Where To Go For Fresh Oysters: Bars To Hit & Budget Deets

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 16 February, 2022

Here are seven seafood restaurants, bistros and fresh oyster bars in Singapore with awesome deals and promotions so you can indulge in your love of oysters without breaking the bank.     

Bracing, briny and bursting with flavour, there’s simply no substitute for the taste of a freshly shucked oyster. 

A good oyster is perfect on its own, but these succulent mollusks are also delicious paired with condiments, grilled, smoked, sauteed or even breaded and deep-fried. 

With so many tasty ways to savour an oyster, it’s no wonder they enjoy such enduring popularity among generation after generation of food lovers

So, it’s a good thing that fresh oysters are relatively inexpensive and readily available in Singapore - that way, we can all treat ourselves to this unparalleled delicacy every so often. 

In that vein, here are our picks for seven of the best oyster deals and promotions in town. Bon appetit!  

7 best oyster deals and promotions oyster lovers shouldn’t miss

Oyster bar, restaurant or eateryPrice
The Oyster BankHappy hour: S$2 each (max. 6 oysters, with alcohol purchase)
Regular: From S$3.90 each 
The Other RoofAll-day: S$1.50 per oyster
Kakiin Oyster BarFrom S$4 per oyster
Greenwood Fish MarketOyster Tuesdays: Unlimited oysters at S$2.50 each with every main course ordered per pax 
Angie’s Oyster Bar and GrillHappy hour: S$1.50 per oyster
Regular: From S$3.50 to S$9
Tanuki RawHappy hour: S$2 per oyster (max. 6 oysters with alcohol purchase)
HumpbackHappy hour: S$3 per oyster
Regular: S$7 per oyster

The Oyster Bank - Happy Hour oysters @ S$2++ each

Location: 107 North Bridge Road #02-32 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105

Opening hours: 
Weekdays: 11.30am - 3pm & 4.30pm - 9.30pm/10pm (Fri)
Weekends: 11.30am - 10pm/9.30pm (Sun)

Contact: 6970 0487

The Oyster Bank serves up naked oysters at a wallet-friendly S$2++ each when you order an alcoholic drink during happy hour (weekdays from 5pm to 8pm, weekends from 3pm to 6pm). Each drink order lets you enjoy up to 6 oysters, making it one of the most affordable oysters bars in town.

Its oyster menu is also quite extensive, with raw, baked, shooters and breaded-and-fried options, each available with a variety of condiments and seasonings. Although, everything but the classic raw-with-lemon-and-tabasco variety is only available at regular prices.

The Oyster Bank also has plenty of Japanese-style dishes and entrees, in case you’re looking to make a full meal out of your visit.

The Other Roof - S$1.50 per oyster, all day, everyday 

Location: Ann Siang House Hotel (Blue Shop House), 28 Ann Siang Road #Rooftop, Singapore 069708 

Opening hours: 
Wed to Fri: 4.30pm - 10.30pm
Weekends: 2.30pm - 10.30pm

Tel: 6100 2882
Email: reservations@theotherroof.com

Fancy slurping down oysters while enjoying the sunset over the colourful Chinatown district? Well, head over to The Other Roof, a rooftop bar serving up tapas, fresh oysters and over 300 tea-finished alcoholic cocktails to choose from.

The intriguing menu comes courtesy of restauranter Dario Knox, who has been helming things at The Other Roof since its inception in 2018. 

It would be easy to dismiss The Other Roof as yet another gimmicky, overpriced drinking hole. But then you’ll be missing out on its S$1.50 fresh oyster deal, available all day, everyday. 

Kakiin Oyster Bar - From S$4 per oyster 

Location: 150 Orchard Road, #01-37, Orchard Plaza Singapore 238841
Opening hours: Daily, 5.30pm - 11pm
Tel: 9644 2487
Email: kakiin.sg@gmail.com

Tucked away in Orchard Plaza is Kakiin Oyster Bar, a cosy little Japanese izakaya that specialises in oysters from all over the world. 

Fresh raw oysters are priced at S$4 each, and you can choose from Canadian and New Zealand varieties. Meanwhile, the assorted platter (S$24) offers a selection of six oysters from several different regions, which changes according to seasonality. 

Besides raw oysters, you’ll also find smoked, sauteed, grilled and fried oysters with Japanese flavours such as sake, or butter shoyu. 

For the complete izakaya experience, pair your oysters with some appetisers, teppanyaki and other bar food, and of course, a whiskey highball (S$12).  

Greenwood Fish Market - Unlimited oysters at S$2.50 each every Tuesday 

Location: 34 & 38 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289236
Opening hours: Daily, 12nn - 10pm
Tel: 6467 4950
Email: bukittimah@greenwoodfishmarket.com

Greenwood Fish Market has built a sterling reputation as a purveyor of fine seafood, and its Oyster Tuesdays promotion should be especially pleasing to oyster fans.

For every main course ordered per diner, you can add on unlimited house oysters at S$2.50 each. This means you can build your own little fresh oyster appetiser to go with your meal, or make up a sharing platter for the entire table. 

Considering that the restaurant’s regular oysters, coming from Australia, Canada, France, USA and Ireland, are priced from S$4.50 to S$9.95 each, Oyster Tuesdays is a steal. However, the oysters you’ll get is up to the discretion of the chef. 

Angie's Oyster Bar and Grill - S$1.50 per oyster (Mon to Thu, 5pm to 6.30pm)

Location: 313A Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, Level 2, Singapore 169073
Opening hours: 
Mon to Thu: 12pm - 2.15pm, 5pm - 10pm
Fri: 12pm - 2.15pm, 5.30pm - 11pm
Sat: 10.30am - 3.45pm, 5.30pm - 11pm
Sun: 10.30am - 3.45pm, 5.30pm - 10pm
Tel: 6221 9555
Email: hello@angies.com.sg

Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill’s oysters are air-flown direct from famed oyster-producing regions in France, Canada and Ireland. The mollusks are rested in the in-store marine tank and shucked to order, ensuring freshness and flavour.

With three categories of oysters on offer - Classic (S$3.50 to S$5), Premium (S$5.50 to S$7) and Rare (S$7.50 to S$9) - a trip to Angie’s should prove to be as instructive as it is pleasurable. 

To get even more bang for your buck, don’t miss the happy hour promo where prices drop to just S$1.50 each. This promotion, which is only available between 5pm and 6.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays only (and coupled with the restaurant’s central business district address) makes for a compelling case to end that meeting early.   

Tanuki Raw - Happy Hour oysters @ S$2 each

Location: Orchard Central #04-01, 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Daily, 11.30am - 9.30pm
Contact: 6636 5949

Modern Japanese bistro Tanuki Raw has a daily Happy Hour oyster deal from 5pm to 8pm. With every drink order, you’re entitled to purchase up to 6 pieces of freshly shucked oysters at just S$2 each. 

This promo also includes other popular items such as salmon sashimi, lobster salad, and fresh uni, so go ahead and make your own seafood platter to go with your martini. 

It’s a pity, though, that the Happy Hour prices only apply to the plain unseasoned oysters. On the dinner menu you’ll spy oysters dressed up in four other seasonings - ikura, mentai, chinmi chilli and truffle, the last of which features the eatery’s signature truffle soy sauce. 

Happy Hour is available at all four Tanuki Raw outlets.

Humpback - Happy Hour oysters @ S$3 each

Location: 20 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089834
Opening hours: 
Weekdays: 4pm to 10.30pm (closed on Tuesday)
Weekends: 12pm to 10.30pm/9pm (Sunday)
Tel: 9772 9896
Email: info@humpback.sg

Humpback is a seafood restaurant that takes oyster enjoyment seriously. 

So serious, that it even has a specially curated drink list to go with its fresh oyster selection, making it quite possibly one of the rare places in Singapore to do so. 

All this painstaking attention is, of course, in service to the eatery’s oyster picks, currently consisting of four lip smacking species - hama hama, sunseeker, calm cove and summerstone. 

Each of these luscious morsels are priced at S$7 during regular dining hours. However, come during Happy Hour (all day Monday, and till 6pm on other days) and prices are slashed to just S$3 per oyster.

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