below $100 will incur a $10 delivery fee. Same day delivery is available at $5 and express 2-hour delivery is available at $19.90  
Paneco6817 9598Liquor and beerFree next day islandwide delivery for all spirits and beer, no minimum spend required. Same day delivery is available at $12 
Free next day islandwide delivery for wine-only orders above $80. Same day delivery is available at $8
2-Hour express delivery for spirits, beer and wine is available at $19.90 
Prime Liqour8133 3943
Wines, liquor and beerFree next day islandwide delivery for orders above $100. Orders below $100 will incur an $8 delivery fee 
The Whisky Shop9626 0123
WhiskyFree islandwide delivery (3-7 working days) 
The Whisky Store9773 6956
WhiskyFree next day islandwide delivery for orders above $80. Orders below $80 will incur a $25 delivery fee 
Sake To Goorder@sake-to-go.comSake, Japanese beer and snacksFree islandwide delivery for orders above $100. Orders below $100 will incur a delivery fee of $15 or $8, depending on total order amount 
D.Bespoke8141 5741
Cocktails and Japanese bar snacksSame day islandwide delivery at $10
Employees Only6221 7357CocktailsSame day islandwide delivery at $10 

1. Cellarbration

With so many promotions going on, there’s always a reason to celebrate at Cellarbration. Be it wine, liquor or beer, you can find a wide range of them here at really competitive prices. To get the best bang for your buck, keep your eye out for their special bulk beer and liquor bundle promotions, which can save you a cool $60 or more. 

2. Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol Delivery carries a wide selection of beer, craft beer, liquor, wine, champagne, sake — the list goes on. They even have board games, glassware, bar equipment and snacks for when you're craving for munchies. What sets Alcohol Delivery apart from the rest on this list? They give you the option of getting your beer, soju or sake delivered chilled, so that you can crack one open the moment it arrives. 

3. Alcohaul

This is the online store to go to when you want to get the party started (only when we are all legally allowed to gather). Apart from the usual suspects, Alcohaul carries a wide range of Japanese and Korean alcohol, which include sake, umeshu, fruit liqueurs soju, makgeolli (sparkling rice wine) and wine. Did we mention that this is one of the only online stores that sell Absinthe? To be specific, Alcohaul carries all four versions of them — green (70%), red (75%), blue (78%) and black (80%). 

4. Paneco

Think of this place as an online supermarket similar to Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice, but for alcohol. They carry almost every type of alcohol that you can think of — whisky, vodka, champagne, wine, beer, gin, cognac, and more. Brownie points to Paneco for offering a 2-hour delivery option that costs $19.90 (approximately 2 pints at a bar during happy hour). 

5. Prime Liquor

The store that prides itself on fast delivery, you’ll get your booze from Prime Liquor within 45 minutes! Similar to the above online alcohol delivery stores, they carry a good selection of gin, whisky, cognac, vodka, rum, wine, beer and craft beer. Before you check out, don’t forget to use promo code STAYHOME to get $5 off on your order (minimum spend of $150 required). 

6. The Whisky Shop

A Whisky lover’s paradise, The Whisky Shop carries Scottish, Irish, Japanese and Taiwanese (yes, they make whisky!) whisky. Although its name suggests that it only carries whisky, it also has a large selection of wine, gin, tequila, champagne, beer and cider that you can add to your order. For those having trouble deciding which bottle of whisky to get, head to their blog where they discuss the different types, how it is best consumed, food pairings and more. 

7. The Whisky Store

You won’t find your run-of-the-mill Scotch here. Expect small batch whisky from brands like Bunnahabhain, Tomatin, Kilkerran and Arran at The Whisky Store. For those who aren’t ready to commit to an entire bottle of whisky or don’t want to risk making an expensive mistake, The Whisky Store offers tasting bottles that are 50ml each and priced between $20 to $57. 

8. Sake To Go

Looking for some Japanese sake, fruit liqueurs or craft beer to go with your sashimi or sushi food delivery? Head to Sake To Go. They carry one of the widest range of aged, Junmai, Ginjo and Dai Ginjo Japanese sake online — many of which can only be found on their site. And if you’re unsure which sake to pair with your meal, follow Sake To Go’s sake sommelier on Instagram where she shares reviews and how-tos. 

9. D.Bespoke

Japanese cocktails at its finest! D.Bespoke is a Ginza-styled bar that has been named Asia’s 50 Best Bars every year since it opened its doors in 2016. Their delivery menu includes classic cocktails like Negroni, Manhattan and Rusty Nail, premium shochu, sake and a range of rare whiskies. Apart from drinks, D.Bespoke also offers Japanese-styled sandwiches, which you can add to your order. 

10. Employees Only

Yes, this is the fancy hipster bar located at 112 Amoy Street. Due to the Circuit Breaker measures, they are now offering a special cocktail delivery menu that includes EO Gimlet, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Classic Martini, Manhattan, Cold Brew Martini, Simply Oasis and Amelia. And if you can’t find your favourite cocktail on the list, Employees Only could get one customised for you without any additional charges.

Don't forget to swipe it on the right card to make your money work harder for you. Every dollar spent on the right card can go into earning air miles, points or cashback that can be used to offset your next alcohol delivery order. Don’t have one? Use our comparison tool below to find one that fits your lifestyle and you could even get rewarded with cash or prizes*! 

*Rewards may change at any time. Terms and conditions apply. 

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