7 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Your Partner Will Love This 2022

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 10 February, 2022

The usual Valentine’s Day ideas of flowers and an expensive candlelight dinner can feel a little cheesy (not to mention, overpriced). Here are some unexpected V-Day date ideas that will still make your date romantic and special, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

When all the Chinese New Year festivities are over and February rolls around, couples (especially ones who’ve been together for quite some time) will inevitably look at each other and be like, “So… What should we do for Valentine’s Day this year?” 

If you’re one of those couples who have no idea what to do on this scroll on for the most unique Valentine’s Day date ideas in Singapore that will make this romantic occasion extra special and memorable. 

Carve a pottery gift for your other half on Valentine’s Day at Am I Addicted

Source: Am I Addicted

Quick Wheel Throwing trial class: S$50 per person
Standard class: S$80 per person

For those couples with a knack for all things handicraft, this one’s for you. Have a hands-on day of molding gorgeous earthen clay at the Am I Addicted pottery studio. With an emphasis on community-building, this ceramic studio welcomes one and all like-minded pottery enthusiasts.

They offer Quick Wheel Throwing trial classes and Standard classes, with each session operating by two-hour timeslots. 

Quick Wheel Throwing trial class
Price: S$50 per person 

Recommended for people who are experiencing wheel throwing for the first time.

Wheel throwing: 1 hour
Makes one to two pieces. Firing and glazing not included. 

Standard class
Price: S$80 per person

Full experience on the basics of wheel-throwing or hand-building techniques. 

Choose from:

  • Wheel throwing class (2 hours)
  • Hand building class (2 hours)

Make one piece. Firing and glazing included. 

If you’ve tried out the trial sessions and are thinking about taking pottery more seriously, there are also classes you can attend, ranging from self-glazing classes, intermediate and advanced classes. 

Source: Am I Addicted

Otherwise, you may also opt to book their open studio if you desire more creative freedom without the aid of an instructor.

Moreover, if you experience any post-class hunger pangs, pop by their in-house vegan cafe to satiate your stomach with their Korean vegetarian cuisine. They serve up beautifully-made and delicious dishes such as Doenjang Truffle Risotto (S$25) and Birds of Paradise (S$18). Click here for the full menu

At the end of the day, both you and your partner are sure to leave the ceramic studio with your hearts full and your tummies fuller!

Go hunting for obscure geocaches around Singapore

Price: Free 

This free and unique activity is best for adventurous couples. Think of geocaching as a treasure-hunting game, where you can find caches hidden by other people in the Geocaching community. Caches can come in various sizes and forms, but they are usually small, waterproof containers containing a logbook and sometimes a pen to write your name should you come across one. There are also some random personal items and trinkets such as coins and keychains that you can bring home with you. However, there’s a rule: If you take something from the geocache, you should leave something of equal or greater value in return.

We advise the public to check the Safe Distance @ Parks portal for the latest updates on crowd levels before heading down to the parks and gardens.

For more free activities to do in Singapore, check out this article

Tap your own beer, try out samples and watch how beer is made at the Tiger Brewery Tour in Singapore

Source: Tiger Brewery 

Price: S$17 per person

Immerse yourself in Singapore's unique and vibrant culture as you go on a daytime tour of the Tiger Brewery. Home to Singapore's iconic Tiger Beer, you'll be able to learn the history of this homegrown brand and witness every step of the 500-hour brewing process. 

At the Brew House, watch as water, malt, hops, and yeast undergo milling, mashing, boiling, and fermentation, before they are stored and filtered. At the Packaging Gallery, get an up-close view of how the beers are individually packed and set up for distribution. 

Visitors will observe a beer-tapping demonstration, before they try out tapping their very own beer! The last stop of the tour is the Tiger Tavern, a retro-style bar decorated in wood and leather, where you can try an assortment of some of the best and freshest beer in the world, including ABC, Anchor, Archipelago Brewery, Baron's Strong Brew, Guinness, Heineken, and Tiger.  

For only S$17 per person, we personally think that this tour is value-for-money. Besides, you’ll even get to bring home a bottle of Tiger Extra Fresh!

Take your tastebuds on a trip with ANDSOFORTH’s Around the World in 80 Days


Price: From S$128 per person

Trotting the globe in 150 minutes is entirely possible, all thanks to ANDSOFORTH’s Around the World in 80 Days’ multi-sensory, theatrical dining experience.

Immerse yourself in seven wondrous rooms, each themed to look like London, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Japan and New York. Feed your stomach with international cuisines inspired by each country, and then feast your eyes on the whimsical set designs and colourful costumes by the actors.

Explore offbeat museums in Singapore — The Intan, The Gem Museum, The Vintage Cameras Museum and more

Source: The Intan (top) and The Gem Museum (bottom)

Price: Varies depending on museum 

Forget your regular dates at the National Gallery or Asian Civilisations Museum. Try something new and head over to other intriguing museums such as The Intan, The Gem Museum, Singapore Musical Box Museum, Singapore Chinese Opera Museum, The Vintage Cameras Museum and so much more. 

For example, The Intan showcases all things Peranakan and displays them gorgeously in a home museum. The tour, which costs S$64.20 per adult, will take you through the culture’s history, heritage and traditions. At the end of the tour, ​​enjoy a tea experience along with home-made Peranakan refreshments.

Golfing gone digital through Korean Golf Experience 

Source: Friends Golf Singapore

Price: From S$39 per person (min. 2 pax required)

Enjoyed Holely Moley but want to try golfing in a new, unique way? Friends Golf Singapore is here to put a digital twist to traditional golfing with their stunning, premium indoor golf facilities. 

Simulating all the outdoor experience with the benefit of indoor comforts, they offer the biggest Korean indoor golf courses in Singapore, along with professional golf lessons for both newcomers and seasoned players alike. Otherwise, you can hone your craft independently thanks to the detailed swing analysis provided by their state-of-the-art simulators! 

What’s more, they also have an in-house cafe serving delectable Korean delights to end off your session.

Tantalise your palate with studio or private baking/cooking classes

Source: ABC Cooking Studio (top) and Boring Indian Food Workshop (bottom)

ABC Cooking Studio — Rates differ based on course/package
Boring Indian Food Workshop — From S$175 per person

It’s often said that the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. It’s time to spice up affairs a little bit with your partner through ABC Cooking Studio or at-home classes hosted by the Boring Indian Food Workshop.

Enjoy a wide array of ABC studio courses like their cake and bread courses or even indulge in the Nipponese ways of Japanese home cooking and Wagashi-making. With so many culinary courses to choose from, you (and your appetite) will definitely be spoilt for choice. For more pricing details, please refer to their course and package rates here.

Alternatively, if studio cooking isn’t exactly your cup of tea, Dhruv’s got you covered. Helming years of professional cooking under his belt, his private cooking lessons on Indian delicacies will re-invigorate your tastebuds. To keep things interesting, he also changes his menu weekly, offering a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 

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