11 Awesome Activities for Singles on Valentine’s Day

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11 Awesome Activities for Singles on Valentine’s Day | SingSaver

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. 

Here are 11 awesome activities you can enjoy to show yourself some love this Valentine’s.  

#1 Netflix and Chill

Take the time to Netflix and chill your way. Pick up a bag of Garrett Popcorn after work (make it a large bag). Then head home to watch ‘You’ to remind yourself that being single on Valentine’s Day is way better than being stalked by a massively creepy Joe Goldberg or being in a toxic relationship. If you don’t have a Netflix account, treat yourself to one on your credit card.


#2 Spa For One

Spa for One 11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

Plenty of spas have packages around Valentine’s Day so take full advantage. Award-winning Ikeda Spa’s “Champagne Retreat” offers a great way to wind down after work and uh-hum “pre-date”. It starts with a 30-minute onsen soak, followed by a candle massage with essential oils to relax all your tight muscles. Priceless peace and quiet for anyone single on Valentine’s Day, complete with champagne and a $70+ discount.


#3 Don’t Get Mad, Get Better Deals

Avoid overpriced Valentine’s Day menus at restaurants. Instead, unite your single friends and head to Wild Bar for their 5-7pm oyster deal. You can get 3 oysters for just $5, play some beer pong, and sing to your single heart’s content in their karaoke room (free to use for patrons). The next day, make your attached friends jealous by sharing how much your bill was, and how much dining cashback and rebates you got on your credit card.


#4 Solo YOLO

Bucket List Experiences Travel Insurance | SingSaver

This one takes a little planning, but why not celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day by making it a holiday? Make use of those miles you’ve been earning on your credit card. The advantage of a solo trip is that you can do whatever you want. Shop ‘til you drop in Tokyo, soak up the sun in Bali’s best beach clubs or do a movie-inspired holiday by visiting breathtaking New Zealand.


#5 HIIT Yourself With Endorphins

HIIT 11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

If other activities sound like a snooze, stick to the tried and true method of getting your endorphins flowing. Book a class at your favourite High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio, or at the Sports Hub (they have a rotating calendar of events and classes if you get bored easily). You’ll get a good sweat, dose up on endorphins and be able to head home confidently knowing that while everyone else is scoffing down extra calories, your glutes look amazing.


#6 Open Your Heart Chakra With Self-Love

Make 2019 the year you practice self-love consistently (not just as a single on Valentine’s Day). Use this day to equip yourself with all the facial rolling tools you need. Pick up a rose quartz facial roller and some Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil from Drunk Elephant. Rose quartz is linked to the heart chakra and is thought to improve self-esteem, self-worth, and sexual energy. Facial rolling also reduces puffiness and helps your skin absorb all the goodness from your facial oil. Charge your online shopping to one of these credit cards to maximise your spending.


#7 Reconnect With Your First Loves

11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

I’m not asking you to reach out to your ex. Being single on Valentine’s Day is never that bad. Instead, make Valentine’s Day and February an occasion to spend quality time with all those who loved you before you even knew what Valentine’s Day was – your parents, your grandparents, your best friends.

Take mum out for a mani-pedi pampering session, bring dad out for a cheeky steak at Morton’s, and catch up with friends for champagne brunch and giggles at Mezza9.


#8 Make Your Own Bouquet

We all know flowers are overpriced on Valentine’s Day, so please don’t buy one then. Instead, let your smug couple friends get scammed, while you learn how to craft your own at Fleuriste’s hand-tied bouquet workshop on February 24th. Priced at just $115 (and you can even use your Skillsfuture credit for it!), it’ll still be cheaper than most of Valentine’s bouquets out there. More importantly, you’d have a skill for life! (All the better for earning some side-hustle income in your 30s.)


#9 Laugh It Off

Comedy Canvas with Kumar 11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

Image: Canvas

Stand-up comedy is a delightful way to spend any night. Make it a hilarious Valentine’s February with Kumar, Singapore’s leading comic and drag queen. Kumar will be performing at Canvas Singapore through February, with tickets starting from $26.88. Well worth an hour of laughs, if you ask us.


#10 Work On Your Sleep Deficit

Bose 11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

Image: Bose

If you’re like most Singaporeans, you’re running a sleep deficit. Gift yourself some well-deserved snooze time and Bose’s noise-masking sleepbuds (they play soothing sounds to cover up unwanted noise so you can get to sleep and gently awaken when ready). Turn your phone to airplane mode, avoid the lovey-dovey social media posts, plug in your sleepbuds, and hit the sack. You won’t regret it.


#11 Help Other Lonely Hearts in Singapore

HOME 11 Valentines Activities for Singles 2019 | SingSaver

Image: H.O.M.E.

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others, and we have a soft spot for Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics [“H.O.M.E.”]. HOME helps migrant workers in Singapore, who find themselves victims of abuse and exploitation, alone in Singapore, and without a support network. You might remember them from Rahman’s story on Millennials of Singapore.

HOME is always looking for volunteers to help with myriad activities – from pro-bono legal work to befriending migrant workers. If you cannot volunteer your time, you can easily make some much-needed donations. A $50 donation helps with basic medical costs, while $250 helps house a migrant worker at their shelter for a month (migrant workers in distress often need shelter and support for months while they await dispute resolution).


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