Dog DNA Test Kits – All You Need To Know

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Guest Contributor

Last updated 22 April, 2022

Dog DNA testing is available for all dog breeds at very reasonable prices. But which one should you go with? And how does the genetic testing procedure work?

A dog DNA test is the most accurate approach to determine your dog's breed as well as its heredity. A DNA test kit for dogs gives a complete assessment of your dog's history, including information on the species in its family tree as well as any health or behavioural disorders it may have inherited.

In animal genetics, DNA testing to establish a dog's breed composition is a relatively new technique. It has been around for approximately 20 years, but it wasn't until the advent of whole-genome sequencing that it was feasible to establish a dog's breed properly.

What is a dog DNA test?

Dog genetic testing is a great way to learn more about your dog and your dog's ancestry. The tests you can administer are as diverse as the breeds of dogs. You can test for the species, health conditions, disease, or even temperament traits.

Dog DNA tests allow pet owners to discover their dogs' breed heritage and learn more about their ancestry. These tests can help determine the type of dog food you need to feed your pup and which grooming products are appropriate for them. Through genetic testing, you can also precisely determine what genetic diseases or predispositions your dog might have.

Reasons for considering a dog DNA testing kit

Pets are considered to be members of the family now. Determining a dog's breed is crucial because it helps with the training process and helps you understand what your pet needs in terms of diet.

A dog DNA testing kit can help you identify your dog's heritage and also help you understand what it needs to thrive. Here are reasons for buying a dog DNA test kit: 

Fairly inexpensive

Dog DNA testing has become a reasonably inexpensive venture, and it's a lot less invasive than many people think. It's been available for quite some time, but it's only recently that the price has dropped to the point where most people can afford it.

Most labs will use cheek swabs to get a sample of your dog's DNA. They will mail the kit to you, and you can return the sample to them. Swabbing your dog is a straightforward process.

Identify health issues

In the past few years, dog DNA testing kits have become more advanced and can tell you a lot of information about your dog's health just by swabbing the inside of their mouths.

The kits provide a basic dog DNA test that can tell you whether your dog has any health complications. The test also shows whether your dog is at risk for getting different diseases and disorders. 

Anticipate your dog's lifestyle needs

A dog DNA testing kit can uncover the breed of your dog. The test will reveal some information about your dog's personality and behaviour as well. The tests take only minutes to administer, and you will have the results in a few days.

A DNA test can tell you whether your dog is predisposed to any genetic diseases. This is imperative if you are thinking of breeding your dog. Some breeds have a higher risk of developing certain conditions than others. DNA tests can also be used to determine what types of food your dog should eat and which supplements will help with specific issues.

Types of dog DNA tests 

It may be bewildering trying to understand and decide on which DNA test is suitable for your dog’s needs. Here are the details of four types of dog DNA tests:

DNA My Dog

Source: Amazon

The database of DNA My Dog has 87 dog breeds. It provides you with the top four breeds that contribute to your dog's genetic composition rather than the particular percentages provided by other kits. It is a fantastic low-investment solution with a quick turnaround time of fewer than two weeks. 

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Source: Amazon

In collaboration with Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark used a database of over 350 breeds to create Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, which provides results in two to four weeks.

Over 200 diseases, including glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, may be detected by this test. You might connect with any other dogs whose DNA matches your pet's through Embark if they used the service as well, which is an excellent (if a little creepy) extra feature.

Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan Dog DNA Test Kit

Source: Amazon

Orivet Dog DNA Test is a life-changing solution for owners of mixed-breed dogs. Orivet can quickly and easily identify your dog's breed heritage (up to 10 breeds) using just a tiny sample of your dog's hair.

The results are then uploaded to the Orivet website, where you can create a personal Life Plan for your dog. The Life Plan contains information about your dog's breed, as well as health, nutrition, and grooming recommendations for every species.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test 

Source: Amazon

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test compares your dog's DNA to the DNA of 97% of the breeds recognised by the American Kennel Club. Due to its affordability and extensive database of foreign species, this is the perfect test for people who suspect their pet may have wolf, Brazilian terrier, or Mexican street dog DNA.

Wisdom Panel is the only direct-to-consumer genetic test that provides comprehensive insights into your dog’s breed heritage and its health risks, including its potential predisposition to more than 250 inherited diseases.

The Wisdom test kit collects a small sample of your dog’s DNA via a simple cheek swab, and results are sent directly to you in about six to eight weeks. The result is a detailed report that includes breed ancestry and a personalised mix of health information based on your dog’s DNA. 

How do dog DNA tests work?

For these tests, DNA from the dog is often collected by using a cheek swab or a blood sample. The results are then compared to a database to identify the characteristics of each breed. The database also contains the sequence of gene variations (or mutations) that may cause or increase the risk of various medical disorders. ­ 

How accurate are dog DNA tests?

Dog DNA tests have become increasingly popular in recent years. Consumers can now buy a test kit for their pet and get results about their dog breed DNA test within a week.

These tests are largely accurate. You can be assured that the established tests have rigorous scientific backing and that the equipment utilised to conduct the testing is entirely proper.

What are the dangers of a dog DNA test kit? 

Dog DNA test kits are fun and exciting to learn more about your dog, but the information they provide comes with some risks, and should be acted upon with care. 

While there are a lot of dog DNA tests out there, and it's not hard to find one that promises to reveal everything from your puppy's diet to its possible temperament. Do note that there isn't any genetic tests for dogs which are as widely accepted and standardised as those for people.

What's the point of doing DNA Testing on your dog?

Though DNA testing for pets may seem like a strange concept to some, that doesn't mean it can't be beneficial.

Some dog owners have, through testing, discovered how their cherished pet's breed can be affected by certain health issues and genetic disorders, and hence learned how to get treatment for their pet.

If you’re curious to uncover more information that could potentially help you care better for your dog, a dog DNA test may be a great resource for you.

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