8 Best Mooncakes to Buy for Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 18 August, 2022

Mid-autumn festival in 2022 is upon us once again. What better way to celebrate the festival, which falls on 10 September 2022, than to feast on some mooncakes? From the traditional baked mooncakes to snowskin mooncakes, here are some of our favourite mooncakes to ring in the occasion. 

Hotels and bakeries in Singapore never fail to impress whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around each year. 

If you are looking for traditional Teochew mooncakes filled with orh nee (yam paste) goodness, snowskin mooncakes or unique flavours such as coffee caramel and kueh lapis mooncakes, you need to bookmark this list, which also includes details such as exquisite box designs, purchase venues (online and offline), as well as credit card promotions and deals.

How to save more money on mooncakes in Singapore this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 

Of course, good mooncakes do not come cheap. A set of four traditional mooncakes can easily cost you over S$100+ for four pieces. Also, inflation might make prices even higher this year. 

If you are planning to order mooncakes (either online or at physical outlets) for your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival, remember to use credit cards to chalk up cashback/miles/rewards

Usually, AMEX, Citibank, CIMB, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered, and UOB card holders are eligible for discounts on mooncake bundles which can save you around 15% to 30% off your total bill

To save even more money, keep a lookout for early bird deals. The best prices for mooncakes are often offered one month ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Looking for more noms other than mooncakes? Check these out:

The best mooncakes in Singapore 2022

Which mooncake is the best in Singapore? Well, it really depends on what type of mooncake you like! 

To impress your partner’s parents: Traditional flaky Teochew orh nee mooncakes from JU Signatures

For the high SES folks: Mooncakes from hotels such as Raffles Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Goodwood Park Hotel, Fullerton Hotel and more

For fun-loving people: Mdm Ling Bakery’s mooncake game box set

Mdm Ling Bakery

You’ll be spoilt for choice with 18 flavours and five box designs to choose from, including the World’s First Monopoly Mooncake Street Smart Edition.

The MONOPOLY X Mdm Ling Bakery board game set features a crowd-pleasing selection of four mooncake series — LAVALICIOUS! Signature Series, DESSERTLICIOUS! Nostalgic Series, YUMMYLICIOUS! Cookie-Inspired Series and LUSCIOUS! Traditional Classic Series. Each set is priced at S$118 per box.

Other entertaining game board sets that you can opt for also include Snacks & Ladders, Imperial Chinese Chess and International Chess

LAVALICIOUS! Signature Series (halal, vegetarian)

  • Japanese Matcha Green Tea Mooncake
  • Nanyang Coffee Caramel Mooncake
  • Hong Kong Salted Egg Yolk Custard Mooncake
  • Belgian-Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Mooncake

DESSERTLICIOUS! Nostalgic Series (new release, vegetarian)

  • Orange Peel Red Bean Mooncake
  • Longan Dan Feng Tea Mooncake
  • Osmanthus Goji Berries Mooncake
  • Peanut Sesame Paste Mooncake

YUMMYLICIOUS! Cookie-Inspired Series

  • Salted Mung Bean Mooncake
  • Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake
  • Cranberry Florentine Assorted Nuts Mooncake (new offering)
  • Savoury Chicken Floss Mooncake (new offering)

LUSCIOUS! Traditional Classic Series (halal, vegetarian)

  • Traditional Pure White Lotus Mooncake with Melon Seeds
  • Traditional Pure White Lotus
  • Mooncake with Melon Seeds (and Salted Yolk)

If game sets are not up your alley, you can always opt for their LAPIS-LICIOUS! Floral Artistry Series which include the following mooncakes:

  • Belgium Chocolate Kueh Lapis Mooncake
  • Coffee Tiramisu Kueh Lapis Mooncake
  • Signature Original Kueh Lapis Mooncake
  • Fragrant Pandan Kueh Lapis Mooncake


  • Early bird offer: get 25% off any three Mooncake Game Boxes
  • Early bird offer: get 18% off when you buy one box

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Free delivery for orders above S$88. If not, delivery is chargeable at S$12 per location.
  • There is also an additional charge for the following locations: S$2 for Orchard, Downtown and CBD areas, S$4 for Tuas area, for postal codes starting with 627, 628, 629, 638, 639, S$10 for Sentosa, Changi Airport, Changi Aviation Center and Tuas South and postal codes starting with 637, 636.
  • Self-collection and walk-ins are currently unavailable till further notice.


Keen to earn some trusty rebates on your online mooncake order? Cashback credit cards like the UOB EVOL card earns you 8% cashback on all online spend and mobile contactless transactions (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay). Do note that a S$600 monthly spend is required to qualify for cashback.

UOB Credit Card Welcome Offer: Receive S$350 Cash Credit or up to 50,000 miles when you apply for select UOB credit cards and fulfil the minimum spending requirements. Valid till 30 June 2024. T&Cs apply.

JU Signatures

Celebrate the joy of togetherness with authentic Teochew mooncakes delicately customised by renowned Executive Chef Wong Kok Shyong at the newly opened 聚 JU Signatures, known for its contemporary handcrafted dim sum creations. 

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Chef Wong is one of the maestros revered for his skills in artisanal mooncakes. Originally hailing from Peony Jade Group, he has been for the past 13 years hand-rolling his signature crowd-pleaser: Flaky Teochew Orh Nee Mooncakes.

JU Signatures currently offers three series of mooncakes — JUBILANCE (Flaky Teochew Orh Nee Mooncakes), JUBILATION (Traditional Cantonese Low Sugar Mooncakes) and JUXTAPOSITION (Mini Snowskin Mooncakes). 

Packaged in an opulent red JU Signatures gift box and imprinted with gold striped elements, mooncakes from this restaurant will make an exquisite gift of mid-autumn treats for family, friends and business associates.

JUBILANCE — Signature Flaky Teochew Orh Nee Mooncake Series (vegetarian-friendly)
Price starts from S$78 (for 4 pieces)

  • Flaky Teochew Pumpkin Orh Nee
  • Flaky Teochew Pumpkin Orh Nee with Single Yolk
  • Flaky Teochew Orh Nee with Double Yolk
  • Flaky Matcha Mochi Lava Orh Nee

JUBILATION — Traditional Cantonese Low Sugar Mooncake Series
Price starts from S$76 (for 4 pieces)

  • Pure White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts and Double Yolk
  • Pure White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
  • Pure White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds
  • Wu Ren Assorted Nuts

JUXTAPOSITION — Mini Snowskin Mooncake Series
S$78 for eight pieces

  • Champagne Truffle with Pure White Lotus Paste
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle with Chocolate Lotus Paste


  • Early bird offer: get 10% off all mooncakes

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Purchase and Collection can be made at 4 Maju Avenue Singapore 556682 (facing myVillage).
  • Opening Hours: 9am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm (Tue to Sun)
  • Mooncakes are also retailing at Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Fair 2022 happening till 10 September 2022.
  • Delivery is free with a minimum spend of S$150. If not, delivery is chargeable at S$17 per location.


Raffles Hotel

The mooncake box design for Raffles Hotel is a tribute to the hotel which celebrates its 135th anniversary this year, with features of the exterior adorning a sophisticated ivory box. 

The Raffles Hotel Singapore 135th Anniversary Baked Mooncake Box (S$135) includes:

  • 2 individually packed Double Yolk with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste Mooncake 
  • 1 can of Premium First Flush Longjing Tea
  • 1 can of Premium Imperial Pu Er Tea
  • Raffles Hotel Singapore 135th Anniversary Stamp Set

Raffles Hotel is most popular for their renowned champagne truffle snowskin mooncakes (S$88) — however, three more fan favourites have been reintroduced into the mix: yuzu with osmanthus snow skin mooncakes (S$86), da li rose with strawberry snowskin mooncakes (S$86), and earl grey with puff cereal pearls snowskin mooncakes (S$86).

For those with adventurous taste buds, try out the all-new Baileys chocolate truffle snowskin mooncakes (S$86) and Brass Lion butterfly pea gin with pandan and lemongrass snowskin mooncakes (S$188)

For the traditional mooncake lovers, you may also enjoy their signature baked mooncakes made with classic ingredients like double yolk with macadamia nuts and white lotus paste (S$88).


Delivery and pick-up details

  • Raffles Mooncake Booth will open daily for purchase at the North Bridge Road Atrium, located in Raffles Singapore, till 10 September 2022, 9am to 8pm. 
  • Collection for online orders will be available till 7 September 2022 at the North Bridge Road Atrium, located in Raffles Singapore.
  • Discount privileges are not applicable for Raffles Hotel Singapore 135th Anniversary Baked Mooncake Box.
  • Collection and delivery of the Raffles Hotel Singapore 135th Anniversary Baked Mooncake Box will only be available till 7 September 2022.
  • Deliveries are available at a flat fee of S$50 per location.


Summer Pavilion — The Ritz-Carlton

Source: Summer Pavilion 

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a curated selection of traditional baked and snowskin mooncakes presented by Summer Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton. 

New offerings this year include Black Sesame with White Lotus Seed Paste (S$90) and Roasted Walnuts mooncake. 

Designed to function as vanity cases, Ritz Carlton’s exquisite mooncake boxes come in white embossed leather with floral motifs, or in burgundy with crocodile print. It features five pockets for your makeup brushes, and dual compartments with zips to house your favorite cosmetics. 

Adorned with a personalised luggage tag, you can either carry it by the short handle, or attach your own shoulder sling to the box. 


Credit card promo codes

  • Citibank: CITI (followed by the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card)
  • DBS/POSB: DBS (followed by the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card)
  • HSBC: HSBC (followed by the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card)
  • OCBC: OCBC (followed by the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card)
  • UOB: UOB (followed by the first 6 digits of your credit/debit card)
  • Example: UOB123456

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Self-collection of mooncakes will be available at Colony Bakery located on level three of The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, till 10 September 2022, from 11am to 8pm daily.
  • Deliveries are available at a flat fee of S$20 per location


Want to cash in on the 20% discount for all your online mooncake orders? Check out our selection of cashback, miles, and reward credit cards to solidify your mooncake purchase today.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Showcasing a decadent line-up of new creations and classics in imperial yellow packaging adorned with intricate floral motifs, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Mid-Autumn Festival collection is  the perfect gift for family, friends and corporate associates.

Baked mooncakes include White Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds (from S$48), Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk (from S$53), White Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks (from S$62) and more.

New offerings include Tiger Tubbies (S$48), which are these super adorable mooncakes: 

mooncakes shaped and decorated like a tiger
Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

These cute twists on traditional mooncakes are light, fragrant and guaranteed to delight both the young and old. Beneath its rotund and buttery shell is a delicious filling of lotus seed paste and a quarter salted egg yolk.

Elevate gifting with the limited-edition Deluxe Packaging (additional S$28 per box), which is available for 4-piece baked or snowskin mooncakes. Boasting a symbolic octagonal silhouette, oriental motifs and topped with a red tassel, it is a lavish option that may also be repurposed as a beautiful storage for sweets and snacks.


  • 20% off for Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers. Apply promo code <20GXXXX> (first 4 digits of your gourmet card number) in pop-up box upon checkout.
  • 15% off for Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, OCBC and UOB cardmembers for orders placed for 31 July to 10 September 2022. Collection Date: 31 July 2022 to 10 September 2022.
  • Select the respective bank offer in pop-up box upon checkout and enter the corresponding bank card number during payment. Payment must be made with credit or debit cards except for HSBC (only credit cards).
  • Valid for pick up and delivery.

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Available for delivery and pick-up from 31 July to 10 September 2022.
  • Last pre-order date is on 5 September 2022.
  • 5 days advance order is required.
  • Flat S$22 delivery fee with minimum order of S$100.
  • Free delivery for orders above S$800.
  • A S$3.20 delivery surcharge is applicable for delivery orders on 9 & 10 September 2022.


In our opinion, the HSBC Revolution Card is one of the best and simplest miles credit cards on the market. Rewarding you with a generous 4 miles per local dollar spent for online and mobile contactless purchases (even on foreign spending), using it is a piece of cake.

Did you know it also offers a lifetime annual fee waiver? That's a lifetime of racking up those miles completely fuss-free!

HSBC Revolution

Enjoy the following rewards when you sign up for an HSBC credit card.


⚡Flash Deal⚡: Get a PlayStation 5 Disc Version (worth S$799) or a Dyson Airwrap (worth S$859) or S$500 e-capita Vouchers when you are one of the first 500 to apply and spend a minimum of S$500 by the end of the following calendar month from the card account opening date. Remaining applicants will enjoy SingSaver Exclusive rewards. Valid till 4 June 2024. T&Cs apply


SingSaver's Exclusive Offer: Receive a Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (worth S$699) or an Apple iPad 9th 10.2" WiFi 64GB (worth S$508.30) or S$350 eCapitaVoucher or 21K Max Miles upon activating and spending min. S$500 by the end of the following calendar month from the card account opening date. Valid till 4 June 2024. T&Cs apply.

For HSBC TravelOne Card: Receive the above rewards when you activate and spend a min. S$500 plus pay an annual fee of S$196.20 by the end of the following calendar month from the card account opening date. Valid till 4 June 2024. T&Cs apply.


Plus, upgrade your rewards when you top up S$200 to get a Sony Portable Theatre System HT-AX7 (worth $$759). Alternatively, top up S$1,099 for an Apple MacBook Air 13” (M3 chip) 256GB (worth S$1,599) or an Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128GB (worth S$1,664.25). Valid till 4 June 2024. T&Cs apply.

The Fullerton Hotel

Indulge in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection 2022 for the most luxurious Mid-Autumn mooncakes ever. 

Presented in signature boxes beautifully adorned with auspicious peonies and magnificent peacocks, the Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection 2022 introduces four new flavours: Chestnut with Pistachio and Black Sesame with Hokkaido Milk Ginger baked mooncakes, as well as Rose Bandung and Pandan with Gula Melaka snowskin mooncakes. Reduced sugar is used with the health-conscious in mind, simultaneously allowing the delicate flavours to shine.

For those willing to splurge, consider The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set (S$208). 

traditional mooncake arranged in a circular blue box with oriental design
Source: The Fullerton Hotel

This ultra-luxe set features a lavish eight-yolk mooncake centerpiece surrounded by 14 assorted mini baked mooncakes in a variety of exquisite flavours — Red Lotus Seed Paste; Orange; Jasmine; Coffee; Rose; Mixed Nuts and Pineapple; Black Dates; Almond; Pandan; Black Sesame; Cranberry; Red Bean; Osmanthus; Green Tea.


  • Online exclusive offer: Enjoy 25% off Jade Signatures Fortune Classic Baked Mooncakes (Single Yolk and Double Yolks) and Harmony Snowskin Mooncake Collections from 18 August 2022 (9am) to 24 August 2022 (6pm).

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Delivery can be arranged at S$80 per location in Singapore.
  • Complimentary one-time delivery is offered with purchases above 50 boxes (in a single receipt) to one location in Singapore.


Madame Fan — JW Marriott Singapore

Indulge in a masterfully selected range of handcrafted baked and snowskin mooncakes by modern Cantonese restaurant, Madame Fan. 

Indulge a medley of traditional baked mooncakes ranging from Nyonya Gula Melaka with Pandan Paste (from S$88), Double Yolk Lotus Paste (from S$90), Single Yolk Lychee Lotus Paste (from S$88) and Premium Mixed Nuts (from S$90). Can’t decide which type of mooncake to get? Try them all with the Baked Mooncakes Medley set (from S$90) where you’ll get one flavour each. 

No matter which box of traditional mooncakes you get, you’ll be entitled to an exquisite tin of Tie Guan Yin as well. 

After feasting on your treat, the box can be used as a tea stand and tray for entertaining guests. 

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with minimum spend of S$98 (excluding Mid-Autumn Extraordinaire orders). 
  • Complimentary delivery will apply upon checkout, no promo code required.
  • During festive periods and special occasions, a minimum spend of S$138 will apply for complimentary delivery.
  • Complimentary delivery is not available during Mid-Autumn from 1 August to 10 September 2022.


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore 

Housed in elegant botanical-inspired Rose Gold Blush and Silver Pastel Lilac gift boxes, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore presents a curated selection of perennial favourites and new, limited-edition snowskin mooncakes crafted with premium ingredients and less sugar. 

Baked collection
The baked selection sees the return of the hotel’s signature Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime mooncakes (S$88), Silver Lotus Paste with Macadamia (S$88), Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk ($86) and Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk (S$88).

Snowskin collection
Debuting this year is the flavour of the season — Cherry and Sicilian Pistachio (S$88). Gloved in a soft, Mandarin snowskin, a cherry gelée gem lies shrouded in a Sicilian pistachio pastry cream — you’ll definitely be in for a sweet treat. 

four seasons hotel singapore cherry and sicilian pistachio mooncake on a gold platter with cherry blossom theme
Source: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Other snowskin mooncakes also include the exquisite Bird’s Nest with Custard mooncake (S$98) and the creamy Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncake (S$118).


  • Enjoy 15% off baked mooncakes when you order from now until 1 September 2022.

Delivery and pick-up details

  • Self-collection will be available till 10 September, at the hotel’s lobby level Festive Desk (190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646) daily from 11am to 7pm.
  • Island wide delivery is available at S$58 per location till 9 September, on Mondays to Fridays, 11am to 5pm.


Remember to sign up for your preferred cashback, miles, or rewards credit card to maximise your rebates on your mooncake orders and deliveries!

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