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9 Best Happy Hour Drink Promotions in Singapore (2023)

Geralyne Ong

Geralyne Ong

Last updated 04 July, 2023

If only the coldest pints and the stiffest drinks with the lowest prices during happy hour will do, then you’ve landed on the right article.

Let’s be honest, regardless of venue, all alcoholic beverages in Singapore are expensive. This is mainly due to Singapore’s alcohol tax (S$88 per litre for hard liquors and wines, S$60 per litre for beers and ciders) that is charged on top of the 7% Goods and Services Tax; which is why if you’re planning a night out, it is pertinent to conduct research for a convenient place that caters to groups and serves good drinks at affordable prices — or risk running up a high tab.

Take it from someone who has spent years searching for the best happy hour deals, these are the ones that are conveniently located and give you the best bang for your buck.

Read on to find out where these 9 happy hour bars and restaurant promos are and get ready to be amazed at how much you’ve been overpaying for your drink.

Updated as of 4 July 2023. Best happy hour drink promotions are subject to change without prior notice, so we will not be held accountable in the event of these modifications. The legal age to buy and consume alcohol in Singapore is 18 years old. Please drink responsibly. 

Best happy hour places in Singapore 2023

Happy hour prices
Happy hour time slots
Best for
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Clake Quay Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6222 1887 / +65 9820 8582
Beers: Buy one get one free from S$12++ for a half pint, S$17.50++ for a full pint
Cocktails: Buy one get one free for S$21.50++
Spirits: Buy one get one free from S$14.50++ for a shot, S$150++ for a bottle
Cocktail: Buy one get one free from S$19.50
11.30am to 8.30pm
Beer, wine and cocktails
Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar
Scape Building
(Tel: +65 6509 5097)
Far East Shopping Centre
(Tel: +65 8767 8661)
Kallang Wave Mall
(Tel: +65 6282 5926)
Upper East Coast Road
(Tel: +65 6242 1335)
Rochester Mall
(Tel: +65 6980 6018)
Tiong Bahru
(Tel: +65 6254 3930)
(Tel: +65 6235 5604)
Upper Thomson Road
(Tel: +65 6255 5898)
Changi Village (Civil Service Club)
(Tel: +65 6908 9711)
(Tel: +65 6518 9775)
Kampong Bahru
(Tel: +65 6513 1669)

From S$7.70 nett for a full pint of Heineken beer
From S$8.80 nett for a full pint of Guinness beer
S$39 nett for a beer tower
All day
Beer and hard liquor (by the bottle)
Keng Cheow Street
(Tel: +65 6443 7564)
Dhoby Ghaut
(Tel: +65 6970 0390)
Sungei Kadut
(Tel: +65 6970 3880)
Aljunied Road
(Tel: +65 6970 5664)
(Tel: +65 6518 9974)
Beer o' clock/Half o' clock: From S$1.50++ (U.P. S$6.50) for half a pint of draught beer, S$3++ (U.P. S$13) for a full pint or a bottle of draught beer

Jugs from S$22++ or S$26++, towers from S$54++ or S$62++, and beer buckets from S$25++ (5 bottles)
3pm onwards
Beer and shots
Address: 96 Somerset Road #01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Singapore 238163
Tel: +65 6238 8348
Half-pint draft beers at S$8
Full-pint draft beers at S$13
Wine glasses from S$9
1-for-1 house pours glasses from S$16 
Sun - Thu (2pm - 8pm)
Fri - Sat (2pm - 6pm & 8pm till late)
Beer, wine
Address: 5 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229289
Tel: +65 6732 0818
Two soju  martinis from S$29
Check out their housepour spirits menu here
12pm to 8pm
Beers, martinis
Address: 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-05, Singapore 179021
From S$12+ for beer, shot or housepour spirit
5.30pm to 8pm daily
Shooters and hard liquor (by the glass)
Far East Plaza
(Tel: +65 6904 8115)
Sentosa Broadwalk
(Tel: +65 6221 0346)
Alexandra Technopark
(Tel: +65 9793 5313)
From S$9++ for a pint of beer
S$9++ for a beer bottle
Housepour bottles for S$88++
3-bottle beer bundles from S$15++
1-for-1 beer pine (500ml), housepour red/white wine, housepour spirits for S$15++
Depending on outlet  
Beer and hard liquor (by the bottle)
Address: 1 Killiney Road, Singapore 239518
+65 6733 3648
From S$10/$11++ nett for a pint of bottled/draught beer
15% off all premium bottles before 8pm
Before 8pm
Beer, hard liquor (by the bottle), housepour spirits, cocktails
Robertson Walk
(Tel: +65 6738 1332)
Capital Square
(Tel: +65 6536 9926)
1-for-1 special
Beer: From S$16++ per pint
Wine: From S$13++ per glass
Housepour spirits: From S$13++ per glass
Capital Square: 12pm to 8pm

Robertson Walk:
3pm to 8pm
Beer, wine, housepour spirits

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Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #01-70 The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6222 1887 / +65 9820 8582
Happy hour time slots: 11.30am to 8.30pm daily

Centralmenu-Jun2022.inddSource: SQUE

You won’t have to pay a pretty penny if you find yourself at SQUE, regardless of the outlet. Known for their exceptionally long happy hour time slots that start as early as 11.30am, you could get 1-for-1 half-pint draught beers from S$12, full pints from S$17.50 or cocktail glasses from S$19.50.

Apart from alcoholic beverages, SQUE also offers an extensive selection of appetisers, mains and desserts like prawn fritters (S$17), beef striploin cubes (S$15), pork knuckle (S$39) and many others. All in all, this is a great venue for gatherings with friends or family. 

2. Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar

Address: Scape Building, Far East Shopping Centre, Kallang Wave Mall, Upper East Coast Road, Rochester Mall, Tiong Bahru, Sembawang, Changi Village, Tanjong Katong Road, Kampong Bahru, Upper Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6509 5097, +65 8767 8661, +65 6282 5926 or +65 8742 8865
Happy hour time slots: All day

al capines sembawang
Source: Al Capone's

It is always a happy hour at Al Capone’s. Depending on the outlet, prices for a pint of Guinness draft beer start from just S$8.80 nett, Heineken beer tower from S$39 nett and hard liquor bottles from S$85 nett onwards. To top it all off, these prices are inclusive of all prevailing taxes!

And in the very likely event you get the terrible munchies, Al Capone’s has a food menu that consists of pastas, pizzas and a selection of bar bites. Hearsay, they claim to serve some of the best calamari rings ever. 

Want a refreshing Heineken pint to accompany your World Cup match viewings? Head down to Al Capone's SCAPE outlet to enjoy 3 Heineken bottles for S$13 nett

If Heineken isn't really your vibe, they have other options like Guinness, MonkeyShoulder, Hendrick's Gin, and more!


3. Stickies

Address: Keng Cheow Street, Dhoby Ghaut, Sungei Kadut and Aljunied Road
Tel: +65 6443 7564‬, +65 6970 0390, +65 6970 3880 or +65 6970 5664
Happy hour time slots: 2pm onwards

Happy hour at Stickies works a little differently, in the sense that the prices here go by the time of day. The earlier you start, the cheaper certain drinks are. For instance, prices begin from S$3++ when the clock strikes 3pm, S$4++ when it is 4pm, and so on.

A half pint of beer or a glass of housepour liquor with your choice of mixer goes for S$1.50++ at 3pm, and prices increase a dollar every hour. Similarly, a full pint goes for S$3++ at 3pm. 

Sunday to Thursday
Liquor shots start from S$3++ at 3pm per shot or glass, S$30++ per jug or S$85++ per bottle. Wine shots begin from S$3++.

Friday, Saturday, eve of Public Holiday
Meanwhile, as the week draws to a close, soju will cost you S$14.90++ per bottle.

But if those aren't your elixir styles of choice, there are other drink promotions that include S$10.90++ for a pint of Guinness, S$62 for a 3-litre beer tower, and more.


Go all out with Stickies on your Birthday with their 1-for-1 promo on all alcoholic drinks! You can get free shots as many as your age.

For example, you can get two bottles of Vodka Grey Goose for S$135 or two Heineken towers for as little as S$58. These sound like pretty solid deals to us.

Who doesn't love themselves a little emo night? Every Tuesday, head down to Stickies to headbang your heart out to classic emo and punk rock hits that got us through our rebellious phase.

For only S$19++ (U.P. S$24), you can enjoy a refreshing jug of Tiger Beer. Or if you're feeling slightly #baller, you can top up S$10 and enjoy a 3-litre Tiger Beer Tower for only S$29++ (U.P. S$60)

For a more premium drinking experience, top up S$2 extra to switch to Tiger Crystal Beer.

You can also enjoy three pints of Guinness stout for S$21 and S$24 on weekdays and weekends, respectively. 

Soju always wondered what beer and soju, with a fruity aftertaste, taste like?

Well, dreams plum true for you (no plum intended), because you can enjoy Tiger soju-infused lager cheeky plum beer for S$8/S$10 a pint on weekdays/weekends, S$20/S$22 per tower (1.5L) on weekdays/weekends, and S$16 per jug.

Finally, for all you soju lovers out there, you can enjoy Chuga and Junro soju all-day long with the buy three and get one free promo. Which basically means that one bottle is as low as S$10! 

Note: Prices are before GST and service charge. On Fridays, Saturdays, and eve of Public Holidays, beer prices are subjected to S$1 (BOC & HOC) surcharge while housepour liquor, wines, and champagnes are subjected to S$2 surcharge.


4. Oriole

Address: 96 Somerset Road #01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Singapore 238163
Tel: +65 6238 8348
Happy hour time slots: Sunday to Thursday (2pm to 8pm) | Friday & Saturday (2pm to 6pm) & (8pm till late)


When your feet get tired from all that retail therapy and you want something more than a fancy overpriced latte, head over to Oriole.

Located near 313 Somerset, happy hour here starts at 2pm daily and consists of special prices attached with their draft beers -- half pints from S$8++ and full pints from S$13++.

Their wines are priced from S$9++ and 1-for-1 promotions on housepours like Red Sangria for S$16++ per glass.

Otherwise, don't forget to check out their seasonal special drinks menu featuring an ensemble of craft cocktails made with Jack Daniel's Tennessee-flavoured whiskey. 

The cheapest cocktail --- Main Squeeze --- will awaken your tastebuds with their refreshing, lemony concoction for only S$15++ per glass.



5. No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar

Address: 5 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229289
Tel: +65 6732 0818
Happy hour time slots: 12pm to 8pm daily

Yes, this is the bar at Peranakan Place that serves you free groundnuts and allows you to throw its shells on the floor without being fined (or judged)!

No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar may be best known for their 1-for-1 soju martinis at S$29++ all day long. There are also other drinks like house pour liquor with a mixer of your choice. 

And of course, it'd be remiss not to try their signature No. 5 Cocktail made with Grey Goose vodka, Bacardi Carta Oro, Apricot Brandy, pineapple and orange juice, and more for S$38++ per glass. Although it's a little pricey, but that's what you pay for quality.

Otherwise, go for their drinks, but stay for the delectable bar bites. Be sure to try their shrimp-paste marinated chicken wings during your visit. Crispy, umami-packed and served piping hot, perhaps, one of the best along Orchard Road.

6. Chupitos

Address: CQ @ Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road, #01-01, Singapore 179024
Happy hour time slots: 6:30pm to 9pm daily

Source: Chupitos

From 5.30pm to 8pm daily, prices for selected shooters, bottled beers, house pour liquor with a mixer of your choice and Jim Beam highball are priced at just S$8. Otherwise, you can take the classier™️ route and enjoy some lighter and sweeter cocktails from S$22++. On top of that, beer pints go for S$17 and buckets of 5 beers start from S$55++. Meanwhile, wines go for S$16 per glass and start from S$88++ per bottle.  

Prices for certain menu items may be subject to GST and other prevailing taxes.

7. Bones ‘n Barrels

Address: Far East Plaza, Sentosa Broadwalk, and Alexandra Technopark
Tel: +65 6904 8115, +65 6221 0346, +65 9793 5313
Happy hour time slots: Depending on outlet

No-frills, just decent beer and cheap bottles of hard liquor (for times when you need something stronger) at Bones ‘n Barrels.

Depending on the outlet you visit, prices for a pint of beer are different. At their Far East Plaza and Sentosa Boardwalk outlets, a pint of draft beer starts from S$9++, whereas it costs S$10++ at their Alexandra Technopark outlet.

Promos available at Alexandra Technopark outlet only
Source: bonesnbarrels

Out of their three outlets, we must confess that their Alexandra Technopark branch has some of the best promos at the moment --- featuring 3L House Draft beer towers for S$42++ and 3L Stella Artois beer towers for S$52++ along with their housepour bottle bundles start from S$88++.

1-for-1 bundles (S$15++)
Not to mention, they have amazing 1-for-1 promos for housepour spirits (bourbon, vodka, whisky, run & gin), beer pine glasses (500ml), housepour red/white wine glasses for only S$15++ per pair.

But if those aren't enough, their housepour beer bucket (3 bottles) for S$15++ should compensate nicely.

Promos available at Far East Plaza & Sentosa Boardwalk outlets
Source: bonesnbarrels

Meanwhile, their other two outlets offer 6-shots bundles from S$45++ onwards

So if you want to get the most bang for your alcohol buck, you and your drinking pals will need to be strategic about which outlet to drop by! 

8. KPO

Address: 1 Killiney Road, Singapore 239518
Tel: +65 6733 3648
Happy hour time slots: Before 8pm

Tucked away at a little corner along Orchard Road is KPO. The bar is often bustling with live bands jamming it out and DJs on deck for your music entertainment.

Prices for a happy hour pint of draught/bottled beer go for as low as S$10++ until 8pm. If not, their housepour liquor with a mixer of your choice starts from a reasonable S$11++ per glass as well.

Don't forget to check out their KPO signature cocktails while you're at it, starting from S$17++ per glass for The KPO Special.

Before their happy hour ends, their premium bottles of whisky, bourbon or cognac sell for 15% off original prices.  

If you’re feeling peckish, KPO offers an elaborate menu filled with bar snacks, appetisers, mains and desserts. 

You can check out their full drinks menu here.

Their drinking promotions also change monthly, so you can check it out here.

9. The Chamber

Address: Robertson Walk and Capital Square
Tel: +65 6738 1332 / +65 6536 9926
Happy hour time slots: Depending on outlet

The Chamber is the perfect spot for your next happy hour gathering. Promo items include draft beers, bottled beers, bottled cider, wine and house pour liquors with a mixer of your choice. While their prices after taxes may be slightly higher than some on this list, its location (fringe of the Central Business District) definitely makes up for it, especially if you work nearby.

Their 1-for-1 special features beers from S$16++ per pint, housepour wines from S$13++ per glass, and housepour spirits for S$13++ per glass

If you still need more to keep the night going, go hard with their 6-bottle beer buckets starting from S$38++ from your favourite brands like Budweiser, Asahi, Corona, Hoegaarden, and more. They even have housepour wine bottles for only S$45++!

Before heading down, you may browse through all your options via their drinks menu.

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A lover of gin and all things Nigella Lawson, Geralyne’s constantly trying to adult like a pro. She spends most of her leisure time serving fur-babies and doing as many mountain climbers as she possibly can.


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