Cheapest Baby Products And Where To Find Them

Marie Cheng

Marie Cheng

Last updated 14 February, 2020

In preparation for welcoming a new child, many parents go into overdrive shopping for infant care items. It’s understandable.

It’s not uncommon to rack up a hefty receipt in the process. Fret not though. We’re stepping in to ease the financial burden of raising children. 

From diapers for $0.12 per piece to baby carriers under $5, we’ve scoured the Internet for the cheapest deals when it comes to baby products. You’d be surprised to learn where some of the best promotions come from. Hint: it’s not always Qoo10 and supermarts like Giant that offers the lowest prices. 

Here are the top 8 cheapest baby products, and where to find them. 

1. Formula milk powder

If you aren’t aware, there are many different types of baby formula, each one corresponding to the age of the newborn and the amount of nutrients the baby needs. Let’s look at Stage 1 formula, also known as infant milk powder, which feeds newborns up to their 6th month. Here are a few of the major brands in the sphere of formula milk powder and their most affordable offerings.

Product PricePrice per 100g
Nestle Lactogen Comfortis Infant Milk Formula (Stage 1)$37.60 (1800g)$2.08 
FairPrice Gold Newborn Infant Milk Formula (Stage 1)$29 (900g)$3.22 
Dumex Dulac Infant Milk Formula (Stage 1)$14.80 (800g)$1.85
Wyeth S26 Nursoy Gold Soy Protein Infant Formula (Stage 1)$43 (900g)$4.77

Cheapest product: Dumex Dulac Infant Milk Formula (Stage 1), $14.80 (800g)

Where to find it: Whether you’re shopping at NTUC Fairprice, RedMart, Guardian, Qoo10 or EAMart, the price for this milk powder remains the same. 

2. Sippy cup

With no real need to splurge on a high-grade sippy cup for your infant given its rather straightforward function, you can settle for the most affordable, label-less bottle. Chances are even the cheapest products are BPA-free, making it safe for a child to use.

Product Price
Tollyjoy Baby BPA-Free Feed Bottle 5oz$4.90
Lovely Baby Mini Portable BPA-Free Feeding Bottle$1.64
Lucky Baby Kristal Kleer Standard Neck Bottle 120ml$4.90
Pretty Baby Mini Feeding Bottle 60ml$3.90

Cheapest product: Lovely Baby Mini Portable BPA-Free Feeding Bottle, $1.64

Where to find it: Qoo10 sells it for $3.07, but AliExpress has it on offer for $1.64.

3. Baby carrier

Unless you’re training to be a weight-lifting champ, you can spare yourself the agony of carrying your child around 24/7 without any aid. Heaven knows you don’t need another knot in your shoulder blade. Clearly, some baby carriers are more flexible, stylish and comfortable than others, and it shows in the price tags. If budget is your main concern, however, there are tonnes of options under $20. 

Product Price
Maternity Express Baby Ring Sling$15
Adjustable, Four-Position Baby Sling Carrier, 3-24 Months$11.32
Hold-style Dual Purpose Baby Carrier, 0-36 Months$3.20
5-in-1 Multi-Function Horizontal Embracing Soft Carriers for Four Seasons$16.93

Cheapest product: Hold-style Dual Purpose Baby Carrier, 0-36 Months, $3.20

Where to find it: At more than 90% off, this baby carrier is a steal on Lazada.

4. Stroller

Strollers make it even easier on your arm muscles, although this time, you’ll get a lot less skin-to-skin contact with your infant. Think twice before you invest in one because your child might not be accustomed to sitting in a stroller, and you won’t get any rest until they find their back into your arms, making your pram a moot purchase.

Product Price
RC-Babykids Lightweight Foldable Baby Stroller with tray and cup holder$79.90
Lucky Baby Flash Baby Stroller$199
2Smart Premium Reversible Baby Stroller$59.90
Yoyaplus Max Baby Stroller$188.54

Cheapest product: 2Smart Premium Reversible Baby Stroller, $59.90

Where to find it: This foldable stroller, equipped with anti-shock wheels, thick steel rods and an adjustable back of up to 175 degrees, is available on sale for $59.90 at Qoo10.

5. Diapers

Diapers are undeniable essentials that you can never have enough of, considering the number of times your newborn relieves in a day. The trick is to look for bulk deals that offer more for less. It’s harder than you think though, with bargain sites like Qoo10 losing out to stores like Venus Beauty that you wouldn’t normally associate with baby products. Lucky for you, we’ve got it all worked out.

Product PricePrice per piece
Huggies Total Protection Diapers, six packs (56 pieces per pack)$39.90$0.12 
Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diapers (64 pieces)$10.95$0.17
Goo.N Pants, Unisex, three packs (60 pieces per pack)$45.90$0.25
MamyPoko Extra Dry, four packs (52 pieces per pack)$46.50$0.22

Cheapest product: Huggies Total Protection Diapers, 8-13kg (56 pieces x 6), $39.90

Where to find it: A single 56-piece pack at NTUC Fairprice costs $17.90, which amounts to $0.32 per piece. Fonder sells a carton of three for $42.64, working out to $0.25 per piece. The cheapest retailer goes to Venus Beauty, which is currently offering major discounts online for the product, now priced at $39.90 (or $0.12 per piece). 

6. Breast pump

More of a product for the mother, but a vital one nonetheless, is the breast pump. An indispensable tool for the modern woman, it allows you the freedom of choosing between breastfeeding and pumping, especially when you’re not able to be with your infant around the clock. The investment may be a little more hefty, but absolutely worth the price.

Product Price
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump$29.90
Unimom Single Manual Breast Pump Mezzo$39.90
NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump, All-In-One Premium Pack$14.90
Real Bubee Electric Breast Pump With Milk Bottle$23.10

Cheapest product: NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump, All-In-One Premium Pack, $14.90

Where to find it: Available at Qoo10, this award-winning manual breast pump comes with a stopper, a hygiene cover, and a velvet pouch. 

7. Pacifier

A tiny gadget to sooth your little ones while lowering the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), pacifiers have been deemed by many as a magical solution that zaps the tears and shrieks away. Since it’s likely that your child might cease suckling and accidentally lose their pacifier at some point in time, it’s best to arm yourself with more than one.

Product Price
Pigeon Soother S Apple 1 Piece$5.90
Lucky Baby Always Kleen Cherry Pacifier$3.90
Aracelady Newborn Pacifier and Food Supplement Feeder$1.62
NUK Space Silicone Pacifier$7.90

Cheapest product: Aracelady Newborn Pacifier and Food Supplement Feeder, $1.62

Where to find it: Priced under $2, this pacifier from AliExpress doubles as a feeder.

8. Baby wipes

Whether you’re cleaning your tot up after a diaper change, wiping dribble off their chin, keeping household dust away from surfaces, or removing stains, baby wipes are a multi-functional must-have in any home. Look for bulk packages because you’ll need them at all times, every day of the week, baby or no baby. 

Product PricePrice per piece
FairPrice Baby Wet Wipes - Gently Moisturising, 200 pieces per pack$4.95$0.025
Carrie Junior Fun Time Wipes Cheeky Cherry, 80 pieces per pack $5 for three $0.02
Giant Baby Wipes Refill, 150 pieces per pack$3.60$0.024
Mamypoko Baby Care Wipes Regular Fragrance, 80 pieces per pack$1.80$0.022

Cheapest product: Carrie Junior Fun Time Wipes Cheeky Cherry, 80 pieces per pack, $5 for three

Where to find it: Usually priced $2 for a single pack, Watsons is running a $5 for three promotion, which lowers the cost per piece for the Carrie Junior baby wipes to $0.02. Do note that the item sells out fast though. 

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Marie is a self-diagnosed cheapskate, who once went dumpster diving and returned with a luggage of free loot. Nothing excites her more than stumbling upon vintage gems with wholesale price tags at the flea market.


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